Latitude 30 Bar & Restaurant
Latitude 30 Bar & Restaurant

Latitude 30 Bar & Restaurant

Latitude 30 Restaurant & Bar

8/1 Marina Drive

Coffs Harbour

The last time Mr GG and I visited Latitude 30 was for a quick pint, or four.  We’d been having a stroll on the breakwall and saw a sign for $5 pints. Anyone who knows Mr GG would know that exercise comes to a grinding halt when beer is involved.

Latitude 30 view

We settled in for a few hours and promised ourselves we would come back to sample the menu. So here we are ready to sit down to lunch at the newly renovated Latitude 30. First off I love what they have done to the premises.  The renovation takes full advantage of the two spectacular views.  To one side there is a view out over the marina and the other looks towards the ocean and Split Solitary Islands.

Latitude 30 Coffs Harbour

The menu features a Tapas selection for those wishing to share with friends or just have a bite to eat with drinks, and then a selection of main dishes if you require a meal.

Wine Bar Coffs Harbour

Mr GG and I are looking forward to a meal where as our dining companions decide to choose from the tapas menu. We start off with a glass of red wine and a plate of Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinigar. I notice that we all can’t help but be transfixed on the view over the ocean.

Focaccia Bread with Balsamic Vinigar

Whilst ordering Mr GG and I had a bit of a debate about who was ordering the Szechuan Crusted Half Duck with Pickled Green Papaya Salad & Tamarind Chilli Caramel. I concede after he promises to let me try his dish. As it turns out this was a mistake on my behalf. The duck was in my opinion the dish of the day.  Deliciously moist and succulent with a lovely gamey flavour, and beautiful crispy skin.

Szechuan Crusted Half Duck w papaya salad

Now before I have everyone feeling sorry for me… I chose Grilled Tilapia with Warmed Beet & Feta Salad. It was deliciously fresh and healthy and exactly what I needed after a few more heavier meals of late.

Grilled Fish and Salad

The “Higher Being” aka my baby brother who will in future be known as HB, had a few problems with the menu. HB is a vegetarian but the only dish suitable on the menu was a Mushroom Risotto. I fully understand why this dish didn’t really appeal to him. As a former vego I spent ten years being offered mushroom risotto’s or a salad everywhere I went.  We went through the menu together trying to put together an alternative dish and came up with Grilled Haloumi served with the Pickled Green Papaya Salad.  Staff were very accommodating and HB was happy with his meal.

Grilled Haloumi & Papaya Salad

The first dish which caught my eye from the Tapas Menu was the “Chicken Kebab”.  It was described as being a Spicy Chicken , Smoked Paprika and Cumin dish with Capsicum, Raisins and Olives.  When it arrived it was not at all what we expected. It was served in a tapas tasting plate, and was a delicious saucy dish which would have been ideal served with a dipping bread.  Alas our focaccia bread was long gone by this stage.

Tapas Smokey Chicken

The next dish up was the King Prawn Romesco. Described as local King Prawns served with peppers, garlic and chilli these were absolutely divine. The sweet prawns with a lush spicy sauce was a gorgeous choice.

Romesco King Prawn Tapas

Next time we stop by for a “quick pint” I will be ordering a few tapas to accompany our beverage.

Make sure you call and reserve a table Ph:  6651 6888

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  1. I can’t wait to go to Coffs Harbour, looks like Latitude 30 will be my food destination 🙂
    and I’m sure HB will be able to choose again..

  2. Easily the best restaurant in Coffs Harbour, the staff are fantastic and welcoming, the chefs do a brilliant job pumping out all those great meals in the time they do. Latitude 30 has the best working kitchen i have ever seen, whether its the great kitchen staff or the food, im not sure but i am sure ill be going back there many many times – awesomeness

  3. My husband and I had lunch here last Sunday, and it was a very pleasent surprise to see the great renovations, new owner, lovely lady, and of course the food! We are very happy to have this beautiful restaurant in Coffs where the lovely view of the ocean makes it all just wonderful, along with good food.
    Congratulations ! we will be there for father’s Day!

  4. I have to disagree, very sorry but we dined there yesterday for Lunch (Fathers Day) and were bitterly disapointed at the attitude of the staff, very unhelpful and rather abrupt. Some mains were brought out 1st and then we had to ask over 10 minutes later for the balance of the meals. Whilst the food was terrific, I regret to advsie that the service has not changed from the old Tide and Pilot days. We will not be going back

  5. I had exactly the same experience as “goodfoodtaster”. We were visiting coffs over the Xmas break, and wanted somewhere nice to have dinner. Our food took 1hr and 15 mins to arrive. The staff were terrible about it. Either the manager or owner was the MOST rude person Ive ever encountered at a restaurant. The food was average but the service was shocking.

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