Lunch in Paris

Unfortunately Coffs Harbour isn’t all blue skies, sun and surf, for the last week we have had consistent rain and howling wind. To add insult to injury I have had a miserable cold, and haven’t felt like doing anything.  So what have I done this last week… I have lulled about the house with the air conditioning on “high” reading “Lunch in Paris” a true story by Elizabeth Bard.

It is a cute little book which describes the life of the author, a Jewish American girl who meets a French man while working in Europe. She has no French and is seen as a typical boisterous American by the French.  Bit by bit she learns the language, customs, and culture, and starts fitting in to her new country.

The book is centered around French culture and food, and the author has included the recipes which are significant to each chapter.  So as you are reading the book your kitchen can smell like her little flat in Paris.

There is a bit of humour splattered about, particularly when her parents come to visit, or when she finds that her perfectly constructed French phrase actually means “tie me up and spank me,” instead of “could you please correct my mistakes.”

I enjoyed the book, it was light and easy to read. It gave me the feeling that I had managed to have a little French holiday.

I am now looking for a new book to read, so if you would like my copy of “Lunch in Paris” suggest a book you have enjoyed recently. Use the comments section below. Tell me why you liked the book, and briefly what is was about. I will choose a recipient from the responses. Don’t include your address, I will email you.