Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, cruise, oz cuise, P & O

I woke to the gentle swaying of the boat.  To some I am sure this would be soothing, and may even lull a person to sleep. For me who gets ill in a rocking chair or hammock it was more than a little disconcerting.  To my relief though I am not feeling so ill.

I start to type the words that have been going through my head since we arrived “this is really not the Palazzo Versace.” I realise that I sound like a spoiled prima donna, but all I can think is “I like nice things,” and I am feeling so ill.

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There is no doubt that other people on the boat are having a great time.  Everybody else is loving the food at the buffet, and no one else seems to notice the size of the pool or the number of people packed onto the boat.

I reminded myself that I have only had a glimpse of the cruise ship so far, I knew I needed to get out of my room and try to get over the sickness.

When I went on deck the pools had been closed and drained due to the high sea’s.  We had seen waves breaking at each end of the pool as the water swayed to the boats movement. I am told that pool closures rarely happen.  Strangely this makes me feel a little better. Seems that I am not being as woosey and girlie as I feel.

I decided to seek out the more gourmet aspects of this cruise. It occurs to me that readers may want to know the costing of this style of holiday as well as how much spending money they may need to “pimp their holiday.” I will include a summary at the end of the seven day review.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, Cruise, P & O

So while the family was sleeping I decided to go in search of a nice cappuccino. My coffee is a morning ritual which cannot be forsaken.  There are a number of “Nescafe Stations” which are available for guests to help themselves, but I was looking for something more.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, Cafe Lido

The Cafe Lido answered my call.  I was really pleased to find that the ship had two cafes! I made my way to a corner lounge where I could gaze out the window at the sea below, and ordered a skinny cappuccino.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique. cafe lido

The coffee was music to my lips, it was perfect, and all of a sudden everything was once again right with the world. Up to this point I had been surviving on the self serve coffee stations.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, Cafe Lido-2

I took my time to savour the view and this relaxing moment of bliss before returning to the cabin.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, cafe lido-3

Breakfast was once again a buffet in Cafe del Sol, the breakfast menu was exactly what you would expect at any regular hotel buffet.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet breakfast

The little ones enjoyed the choice between banana pancakes and regular pancakes with maple syrup.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-42

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-43

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-44

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-45

The big boys took their time demolishing the best part of a tray of bacon sausages and eggs.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet breakfast-2

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-46

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-47

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-48

We have been enjoying the choice of fruits available on all the buffets and breakfast was no exception.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, P & O Cruise, Buffet Breakfast

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, buffet breakfast-3

Although I had been trying to talk myself into feeling better I am not prepared to risk food at this point.

The children had been begging all throughout breakfast to go back to Turtle Cove.  Turtle cove is the name of the onboard 3-6 years Kids Club. It is very well set up for the little ones.  When we arrived the kids were busy playing and seemed to be having a great time.  Our kids ran in straight away, and were happy playing before we were even given our pager or finished the sign in procedure.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, shore tours

Mr GG & I part ways as he heads to the lower deck and the gym equipment. My motion sickness wasn’t too bad at that moment but I felt that the worse thing I could do is start doing physical exercise. Instead, I am off to a one hour seminar which advises passengers of the tours available at our island destinations. There are so many tours on offer and they really do have something for everyone, from thrill seekers, families, invalids or the elderly.

I find that there are quite a lot of tours I would like to do in the limited time available. Ordinarily I prefer the route of self discovery but given we are in each port for such a limited time it makes sense to take advantage of a pre arranged tour.

Once the seminar is over I meet Mr GG and we head to the lido deck with the intention of a swim, spa and a bit of a relax in the open air. We arrive to find the deck quite full of people, with the pools unavailable we can’t see any reason to hang with the masses.

We took some time on the deck to choose our tours and then decide to collect the children for lunch. Anais has been busy painting and has artwork to show us. She has even made a cardboard sun visor! Locky has completed some colouring. Amazing neither child is covered in paint, as would usually happen at childcare!

The children choose their food from the buffet and Mr GG & I do the same. I have inquired about the meals at the “Palm Court Restaurant” which also opens for lunch. We decide that for the convenience of allowing the children to choose how much of each item they want, we would continue with the buffet for the moment. Mr GG and I have christened the buffet “the trough.”

The kids are in a hurry to get back to Turtle Cove. I had highlighted a “mocktail making” class to take them too but they were more interested in the activities at Turtle Cove.

Oasis Deck Pacific Dawn, week fantastic, cruise

Mr GG and I decided to try and find a quite spot on the boat out of the wind.  The wind had been blowing a constant 40 knots since we left Brisbane and it had not been pleasant to sit on the Lido Deck. We started on level twelve and made our way down the various outdoor decks until we found a little deck to the rear of the boat, and out of the wind. There were only a few guests here as it was designated for adults only due to the bar.  The lounge was aptly called “The Oasis Bar,” Mr GG and I settled in with a book each and spent some lovely relaxing hours, reading and enjoying a cocktail or two.

The hours seemed to pass so quickly and before too long I realised we had missed the French lesson I had been intending to take, as well as the Martini making class. We decided to spend a little longer relaxing on the deck and skip the “sunset stretch” class also.

Mr GG and I had booked in to La Luna for a couples dinner so we collected the kids club and took them off to the buffet for their meal.

Pacific Dawn ice cream parlour

After they had finished dinner we decided to treat them to an ice-cream at the ice-cream parlour.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, icecream parlour

Anais chose a choc mint flavour with jelly bean mix ins and Lachlan went for a straight chocolate with peanut M&Ms.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-49

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-50

The kids returned to Turtle Cove for the evening movie session and Mr GG and I linked arms and took up our reservation at La Luna.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, la luna

Review to follow