Gourmet Getaways Headshot

Gourmet Getaways Headshot

This is month two of my quest to monetise my blog!

Sorry about the extreme close up everyone 😉

How is it going I hear to asking… well in all honesty… not so great.  I haven’t improved my earnings, they have decreased.

This is despite the fact that my reader stats continue to improve. The reason my blog isn’t making more $$, is I haven’t tried anything new.

So I guess January’s lesson is that monetising my blog won’t happen on its own.  I have to promote the blog and locate sponsorship opportunities.

Monetise My Blog

Media Kit

In order to monetise my blog I have updated my media kit. I decided to include the media kit on my website and in this story so that readers can use it as a guide to creating their own media kit.  In the spirit of transparency I have kept all my site stats and demographics available for viewing.

Check out the Media Kit pdf below.

Media-Kit-GourmetGetaways Feb14

Side Bar Advertising

I have made a few changes to my sponsorship pages and included a rate card for my side bar advertising.  The website I am using to host this framework is Passionfruit Ads.   Passionfruit Ads create an advertising inventory which is placed on your website.  It’s a completely automated system and advertisers can purchase using a shopping cart.  Final approval of the advertising still rests with the Gourmet Getaways however.

Because I love my fellow bloggers I have set up free spot for bloggers to advertise with me.  Click here to see your  blog ad on Gourmet Getaways.

Approaching Sponsors

The next step in monetising my blog needs to be approaching potential sponsors and forming a mutually beneficial relationship.  I could really use some help with this one. I happily write all day long for my website but drafting a letter to potential sponsors has got me totally stumped!

Helpful Websites

I have found a very helpful website by Katy Widrick. So far I have been following in her footsteps. If your interested in monetising your website take a look. Thanks for all the advice Katy xx

Now for the acid test.  January 2014.

In January 2014 income was derived from these sources:

Sponsored Link                                           $180.00

Freelance Writing                                        $ 25.00

Advertising                                                    $ 0

Affiliate Links                                               $  3.30

Total $208.30

So as you can see readers not a huge financial windfall.

I think it’s time to ask for a little help… if you have had success what did you do?   Help me out, all tips are very much appreciated.