Omg! I never realized that green beans could be as addictive as hot chips! Hello readers, today I made my Olivers Real Food debute! I’m not even traveling at the moment but I wanted to sample a meal.  Oliver’s is the new player in the “fast food” market.


Oliver’s Green Beans

As I write this article I’m munching on chips… I mean green beans and marveling at the delicious, salty, crunchy goodness that has me popping one after another into my mouth. These are bright green beans which have been just barely cooked and served hot with a generous seasoning of Himalayan rock salt. Simple, healthy and fabulous!
Olivers real food menu

Oliver’s Real Food Menu

The menu also includes a range of Gourmet Pita Pockets, with six different fillings. Vegans and vegetarians are catered for with a “Mexican Burrito Pocket” and the “Vege Patch Pocket”.  They have two curries available which are served with brown rice. I ordered the vegetable korma but also available was an organic Butter Chicken Curry. I asked for the korma as a takeaway as I knew I would be dining alone tonight.  This would make a simple and healthy option.

Olivers Real Food – My Healthy Lunch

I also ordered a Gourmet Beef Pita Pocket for my lunch. It was packed full of fresh and healthy ingredients. The pita bread had been toasted so it was lovely and crisp on the outside and the fillings had all been deliciously mushed together. The beef was moist and tender, it simply melted in my mouth. I could taste sweet potato, tomato relish and a creamy aioli. Every bite was just Yum!

Fresh Seasonal Salads

Olivers Real Food also serves a range of extra quick options for those travelling. The friendly staff pointed out the large prepared salad packs which were available in the fridge. Beside the salad bowls I found a range of Sushi, fruit salads and some very tempting Chia Puddings topped with berries.
Oliver's Yoghurt Cups

Oliver’s Yoghurt Cups

While I was looking around I noticed a selection of really nifty kids lunch packs. These included a pack with a sandwich, chopped vegetable sticks & yoghurt dip, and some cheese and crackers.  Other lunch packs included sushi instead of the sandwich.  Both of these packs would be perfect for little kids to eat in the car.

Kid’s Lunch Travel Pack

Not wanting this healthy food experience to end, I purchased a Berry Chia Pudding. I figured I would have it for dessert after my vegetable korma.

Berry Chia Pudding Cups

So how was my Vegetable Korma, I hear you asking?  As expected it was full of vegetables and beans and tasted like I was doing my body a huge favour. The sauce was aromatic and spicy without being too hot. The whole dish made me feel nourished. It had that homemade, “comfort food” feel. I particularly love that the curries are served with brown rice because it adds a lovely nutty flavour to the dish. Also brown rice has more fibre, vitamins and minerals than white rice so it’s a health bonus as well.

Oliver’s Vegetable Korma

The Berry Chia Pudding was the perfect finish to my day of healthy eating. The Chia pudding tasted exactly the same as I make at home! When I complimented the manager he told me they use almond milk, maple syrup and cinnamon, which is the same as my method.  Although I have to admit, the mixed berries on top made it extra special.

Mixed Berry Chia Pudding

With Oliver’s Real Food Outlets springing up at all the major highway fast food truck stops I honestly cannot imagine why anyone would choose to eat anywhere else. I feel healthy and revitalised, and I know I have fed my body well.
Oliver's Organic Cola

Oliver’s Organic Cola

The menu pricing is comparable to other fast food outlets, and the food to be far superior.  At first glance the smoothies and juices do appear to be a little on the expensive side. Upon reading the description I found they were 500mls! I didn’t purchase one because there is no way I could finish a drink that size AND eat a meal.
Oliver's Super Smoothies

Oliver’s Super Smoothies

If I purchased an Oliver’s smoothie I would definitely be sharing. If I were travelling with children I would order one smoothie for the children to share and request a second cup so I could easily split the drink.
Oliver's Turmeric & Ginger Beer

Oliver’s Turmeric & Ginger Beer

However it was the Turmeric and Ginger Beer that really interested me. I will definitely be heading back for a green bean snack so next time I will also try the ginger beer.

So perhaps it’s time for Macca’s to move over, Olivers Real Food is a real good choice!

Olivers Real Food Coffs Harbour


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