Mediterranean Food Tour – 5 Top Foods

Mediterranean Food Tour – 5 Top Foods

5 Foods You Have to experience on your Mediterranean Food Tour

One of the very best things about visiting new countries is sampling the local cuisine. Readers will know that I regularly choose my travel destinations based on the foods I want to experience. New tastes, flavours and ingredients can expand our horizons equally as much as experiencing new cultures firsthand. An area I have been looking at lately is the Mediterranean. With such a broad number of countries making up its coastline, the Mediterranean is hard to beat when it comes to delicious food. Here are five foods I would travel to the Mediterranean to sample.

1. Moussaka

Greek Moussaka

Greek Moussaka

Greek food is among the most popular European cuisines – so much so that specialist travel companies like Gypsian Boutique Tours build whole sections of their tours around it. Moussaka is a dish that is a traditional favourite. Though it varies from country to country, the Greeks make the three-layer dish with a sautéed potato or eggplant base, lightly cooked ground lamb (or pureed tomato, garlic and onion as a vegetarian alternative) and a top layer that usually consists of a savoury creamy custard. Hearty, homely and delicious.

2. Circassian Chicken

Circassian Chicken

Turkish Circassian Chicken

A traditional Turkish meal (called Çerkes tavuğu by the Turks), Circassian chicken has been around since the time of the Ottoman Empire. It’s a popular appetiser (or meze) but can be made in larger quantities to become a main meal. It consists of shredded, boiled chicken in a flavoursome paste made from walnuts, stock and some stale bread. It has a sibling dish called satsivi in Georgian cuisine. The food in Turkey should not be missed, so it’s little wonder so many boutique tours travel here.

3. Merguez

Moroccan Merguez

Moroccan Merguez

Merguez is a Moroccan dish based around a spicy mutton or beef sausage. The sausage is heavily spiced with cumin, fennel, garlic, sumac and chili peppers (or sometimes harissa, which gives the sausage its traditional red colouring). Customarily, it is eaten after being grilled and usually on a bed of greens. More recently, it has been used as filling in sandwiches and sold with fries through street vendors. Try one – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

4. Gyuvech

Bulgarian Gyuvech

Bulgarian Gyuvech

Guvech (or Güveç if you prefer the correct spelling) is a hearty, filling Bulgarian stew that has its origins in any number of European areas from Bosnia to Macedonia. The easiest way to describe it is to compare it to ratatouille, the meal on which it was originally based. It is created with a meat of the chef’s choice, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, olives, herbs and spices, and is traditionally served with a mixed salad. Flavoursome and warming on a cold Bulgarian night.

5. Rabbit Fried with Wine and Garlic

Maltese Fenkata

Maltese Fenkata

Also known as Maltese Fenkata, rabbit with wine and garlic is a signature dish of the island of Malta. Served with a leaf salad, this saucy stew is a vibrant meal that may taste familiar and completely different at the same time.

Freshly Baked Mediterranean Bread

Freshly Baked Mediterranean Bread

These are just the top five dishes luring me to the Mediterranean. There are so many other flavours and surprises waiting to be discovered in the markets, cafes and on the streets – proof that there’s no better way to explore this part of the world than one bite at a time.

What Mediterranean food would you like to try? Is there a country you want to explore based on the food choices?

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  1. I love Spanish paella (with a glass of cold home-made sangria) I make it at home. As my dad is Spanish it is our family dish.

  2. Yummy… except the rabbit, please hold the rabbit xx

  3. Like Lizzy, I don’t eat rabbit either. Circassian chicken is my favourite!

  4. Moussaka is one of my favourite dishes! Eggplant is delicious!

  5. I do love trying the cuisines of different places. I love mediterranean cuisine but am yet to try it in the Mediterranean! xx

  6. I’ve never tasted Moroccan Merguez but it sounds delicious with all the middle eastern spices. More reasons to visit the Mediterrranean now. They all look like fabulous dishes.

  7. Great list Julie. I agree with all but particularly the rabbit. And who doesn’t like a good moussaka? 🙂

  8. To me the Moussaka sounds delicious, but I’d also have to try the Gyuvech. But then again I’d probably enjoy trying all of them. They all look good.

  9. A couple of my favourites and some new dishes I would love to try! My favourite Met dishes would have to include some family favourites my French father makes; ratatouille, coq au vin, and roast goose. While I remain patriotic to my ancestry in France, I am also a huge lover of Spain having visited a number of times now. Of course i love their paella but this you can get many places in Australian now. I really loves their simple seafood dishes like grilled fresh sardines with a squeeze of lemon!

  10. a mouth-watering round-up! I love eggplant-based, veggie Med dishes. Mmmm, eggplant….

  11. I have learned a whole lot if new foods to try through this post!

  12. Wow, everything looks amazing. 🙂 I’m especially intrigued by the Merguez. I will have to try to make my own version the next time I’m making sausages. 🙂

  13. Fantastic post! I’m set to try everything Mediterranean 😀

  14. Wow I love your styling in these pics! And Mediterranean food is always a winner in my books.

  15. Guvech is new to me — need to try that. And I love rabbit, but Mrs KR always pokes at it and mumbles something about Floopsie and Moopsie, so I only eat it in restaurants these days. Really nice roundup of great foods — thanks.

  16. Except the breads I have yet to try all the these delicious Mediterranean foods 🙁 They all look so so good!


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