KOKO Black -Chocolate Giveaway!

KOKO Black -Chocolate Giveaway!

What’s on your “to do” list when you visit Melbourne? For me, shopping and eating top the list every time!

Periodically I need to break for a caffeine and sugar hit so I can truly give the credit cards the work out they need.  If you too love an indulgent interlude with your shopping make sure you enter the KOKO Black competition at the bottom of the story.

KOKO Black Chocolate Compeition

KOKO Black Chocolate Compeition

I am not sure whether it was the intoxicating aroma of coffee of chocolate that led me into KOKO Black Doncaster, but this nose knows when to take a seat and indulge the senses.

KOKO Black Counter Selection

KOKO Black Counter Selection

The saying “like a child in a candy store” certainly applied to me whilst I selected the sweet treats which would accompany my coffee.

KOKO Black Chocolate Honeycomb Stack

KOKO Black Chocolate Honeycomb Stack

Mr GG was in awe of the honeycomb stack. It was available in dark and milk Chocolate and tasting samples were encouraged by the friendly chocolatier.  Mr GG is a milk chocolate fan but I tend to like the dark chocolate when sampling a quality product.  In this instance we both felt the dark was far superior to the milk chocolate.

KOKO Black Caramel Chocolate

KOKO Black Caramel Chocolate

After a few laps around the beautifully appointed store I had settled on a selection to sample with my coffee.

KOKO Black Chocolate and coffee

KOKO Black Chocolate and coffee

Both Mr GG and I enjoy white chocolate so I chose the Almond Praline w Roasted Caramelised Coconut.  This little delicacy was encased in white chocolate.  I knew Mr GG was unlikely to share so I had to ask for two of these.

Chocolate and Coffee is a marriage made in heaven.  The perfect partnering of flavours. I was in raptures over the gorgeous chocolates we had chosen and the rich, smooth, strong coffee I was enjoying.

KOKO Black Chocolate Selection

KOKO Black Chocolate Selection

Another favourite was the mint chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Fondant:

A dark chocolate encasing the liquid mint, flowing fondant. So rich and delicious.

Salted Caramel:

A rich buttery salted caramel in a dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa.

Turkish Delight:

Rose water filling formed a soft sweet jelly in the centre. This Turkish delight was so musch sweeter and fragrant than the commercial varieties. The centre melted on contact with my mouth. Dark chocolate gave the perfect bittersweet finish

Raspberry Ganache:

The gold embossed KOKO insignia made this chocolate look truly special.  The dark chocolate concealed a rich raspberry centre which was sweet but with a lovely hint of tart. Absolutely lush!

Salted Caramel:

The salted caramel was another treat.  The flavour was similar to the liquid caramel version, but with more bite in the filling, still richly flavoured, with a lovely buttery texture and flavour.

Chocolate Mousse:

The chocolate mousse chocolate contained a pillow of whipped and fluffy milk chocolate which was light airy.  The milk chocolate centre matched the outer layer beautifully, giving a lovely chocolate, on chocolate experience.  The contrast in this sweet being in the texture of the centre to the outside shell.

Chocolate Honeycomb:

The honey comb in dark chocolate was our final chocolate frontier. After seeing the display of honeycomb as we arrived and trying some samples I knew we needed more! The bittersweet dark chocolate cut though the sweet honeycomb beautifully. The aroma was pure honey and the flavour was so fragrant and sweet like true honey nectar. I can honestly say that previously I have not experienced honeycomb which tastes just like honey.

KOKO Black Melbourne

KOKO Black Melbourne

Regular readers will know how important a good coffee is to me. So how was the coffee, I hear you asking? The coffee was lovely and strong, just as I requested, it had a silky rich creme.

I loved the milk chocolate flakes which were provided for dusting.  I thought they were such a decadent and thoughtful inclusion.

Now it’s time for me to share the ultimate chocolate experience with one lucky reader!

KOKO Black Delux Dessert Degustation

KOKO Black Delux Dessert Degustation

KOKO Black and Gourmet Getaways are giving one lucky reader the opportunity to enjoy a Deluxe Dessert Degustation for two.

To enter simply tell me who the lucky person would be that accompanies you on this chocolate extravaganza, and which one of the KOKO Black Salons you will be visiting.

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For more information about this great prize visit KOKO Black.
Don’t forget to leave some comment love below. Oh, and sharing is caring in the blogging world.
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KOKO Black

Shop 1086 Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre,
Level 2, 619 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster VIC 3018

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  1. Yum-I love that shop! It truly is impossible to get bad coffee in Melbourne…

  2. I’m not a coffee drinker but I’ll certainly partake in some of that glorious chocolate when I’m next in Melbourne! Yum!

  3. Alesah Villalon :

    Am I the SUPER lucky reader you referred to, Julie?! Lol! I’m excited for whoever would win this Deluxe Dessert Degustation for two! It’s like being cast in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I would say :). KOKO Black is so generous!

  4. A rare treat for my Peter and myself is to visit Koko Black in Canberra City for a hot chocolate, Julie… and today, with all its grey fog and bitter cold would be the perfect day for it. Pick me… pick me : )

  5. Oh my goodness, Julie! You are killing me with this post! Chocolate and coffee are divine companions…And every single picture and description has me wanting to grab so Koko chocolate and coffee! …And I can almost smell the rosewater mingling with the dark chocolate in the Turkish Delight all the way over here in California!

  6. What a fabulous competition! I’ve got all my bits crossed. 😉

  7. Carolyn Mazzeo :

    I’d invite my chocolaholic bestie who’s been doing it tough lately and really needs to be cheered up with lavish amounts of quality chocolate at the Adelaide Arcade.

  8. It’s such an amazing store, isn’t it? Always something to catch the eye – and pull at the mouth!

  9. What a great prize! I used to buy the lollipops from Koko Black. I wish there was one in Sydney!

  10. What a scrumptious prize! I always get the classic hot chocolate with a Leatherwood Honey chocolate square. Truly indulgent! I would take my sister and Doncaster is our closest store 🙂

  11. I would take my daughter to the Chadstone store

  12. Looks like a wonderful shop full of delicious treats!

  13. Isn’t Koko Black just the most amazing chocolate shop? We were so impressed when we visited. And what a great prize – I’m not entering but only because I don’t have a store nearby!

  14. Wow! It looks like heaven!!! My mouth was watering just from your descriptions…I’m sure the real thing is even better!!!

  15. A glorious outing!

  16. Yummmmm I LOVE this place. It truly is a taste sensation. I wish I was back in Melbourne!

    Krissie x – http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

  17. I read your article with a coffee in my hand but where is the chocolat? Oh my god, this looks so gourmand!
    I love when you said: “chocolat and coffee is a marriage made in heaven” Totally agree! I can’t live whithout 😉
    Have a nice weekend Julie !

  18. Alesah Villalon :

    May the best sweet tooth win!

  19. Oh these oceans separating us – how I would love to enter. I am giddy with the thought of the wonderful aromas in this store. I would want to sample one of everything!
    Have a beautiful weekend Julie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  20. Well, I’d be taking one of the four boisterous bairns… and we’d be off to Canberra. These chocolates look divine!

  21. Koko Black, Donaster herewe come. I’ll take my partner but I dont think there will be much sharing happening. Koko Black looks like heaven.

  22. That Chocolate Honeycomb stack is simply irresistible!!!!

  23. Oh Koko Black… my good old friend!! I love stopping there and always buy Christmas presents from there too. The Chocolate Honeycomb bark is incredible… and I love the teeny tiny ganache pieces too. I would definitely take my hubby (hehe I know I’m such a softie) but he really is the best person to share beautiful chocolate with!! xx

  24. The store does look amazing and I love the look of the honeycomb stack. They certainly have some wonderful flavours. I’ve entered the competition but are the stores all in VIC?

  25. I WISH there was one in Sydney. What an amazing post and give away!

  26. I would take my boyfriend to the Royal Arcade salon in Melbourne. Both he and I have a weakness for anything containing chocolate!

  27. I would love to take my beautiful husband to the Carlton Koko Black. My in-laws live close by, so I am thinking we could drop off our kids there and go on a long-overdue and much-needed date! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  28. I would visit the cosy Chadstone store with my best friend to relax, indulge, and enjoy!

  29. Yum this looks amazing! Defs want that honeycomb stack!

  30. I will be taking my husband along. This year we are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary and this would be a delicious surprise for him! Our closest salon is at Chadstone

  31. My new to be SIL to the Adelaide shop….a fantastic way to bond as females…over tons of chocolate with no males saying “more? – how can you eat more?”

  32. I’d take my daughter aged 14 as she has confessed a desire to be a confectioner or baker when older (she’s a better cook than I). We’d go to the Royal Arcade Melbourne as we love the feel of the Olde Worlde arcades and shops.

  33. Jemma Hansen :

    My husband and while most of the time we have very different tastes when it comes to food and beverages, chocolate is one thing we both agree on and love. Royal Arcade, Bourke Street – the flagship salon is my Koko of choice.

  34. How funny! I just went to Koko Black for the first time ever yesterday (and it was delish!)
    I’d take my mum or my daughter – they can fight it out amongst themselves! We’d go to the one at Chadstone.

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