As readers would know I have been on a quest to monetise my site while adding value for readers. Monetising has been a learning process for me. Along the way I am learning there are tools to assist in streamlining the process a little. Last month I introduced you to Passionfruit Ads. A website that helps blog owners allocate advertising space and streamlines the process of selling the space at a predetermined rate.

Affiliate income has been another good income stream. So I was excited when I came across a plugin which promised to assist me promote my affiliate links better. The plugin is called Ninja Affiliate Links.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

I only have a handful of sponsors and affiliates because I want to be sure that I am giving readers a true Gourmet Getaways experience and not a spamy one.  In the past I haven’t really remembered to promote my affiliates very well. Using Ninja Affiliate Links I have found my affiliate income has been growing steadily over the last two months. I haven’t added any new affiliate accounts I have just better promoted the products I believe in.

For example regular readers would know I use yoga to keep fit and I enjoy My Yoga online.  I never think to add a link to the Yoga online website when I mention yoga in a story.

Now I don’t need to think about it at all Ninja Affiliates Links knows who I support, and will add the appropriate link to the story for me.

Monetise Your Blog Image

Monetise Your Blog Image

The best feature of  this wordpress plugin is that it automatically converts your blog keywords into your sponsors or affiliates links. Even old content can provide income if the stories are relevant to your affiliate links. This is particularly good for my Gourmet Getaways site as I have been writing stories for 4 years now and some of my older stories get great traffic. It would be impossible for me to go through my 650 stories and add relevant links in retrospect.

I have an example to share, imagine I spent a gorgeous weekend at a property I loved. I had written a few stories about the hotel and the area.  A month or so down the track the the property owner contacted me about adding an affiliate link. Rather than just adding the link to that one story I can use Ninja Affiliate Links to also target all stories for that area with a specific keyword in the story.

Also any story I write about that area in the future will automatically have the link inserted into the story if I use he keyword. The Ninja Affiliate Links plugin works on auto pilot.

If I take on an new sponsor in the future I simply add them to the Ninja Affiliates plug. I choose the keywords and set a limit on the number of links that can appear in a story and the Ninja Affiliate Links plugin does the rest.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

The plug in saves time, effort and energy. Plus it allows you to be consistent in supporting sponsors and driving traffic to your affiliate links.

If you interested in looking at this plug in there is a free 60 day trial on Ninja Affiliate Links plugin here.

I promise I will update the Gourmet Getaways monthly earning for the past two months shortly. I know I am a bit behind!