In My Kitchen is a monthly story which enables participants to share what’s going on in their kitchen each month. The host of the series is the lovely Maureen from Orgasmic Chef.

This month is a little quiet in my kitchen but I thought I would share anyway.

Garden Salad Greens - In My Kitchen

Garden Salad Greens – In My Kitchen

In my kitchen is a big bowl of salad which my daughter and her friends picked out of my garden.  They were a little over zealous and we now have quite a lot of lettuce to eat. At least I know what we will be serving for dinner tonight.

The bowl contains a few different varieties of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chillies, rosemary, a few caterpillars and some parsley. Not a bad salad haul for my little garden.

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker

In my kitchen I also have a new Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker. I will be featuring a lot of slow cooker recipes in winter, thanks to my new sponsor Russell Hobbs.

Slow Cooked Baked Apples

Slow Cooked Baked Apples

In the slow cooker at the moment is some apples.  These are soon to become delicious Slow Cooked Baked Apples which will taste just like a healthy apple pie. Yummy comfort food!

New Cookbooks - In My Kitchen

New Cookbooks – In My Kitchen

Also in my kitchen are some new cookbooks. I just can’t seem to hold myself back when I see a delicious picture on the front of a new cookbook. I have to make the purchase.  This month I have three new cookbooks. Can you tell I’m feeling a little on the “porky” side. I need to lose a few kilo’s but it has to be by eating delicious food, hence my cookbook choices.

I have already cooked a Coconut Brown Rice Pudding w Chia Seeds from the Lorna Jane Cookbook, it was fabulous!

Coconut Milk Brown Rice Mango Parfait

Coconut Milk Brown Rice Mango Parfait

Another recent purchase which is in my kitchen is new crockery from Freedom Furniture. I love the various colours and designs they have at the moment. I’m sure the staff think I’m crazy as I never buy a set of anything. I always just purchase random pieces as props for my photography.

New Crockery - Freedom Furniture

New Crockery – Freedom Furniture

So there we have it. Those are the new things in my kitchen this month. Take a look at what’s new in everyones kitchen this month by visiting Maureen from the Orgasmic Chef.