Don’t you just love it when a gift is delivered to your door!

Even when I have purchased the gift for myself online, there is a certain thrill when the courier arrives at the door. Today the courier had a particularly delicious delivery! It was my Little Box of Yum.

Little Box of Yum is a gourmet food subscription service. Each month a section of exciting new artisan and gourmet products are lovingly selected and distributed to discerning gourmands.

Little Box of YUM - Gourmet Food Subscription

Little Box of YUM – Gourmet Food Subscription

The contents of each Little Box of Yum are always a complete surprise, so I was looking forward to ripping open the packaging and taking a look at all the deliciousness inside.

When I perused the contents I was thrilled! As expected I had neither seen or tried any of the products in the package before! Every product was a complete surprise.  Also inside the gourmet food package was the “Little Book of Yum,” mini magazine. The booklet explained a little about each of the products. It included serving suggestions and recipes to assist subscribers in using the products. I was pleased to see there was also information detailing how to purchase the products directly from the suppliers.

Noah's Creative Juices - Apple Banana, Vanilla & Chia Seed

Noah’s Creative Juices – Apple Banana, Vanilla & Chia Seed

As I flicked through the “Little Book of Yum” I decided to try the Noah’s Creative Juice. I have seen this brand of juice in cafes, but I hadn’t tried any of the flavours as yet.

After taking a look at the bottle that arrived in my box I was intrigued! The flavour was Apple and Banana with Coconut Water, Vanilla Bean and Black Chia Seeds. I can honestly say I have never tried anything like this smoothie. It was deliciously fruity, and made from pureed fruit and apple juice.  It was the perfect balance of sweet and fruity. I loved the addition on vanilla and chia seeds, it gave a creamy mouthfeel and was something completely different. When I checked the suppliers website I discovered that the smoothie isn’t even on the Noah’s Creative Juice website yet!

Pumpkin Pie Jam

Pumpkin Pie Jam

The Pumpkin Pie Jam had me equally as intrigued. At this time of year America goes crazy for pumpkin, and I kind of feel like in Australia were missing out on something. Sweet, spiced pumpkin pie or spiced pumpkin cheesecake are dishes we are not easily able to find here. So when I saw this huge jar of Pumpkin Pie Jam I was busting to crack the lid and take a scoop.

The jam comes from one of Brisbane’s breakfast hot spots “The Jam Pantry” at Greenslopes. From the moment I popped the lid I was completely sold by the spicy aroma.  Flicking through the little book of yum I found a few amazing recipe suggestions.

Oatmeal with Pumpkin Jam

Oatmeal with Pumpkin Jam

Pictured above is the Pumpkin Pie Jam stirred through hot oatmeal. I can imagine the comforting hot oats combining so deliciously with the sweet, chunky jam.

Although the above suggestion was tempting I knew I would be eating my jam on some fluffy, fat pancakes and serving it with a thick double cream.  Yes, it is decadent, but that is the joy of the Little Box of Yum: Discovering new culinary delights and incorporating them into the menu.

Cocoa Elf - Brownies

Cocoa Elf – Brownies

I could no longer resist the urge to investigate the Cocoa Elf Chocolate Brownies. As I opened the packaging it was obvious these were not your average brownie.  Deliciously gooey, melty, sweet chocolate  brownies.

The little Box of Yum had included two flavours, Chocolate Brownie with Fig and Muscat and a Chocolate Brownie with Orange. Can I choose a favourite? It would be like choosing a favourite child, not possible! They were both unique and exquisite, a real “grown up” indulgence. I took a look at the Cocoa Elf website and was pleased to see there are another 12 flavours to choose from.

Orange Vincotto

Orange Vincotto Dressing

The Orange Vincotto Dressing has been created by chef Chris Bond, owner of the restaurant “Pomodoras on Obi” in Melany. My Little Book of Yum told me the dressing has been a ten year “work in progress.” Chris was looking for a sauce that could be more than a salad dressing. He wanted something which was versatile enough to use with seafood, risotto or add real interest to a salad.  The Orange Vincotto dressing includes port and orange zest, it has been reduced to a sweet, syrupy consistency and has a delicious citrus zing.

A quick serving suggestion is to add olive oil to a shallow dish and float a few drops of the vincotta dressing on top. Dip some ciabatta in the oil mixture for easy, elegant entertaining.

Southern Fried Chicken Spice

Southern Fried Chicken Spice

The final item in my culinary treasure trove was from Gourmet Morsels. Gourmet Morsels are the Herb & Spice Connoisseurs that specialise in Australian Bush and International Herb & Spice Blends. Included in the Little Box of Yum was a Southern Chicken Spice which is used to coat the chicken prior to pan frying for an authentic Southern American taste sensation.

The Gourmet Morsel blends have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no added m.s.g. The recipe for Southern Fried Chicken is included on the box, and each box contains two resealable bags of spice to allow for multiple meals.

Little Box of Yum

I hope you enjoyed this The little Box of Yum foodie adventure.  If you would like to partake in next months Little Box of Yum gourmet indulgence I have two surprises.

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Xmas Little Box of Yum

Little Box of YUM Subscription

Would you like to subscribe to Little Box of Yum?  Each month you will receive a surprise package full of gorgeous culinary delights and the Little Book of Yum, a mini magazine full of information about that month’s goodies.

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Little Box of Yum - Subscription

Little Box of Yum – Subscription

If your searching for a unique gift idea The Little Box of Yum could be the perfect surprise.

Gourmet Getaways would like to thank the Little Box of Yum for the opportunity to review the service. All opinions expressed in the article are an honest reflection of my thoughts and opinions as per the disclosure policy.