Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-51

Day 1 and by 3.00pm the children had made their way to deck 12, the lido deck and were happily swimming in the pool as the rain fell and the wind blew.  Being kids, they were oblivious to the weather and went between the spa and the children’s pool.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-52

The pools are located on a raised deck so we needed to be up there away from the seating and bar area to supervise them properly.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-53

Within a half hour or so, the wind and rain had chased me off the Lido deck. I decided to use the time to do some unpacking in our room.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, Stradbroke island

Tip 1 Unpack all belongings into the drawers and hanger, stow bags away. There is so much more room in the cabins with this job out of the way.

While I am busy housekeeping I noticed the room sway for the first time!

An announcement had warned we would commence to “rock in and roll at 6.30, but by 5.07 I was hanging on to the walls as I walked, and feeling a little worse for wear.

Being the first night on board we decided to dine in the Cafe del Sol.  This is the ships buffet restaurant and is included in the price of your ticket.  We thought this would be the easiest option to satisfy everyone and get dinner out of the way before the evenings activities commenced.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, sol de Lido

The children wanted to go to the kids club which operates of an evening until 10.30pm.  We had thought we might join the “child free” welcoming party in the ships night club. The teenagers were happy in the xbox room so everyone would be accounted for.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet-2

The Buffet wasn’t spectacular. It was surprisingly disappointing. I have included images so that you are able to make up your own mind. Everything was bland and boring to look at and to taste.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet-3

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet-4

I chose a bite of most dishes.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, first meal

I reminded myself that we are on a boat, and not in a fine dining restaurant, but it still did not enjoy the meal.  I remember the buffet on board the “Spirit of Tasmania” wistfully.  It was full of smoked salmon, prawns and oysters beautiful King Island cheese and Cadbury chocolates… but I digress.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet-5

There are other dining options on board so I am sure I will find a more suitable story for my gourmet readers.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-54

Once dinner was complete we booked the little ones into Turtle Cove and the big ones into the Teen Lounge.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, dessert buffet

By the time all the kids were in their respective activity centres I was feeling tired and struggling with the motion.

I sat on the deck for a while and watched the shore as we tracked along the coastline all the way to Noosa. In spite of my current state it was an amazing view. The sun faded and we watched the lights along the coastline. Once we were just past Noosa the ship headed East toward the Pacific Islands.

We decided to skip the welcome party. I was not prepared for the level of movement we would experience in the open seas. I hoped that if I slept, by the morning I would be accustomed to the rocking, and better able to manage my motion sickness.