The children had their playtime on Sentosa Resort Island enjoying the fun parks, water slides, beaches and park areas at the start of our holiday. Now it is my turn for a little fun!

Orchard rd Shopping Louis Vutton

Shopping Louis Vuitton

I have booked a two night stay at the Orchard Parade Hotel on Orchard Rd. I am sure that every female will understand that this means two days of shopping as Orchard Rd is home to Guichi, Prada, Armani, Louis Vuitton and any other label you care to mention.

Cartier Singapore Shopping

Cartier Singapore

I am sure the credit cards are quivering in my purse as we set off on a walking tour.  MR GG was very astute in agreeing to shop with me. He would never say no to a purchase, but I am far more restrained when he accompanies me.

Prada Singapore Shopping

Prada Singapore

We started off on our walk.  We were only about 100 metres from the hotel when we spotted a photo shoot in front of the Prada shop.

Shopping Orchard Rd Singapore

Commercial Photo Shoot Singapore

I felt so sorry for her! The day was suffocatingly hot, she was in a suit and under lights, her make up was glowing and it really didn’t look like fun.  Having said that, it was awesome to watch, I had to snap a quick photo.

Shopping Orchard Rd Singapore

Family Modelling Singapore

Brett took these photo’s on the way back from shopping.  The shoot had finished so we decided to muck around a little.  The kids and I posed with the statues whilst Brett put the iPhone through its paces and gave directions.  Yes we are dags 😉

Sopping Orchard Rd Singapore

My Shopping Companion on Orchard Rd

…but enough of the silliness, we had shopping to do!

As much as the prestige brands are beautiful I was after a dress that I could wear without maxing out the credit cards. This dress caught my attention, I was a little worried about the sizing because everyone is so tiny in Singapore, but it fit like a glove.

Orchard Rd Dress Shopping

My Dress 🙂

This one came home with me! Plus I found a gorgeous pair of super high heels to go with it.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of the shoes, but I did love this sign!

Shopping for Shoes on Orchard Rd

“Shoes Make Me Happy”

With my dress and shoes in hand it was time to wander into the shops that I spend the most time in at home.

Shopping in Singapore

Keep Calm and Bake!

I love checking out the kitchenware shops, and Anais and I like to look at “the pretties” in the accessories stores.

Orchard Street Shoppping

Love this Kettle

As we walked into a large department store I found this really pretty range of toasters and Kettles from Robert Hobbs.

Shopping on Orchard Rd

Love the Toaster too!

You may be able to get them here but I photographed them because they were so stylish and beautiful. When I do my kitchen renovation these will be on the  benchtop.

Orchard Street Shopping

Smeg Fridges Range, Stripy and bold colours

The next piece of kitchenware which caught my eye were the funky Smeg refrigerators! Wow, whilst they will never suit my house I love the colours.

Shopping on Orchard Rd

Cute Little Coin Purse

So now its time to take a look at a few little things for Anais. Everywhere we go I seem to find cute little bags or purses.  She has so many, but I couldn’t resist this one!

Shopping on Orchard Rd

Macarons at Laduree

It was time for a bite to eat so we wandered over to the Laduree Patisserie, so many delicious choices!

Shopping on Orchard Street

Time for a Tea!

What a fantastic day shopping, the kids might be worn out, but I am ready to do it again tomorrow!