How to Make Smores in Australia
How to Make Smores in Australia

How to Make Smores in Australia

Is it just me or do American’s LOVE Smores? In Australia we hear so much about S’mores on movies and television series that I have always been rather curious. I figured Smores must be a taste sensation if so many Americans love them.When we go camping we usually just toast marshmallows on the fire.  But I liked the idea of trying this campfire dessert. My problem was, I really didn’t know how to make Smores in Australia.

Campfire Smores Submission

Campfire Smores Submission

I knew I would need to modify the ingredients a little as we don’t have graham crackers in Australia. I took a look at Graham crackers on the internet. They seemed to be much like our digestive cookies. From past experience I knew that Digestive cookies come in a chocolate coated version.

How to Make Aussie SmoresHow to Make Aussie Smores

How to Make Aussie Smores

My solution to How to make Smores in Australia was looking rather simple. I used chocolate coated digestive biscuits and sandwiched two marshmallows between the two cookies.

How to make Smores in Australia

How to make Smores in Australia

My trial run of this iconic American snack was during a recent camping experience at Pebbly Beach. I tried to cook my Aussie Smores on the campfire but it was a total failure. The marshmallow didn’t toast or melt. I gave one to the kids to try, they complained that it was raw!

Smores Campfire Treat

Smores Campfire Treat

How to Make Smores in Australia

How to Make Smores in Australia

Instead I brought the tray inside the camper trailer. I took the top cookie off the s’mores. I put the base cookie, topped with two marshmallows under the camper grill.  The marshmallows were charred and squishy in no time. I topped each sticky, sweet s’more with another cookie and offered them to the group around the campfire.

Australian S'mores Recipe - Pin Me

Australian S’mores Recipe – Pin Me

These s’mores were awesome! As much as I don’t like to love junk food… I have to say I loved these! Forever more I will be packing S’mores ingredients for our camping trip.

How to Make Smores in Australia


  • 1 Pkt Chocolate Digestive Cookies
  • 18 large marshmallows


  1. Place 9 cookies chocolate side up on a grilling tray.
  2. Top the cookies with two marshamallows each.
  3. Place the tray under the grill/broiler until the desired level of char is achieved.
  4. Top each of the cookies with another cookie and squish it together.

So now I’m a little worried about what American’s think of my story on how to make Smores in Australia? Is this  a reasonable approximation of an American S’more.  Is it okay to cook the Smores under the broiler or grill?  Please let me know what you think?

Smores Dessert

Smores Dessert

Also Aussie readers, have you also wondered what all the “S’mores fuss” is about?

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  1. I tried my first S’mores at the weekend and it was ah-mazing! It was on top of one of those freak shakes. I love this make at home version – genius!

  2. Yum!! I was really interested to discover graham crackers when I first went to America and you’re right, there is some overlap with digestives. These look really delicious.

    • Oh good Kari!! Thanks for letting me know. I knew they wouldn’t be the same but I hoped they would be similar. When I googled graham crackers they looked like they had the same fibre/whole meal texture and I figured they must be sweet because they are used for cheesecake bases so the Digestive came to mind.

  3. Your smores are a bit different than what we make in the US, but they still look good. My version of smores is to roast your marshmallows over the fire (you just want them starting to turn brown and a bit crusty). Place the roasted marshmallows on a graham cracker (or in your case digestive biscuit), top with a section of chocolate bar and top with another cracker (biscuit). Gently squeeze it together and enjoy. The marshmallow may taste a bit raw, but the cracker and chocolate make up for it. It will also be very messy.

    • Bahaha! Thanks for the tip Surprised gourmet. I couldn’t work out how you guys got the marshmallow to be all squishy and not burn the biscuit on the fire! My lot likes the marshmallows all charred so I’m sure there would be no raw bit if we used your cooking method. The digestive cookies I used a chocolate coated so I didn’t need to add another square of chocolate.

  4. Hi Julie, we always roast our marshmellows on some kind of skewer until they are nice and toasty and then immediately put them with a little square of chocolate into 2 graham crackers. Great idea to use chocolate digestive biscuits.

    • I think next time I will make it the American way, toasting the marshmallows and then putting them between the cookies. Thanks Cherie

  5. The problem with these is that they’re too easy to make. I don’t need to know. You shouldn’t be sharing this information Julie 😉

  6. Hey, count Filipinos in! We love S’mores, too, especially the gooey oh-so-chewy mallows such as these…

  7. Smores Rock! I never tried making them in the oven, that is brilliant. We can’t get graham crackers in Hong Kong either so digestive biscuits is really the next best alternative. You know when my kids start to miss home we toast our marshmallows on the gas burner here at home, inside, on a shiskabob stick. How sad is that but it also works to give the marshmallows that charred familiar taste. Wishing you a super weekend and sharing!

  8. Using chocolate digestives is a brilliant idea! So much more effective than trying to melt chocolate squares using the residual heat of the marshmallow – which never seems to work when we try it.

  9. Not exactly a fan of marshmallows…but those look really tempting!

  10. Oh I love how pretty these are! And so yum too! Great idea – just because we’re in Australia definitely doesn’t mean we should miss out on Smores!

  11. Since I grew up in India, I know digestive biscuits. They are a good alternative to Graham crackers here. Traditionally you use a Hersey’s milk chocolate but now I use a good dark chocolate for some grown up taste and make my own marshmallows with flavors like mint or orange. Doing it under a grill/ broiler is totally cool! I really like the idea of chocolate covered biscuits.

  12. When we were camping recently the 20 somethings down from us made them with tim tams!! They seemed to inhale quite a few of them …after they had probably inhaled a bit too much of something else if you know what I mean 😉

  13. You need to get the North American(we do S’mores in Canada too) marshmallows. The Australian ones are different (I used to think it was so they don’t get sticky in hot weather but they’re the same in NZ) and they don’t melt or taste the same. The last time we made S’more we roasted the huge campfire marshmallows and put them between two chocolate caramel McVitie’s, delicious!

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