Masterchef Chocolate Brookie Recipe

Masterchef Chocolate Brookie Recipe

Masterchef is often a source of cooking inspiration for me. The other night I watched as three contestants were asked to create a midnight snack for Nigella Lawson. One of the contestants made a Dark Chocolate Brookie served with a Frangelico cream. It looked amazing!  I loved the way Nigella scooped a huge dollop of cream onto the “brookie” and devoured it.

Masterchef Chocolate Brookies Submissions

Masterchef Chocolate Brookies Submissions

We discovered that a “Brookie” was a cross between a cookie and a brownie. There was a serious uh-ha moment in our household.

Masterchef Dark Chocolate Brookie

Masterchef Dark Chocolate Brookie

The children were completely mesmerised by all the chocolate. Hubby likes a soft cookie so this treat had his name all over it. The texture of a Chocolate Brookie is crispy on the outside, and soft and gooey, barely set on the inside.  Watching them on Tv was almost too much to bare.

Freshly Baked Chocolate Brookie

Freshly Baked Chocolate Brookies

Needless to say it has been on my mind to make Chocolate Brookies ever since the episode aired. I thought this would be a good recipe to adapt for the Thermomix, but you could easily make this dessert by melting chocolate in the microwave and using a stand mixer.

Masterchef Chocolate Brookie Recipe

Masterchef Chocolate Brookie Recipe


  • 350g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
  • 45g butter
  • 225g caster sugar
  • 80g cornflour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 100g dark chocolate chips


    Thermomix Instructions
  1. Place the block chocolate in pieces in the TM bowl to grate. 5sec/Speed 8.
  2. Remove chocolate and reserve in a small bowl.
  3. Add butter to the TM bowl. 3sec/speed 8.
  4. Heat the butter 1min/60degrees/ speed2.
  5. Add the reserved grated block chocolate 2min/60degree/reverse spoon1. Repeat until melted.
  6. *note if the chocolate seizes don't worry, continue with the recipe)
  7. Add the remaining ingredients to the TM bowl except the chocolate chips. 1min/speed.6.
  8. Scrap down the sides and repeat 1min/speed 6.
  9. Pour the cookie dough into a medium size bowl and stir through 1/2 the chocolate bits.
  10. Cover and refrigerate the dough for 1 hour minimum.
  11. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  12. Line a cookie slide with baking paper.
  13. Once the cookie dough is firm spoon tablespoons of the mixture on to the cookie slide. Leave space for spreading. I actually used an ice-cream scoop and then flattened the brookies down.
  14. Press the remaining chocolate chips onto the top of the Brookies.
  15. Bake for 13- 15 minutes. Remove from the oven to cool on the tray slightly before serving.
  16. *The Brookies won't look at all cooked when you take them out of the oven, they will have a delicate, macaron style shell that is easily crack when they are hot. As they cool they become a lot less fragile.
  17. Regular Cooking Method
  18. Add the block chocolate broken in pieces to a glass bowl with the butter, microwave in 1 minute bursts.
  19. Continue until the mixture is melted.
  20. Add the cornflour and remaining ingredients to the bowl, including 1/2 the chocolate chips. Beat the mixture by hand until well combined.
  21. Cover and refrigerate the dough for 1 hour minimum.
  22. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  23. Line a cookie slide with baking paper.
  24. Once the cookie dough is firm spoon tablespoons of the mixture on to the cookie slide. Leave space for spreading.
  25. Press the remaining chocolate chips onto the top of the Brookies.
  26. Bake for 13- 15 minutes. Remove from the oven to cool on the tray slightly before serving.
  27. *The Brookies won't look at all cooked when you take them out of the oven, they will have a delicate, macaron style shell that is easily crack when they are hot. As they cool they become a lot less fragile.
  28. Enjoy

When the Thermomix Chocolate Brookies came out of the oven they looked an smelled fabulous! That had the most gorgeous crinkled tops. I just wanted to break one open and dive right in. When they first came out of the oven they’re quite delicate. I left them to cool slightly whilst I set up my camera gear ready for the mandatory photos.

Chocolate Brookie Mixture and Cooked Brookies

Chocolate Brookie Mixture and Cooked Brookies

The mixture makes about 20 Chocolate Brookies. Instead of making them all at once, I made six and refrigerated the cookie batter. I figured this would make our night time Brookie treats quick and easy to make. Plus, we would be able to eat them hot, straight from the oven each night.

Dark Chocolate Brookie with Ice-cream

Dark Chocolate Brookie with Ice-cream

I served our Brookies with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It was a very decadent treat. Take a look at the inside.

Chocolate Dessert Brookies

Chocolate Dessert Brookies

When they first came out of the oven I had to be careful not accidentally squash them. They were so incredible fragile. Even when they are cold they just melt in the mouth.

Masterchef Chocolate Brookies Recipe

Masterchef Chocolate Brookies Recipe

I have to say a big thank you to Harry Foster, Masterchef contestant for his Dark Chocolate Brookie recipe. These chocolatey treats will be making a regular appearance in this household. If your looking for more fabulous chocolate recipes take a look.

Want more Thermomix recipes only? Feel free to join this Facebook Thermomix Recipe sharing group. It’s only new but we have some delicious recipes coming your way.

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  1. Hi, these look fabulous and I’ve also been thinking about making them since seeing the episode! I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so am considering making them today with milk chocolate, just wondering your thoughts? We’re the ones you made particularly strong?

    • Hi Melissa, I don’t like dark chocolate usually to eat, but I think if you used milk chocolate in these they might be too sweet. The chocolate flavour was perfect.

  2. We’ve tried to make them three times. They have never worked like the picture, the taste is there ( absolutely delicious ) but they are flat and crispy , we’ve tried cooking them less than 13 mins , making the mixture cold before cooking, what are we going wrong, is there an ingredient missing like flour ?

    • No!! I promise, follow my instructions. They work, the original Masterchef instruction confused me a little. Make sure that you leave them for 15minutes to cook on the tray when they come out of the oven.

      • I found if I made them to small they went thin and overcooked quickly, but if I made them larger (an ice cream scoop each) then they came out perfect!

    • Angela Di Paola :

      Hi – I have done the same. I’ve made them three times, trying different sizes and varying cooking times but mine spread too much and come out flat. The taste is amazing and texture chewy and yummy, just not thick and holding their shape, like in your picture. Its like they don’t have structure. Maybe I need to cool mixture longer in fridge before baking?

      • Hi Angela, When my mixture comes out of the fridge it is quite hard. I could roll it into balls and bake it, is that how your mixture is? The temperature of either the mixture or the oven is the only thing that could be a problem I think. Are the Brookies cooked within the time given in the recipe. Maybe they are heating up to slowly as they cook and spreading before they are set?

  3. Oh my God! THANK YOU for the brookie recipe Julie, I was wondering about this. I’m a brookie rookie 🙂

  4. I LOVE brownie cookies and haven’t had one in a long while…these look bakery perfect!

  5. Hi thanks they are delicious . Did you use the butterfly whisk in the Theromix method and do you think they would freeze well or keep for a few days if I made the whole batch

    • I didn’t use the butterfly whisk at all. I just made them exactly per the method above. The first time I made them I did a whole batch. They lasted perfectly. Although they were all finished by the 3rd day? There was no change I the taste or texture.

  6. I clearly need to discover the world of brookies!

  7. Hi Julie, a Brookie sounds delicious, love all these new terms and ideas that people are coming up with. Nigella is one of my favorites.

  8. Hi this looks amazingly yum! do you think I could substitute brown sugar for caster sugar?

  9. Like u said from the day i saw this on TV I have been dying to eat them, i tried recalling and searching on Google fr Brookies recipe but they were all different kind. I couldn’t take away Nigella’s reaction frm my mind, so finally able to get hold of these babies is so precious!! Thank you so much! Love 🙂

  10. Made them tonight. YUMMMMMY! My daughter said they reminded her of macarons.

    • Ina I’m so pleased you enjoyed them! I thought the outside shell tasted, and has the same texture as a macaron too! Thanks so much for dropping by and letting me know you enjoyed them. It means so much to me ?

  11. Barbarainnc :

    I’m in America, what is castor sugar and cornflour? What do I use over here? Thanks for posting the recipe.????

    • Hi Babarainnc, caster sugar is just finer grain white sugar and corn four is the fine white cornstarch. The oven temperatures are given in degrees Celsius. I hope you enjoy the recipe, Julie

  12. I tried this brookies recipe from the masterchef website, it didn’t came out quite right when i follow the full recipe. but when i use half recipe, it come out nice but not gooey or chewy enough. and it looks nothing like your picture. its more flat and no wrinkles on it. i will give it a try to your recipes and follow it to the y. will update you how it goes. thank you btw for the recipes.

    • I hope you have more luck with my recipe. Make sure you refrigerate as I said in the recipe and cook to a timer. Don’t touch the Brookies at all until they cool. Enjoy ??

  13. I made these from the Masterchef website and though they were delicious I did find them too sweet. I even made a few without chocolate chips and I still found them too sweet. Would they bake just as well and have the same texture with less sugar?

    • I loved them but I do know what you mean about the sugar, try reducing it a little. I don’t think it will hurt the recipe. Don’t reduce the chocolate though or the texture will change quite a bit.

  14. No flour? Mine ended up three mm high crispy slice.

    • The only flour is cornflour. The dough goes into the fridge, then you scoop the dough into balls and place on the tray as round balls, they flatten into cookies. If you choose a chocolate with less than 70% cocoa butter the dough may seize but you just blitz the mixture, and it comes good. Less cocoa butter in the cookies will reduce the spreading but both methods work. The original Masterchef recipe states 70% cocoa butter but I don’t find it necessary. Now I just use a mixture of leftover chocolate, including some 70%.

  15. Could this recipie be adapted to make milk chocolate brookies?

    • Absolutely, I just use a mix of whatever I have. The chocolate may seize as you melt it but then just blitz it when you add the other ingredients and it will come together in a dough.

  16. Thank you for the great tip about placing the mix in the fridge before spooning out onto a tray and then baking. My original batch turned out flat and they just flowed everywhere, but once I tried the fridge step they turned out perfectly! I do find them a bit sweet so I reduced it to 200g sugar and they are delicious and chocolately. I also dust my hands in cocoa to make it easier to handle the dough. Thanks again!

    • So pleased you had success! I usually bake one batch on the first day and use the remaining dough that has been in the fridge for more Brookies on the second day… stops me eating them all at once 🙂

      • Good idea aboit cooking in batches! I might do the same. Is there an easy way to spoon them out? The mix is very sticky and I find I am covered in it if I use my hands, and I find it hard to even get it off the spoon! I have been dusting my hands in cocoa which makes rolling them into balls easier and cleaner for me, but they loose that nice crinkly, shiny crust. Maybe I could dip the spoon into hot water between each? Or grease the spoon?? …I can cope with the mess if not! 🙂

        • I find the longer the mix is in the fridge the less sticky it is and the better the shape of the cooked Brookies.

          • Good to know Julie – I will leave it to chill longer!

            Some feedback – I got two phonecalls from the group I baked for, telling me these were the best cookies they’d ever tasted! Thanks again Julie 🙂

            I had another question – I’m planning to make a double batch for a church fete – have you done this? Is it better to make two single batches or one double in regards to the mix? Some cake mixes go flat if you try to increase quantities so I thought I’d ask first!

          • I think it would be fine to do a double batch as it’s only a small quantity in the TM. The fridge time and oven temp are the most important parts to get right for success.

  17. Hi they look delicious… could i substitute the eggs?


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