New Years Resolutions 2014
New Years Resolutions 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

As we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014 I like to look back at the past year before I make my New Years Resolutions.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

2013 was a great year for travel. Gourmet Getaways enjoyed a driving holiday across New Zealand, 2 trips to Singapore, a trip to Malaysia and 2 trips to Thailand.  The first Thai holiday saw us lounging on the beaches of Phuket.  For the second Thai stay we drove across the mainland and took a ferry to Koh Samui.  It’s a long way to go for dumplings, and warm ocean water, but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

Chinese and Thai Temples Smiling Buddha

Chinese and Thai Temples Smiling Buddha

The highlight of my year in wine would have to be the Grant Burge degustation dinner at Port Macquarie.

Grant Burge and Julie Carlyle from Gourmet Getaways

Grant Burge and Julie Carlyle

It was a fantastic event showcasing wonderful wines by an amazing man! The original Singapore Sling at “The Long Bar” would be another great boozy moment, although they are too easy to drink and hideously expensive! At “Taste Sydney” I got behind the bar and perfected the art of preparing a Lime Mojito with the help of Mixology, great fun and a valuable lesson ;).

Grant Burge NV Blanc de Noirs

Grant Burge NV Blanc de Noirs

My top food moments of 2013 start with our first trip to Thailand where Mr GG and learnt how to make some our favourite Thai dishes. Food trucks are another phenomenon that have excited my taste buds and I am pleased to say they are now making an appearance in Coffs Harbour. High Tea in Singapore, Hawker Food at the Maxwell Centre and Roti Canai in Malaysia all enriched my eating life in 2013.

2014 New Years Resolutions

So with 2013 done and dusted, what are my goals for 2014?


I already have some international trips booked for 2014, these are return visits to countries I know and love. So with that in mind…

1/ Visit a new country this year.

There are a few hot contenders on the travel front. I would love an Italian Cooking Tour, but equally high on my list is eating tacos in Mexico. Where ever I end up, the goal is a new country!

Pasta Making in Italy

Pasta Making in Italy

2/ Visit a new wine region in Australia.

I would dearly love to visit Margaret River for both the food and wine but I also have a soft spot for the Yarra Valley. I have visited most wine regions through to the Clare Valley but a lot of these were before the advent of blogs. I feel that it’s time for a Gourmet Getaways road trip, with the aim of exploring some of the beautiful wine regions Australia has to offer.

By 1875 the Stantons were well established as successful Rutherglen vignerons.

Image Stantons at Rutherglen Vineyard

3/Given that our Gourmet Getaways travel falls into the categories of either a romantic trip for two, or a family holiday, I would like to feature more accommodation catering to these styles of getaway. All going well readers can expect some gorgeous B&B accommodation to be featured on the site and some family friendly holidays to tempt readers.

4/ Food goals are a little harder. I love all good food so eating yummy things is always a priority. I would like to visit a truffle farm at harvest time, learn how to get the pork crackling to work on my roasts and make gnocchi. For those who are gnocchi cooks, I am sure your scratching your head at this one, but I am scared of a disaster! This year I will attach gnocchi head on!

5/ To balance the food, wine and travel I would like to add some Zen to my life. I am aiming for 2 sessions of yoga per week. Again, not a huge aim, but realistic for me. I have discovered a program that I really enjoy, and because it’s online I can continue my practice when I travel.

Yoga Online Program

Yoga Online Program

6/ Monetisation of Gourmet Getaways. At the moment Gourmet Getaways earns approximately $230 per month in gross revenue. Although this varies from month to month, it’s not a windfall by any means. I would like to steadily increase the revenue Gourmet Getaways achieves. My goal would be a consistent $400 per month. Still only a pittance, but then I love doing what I do.

7/ Self publish a book for kindle and iPad. I know exactly what I want to publish, but I seem to be going forward in baby steps. I’d like to see this goal completed before the end of the year.

So there we have it, 7 New Years Resolutions. I think that’s enough for the moment. Now it’s time to work out how to achieve them.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Do you set goals each year? Are they personal or business related? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Well done little sister, when you put it all done on virtual paper like that, all that has occurred in the short space of 12 little months it really is pretty amazing..

    I might do the same later but not just now 🙂

    New Years Goals and things to achieve..

    1. With my beautiful wife purchase our first combined investment property.

    The ground work has been laid for this and all things going to plan we should be there early March.. holding breath.

    2. Fix ankle / knee issues.
    Several years of mild knee issues, now followed by Achilles tendonitis..

    3. Do a 20km job..
    Presently at about 5km with only minimal rest required each run..
    plan of attack, 4 jogs per week.. Increase 1 km per week..

    4. Install water tanks for home.
    $300 – 450 per quarter for water bills… ROI pretty quick.

    5. Visit at least 1 country I have never been to before..

    6. lay financial field work for next invest property for 2015.

    Comments, always welcome.

  2. What a great 2013 you had, but sounds like 2014 is going to be even more promising. Happy New Year xx

  3. Wonderful list Julie! I can see you achieving all of these in your fabulous style! I hope that 2014 brings you many wonderful surprises! 😀

  4. Happy New Years Julie! I am excited for you for some of these new goals to achieve. Sometimes we are less committed to work on them but now you have made it visual so now it has to happen. Take care, BAM

  5. They are great resolutions! The book one is particularly impressive but I love following your travel adventures so shall enjoys seeing where you end up with your new country 🙂

  6. Italy would be my country of choice and email me if you do go. We’ve travelled quite a bit of the country. Gnochhi was also my nemesis and it’s about feel mostly. Get a pot of water boiling and then start rolling. Check a piece at a time for consistency and when they don’t fall apart the are right. My resolution is to tackle each day with grace and gratitude 🙂

    • I love that resolution!!
      It is the way I am feeling in my own heart which is why I enjoying my yoga practice so much 🙂
      Happy New Year to you and your family xx

  7. Hello Julie, nice list and isn’t it good to actually put pen to paper, as it were and get it down. Good luck with all the work and blogging goals. I am with you on that one new country… and somewhere a bit interesting is what I am after… Looking forward to reading your accom reviews, I do love a good B + B.

    And another resolution for me… we must meet this year!

  8. Great resolutions for 2014, Julie..I have every confidence that you will achieve your goals =) Looking forward to your book!

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours Julie! I certainly hope all your goals come to pass this year. I hope my one little truffle tree produces it’s own harvest this year, I’ll definitly let you know if it does 🙂 I don’t have too many resolutions yet, but I’ll give your yoga program a go for sure!

  10. Great post! Good luck on these goals!

  11. Great resolutions! I’m with you on travelling to new places, eating great food, and continuing to build my blog. I’ve also been promising myself for far too much of 2013 that I’d get back into yoga as well. I love it when I do it, so can’t tell you why I don’t manage to find the time to actually make it happen.

    Hats off for also wanting to write a book. You’ve got some great goals going on.. here’s to a brilliant 2014 and making it happen.

  12. Happy new year Julie! Looks like 2013 was a good one for you and with your resolutions 2014 will be even more so! Great goals. All the best and every success xo

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