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Friday Day 7

Oh…  I am a little sad! It is the final day of our cruise on board the Pacific Dawn, and I don’t want to go home. I am really going to miss being on the sea, with the most majestic of views all around.

As usual I crept out of my cabin for an early morning cappuccino in the Lido Cafe.  This has become my new morning ritual, followed by my ½ hour sunrise stretch class and then the exercise class of the day. Today the stretch class was followed by a yoga class.  The stretch class was full, but given the yoga class charge was $13 for ½ hour session everyone except one other keen yoga enthusiast abandoned me. This meant that I came under way more scrutiny than I would have liked, as a novice yogo participant.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique

Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have only done yoga on one other occasion in Bali.  During this class I was really challenged and found my heart rate racing. In the last week I have completed more push ups than I had previously done in my lifetime!

I decided I had earned myself some bacon, eggs and baked beans from the breakfast buffet, (otherwise known as “the trough” by Mr  GG & I) In actual fact I think I have gained about 5kgs this holiday and really shouldn’t be eating a bite until we are well into next month. None the less I enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast with the family in Cafe de Sol.

Predictably about half way through breakfast the children were begging to be allowed to return to “Turtle Cove” their home away from home… otherwise known as kids club. It’s a hard life on a cruise ship for abandoned parents… but we make do.

We checked the kids into Turtle Cove and find they have a performance in the main show lounge at 10.15am.  I suspect that Locky is going to be on stage juggling so I tell Mr GG we will go and watch.

In the meantime I found a copy of the days program and highlighted some of the things we were yet to try.  We have a few activities to cram in but I am confident we can make it.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-2

At 10.15am we are front and centre to watch all the kids from the various aged kids clubs perform. Our little Turtle Cove group are first and Lachlan does his juggling act with a little bit of shuffling mixed in.  He is such a shy boy and has never even tried juggling previous so I am amazed at his performance.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-3

Anais participated in a short play with some other children. There was singing, dancing and skits for the next hour.  All the children were amazing and I am shocked that the staff and children have been able to produce such an entertaining performance in just 6 days.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-4

Next on my list of things to try was a session of Bingo. I really haven’t played this game before, but I was determined to win my fortune.  The prize pool is up to $4700 for the morning session, and if I won I think I might just have book another cruise!

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, bingo

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I was very close to the full house for the big money, with just two numbers remaining, when the call of “bingo” was made. So no big prize for me, I think my stint as a gambler has now passed.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique, bingo-2

Like I said, we needed to cram a lot into the last day.  We collected the children from Turtle Cove and took them to juggling class.  There two teachers instructed on the finer points of learning to juggle.  Lachlan, Anais and Mr GG watched and completed each of the exercises until SUCCESS! Mr GG is now and accomplished juggler! After a one hour session he can juggle two balls in one hand, or three balls in two hands.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-5

We took the kids back for a quick lunch at “le trough” and found it was absolutely clogged with people.  The queues were horrible and barely moving, this was the worst meal line up we had experienced, and we were in a hurry! The kids wanted to get back to kids club for their “Ice-cream Party” and I wanted to get Mr GG to the “Martini Making Class”.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-6

We succeeded on both counts, although Mr GG and I did walk in a little late. When we arrived Jonathon our friendly Kiwi bartender was busy demonstrating the finer points of making a Cosmopolitan and explaining the importance of balancing flavours in a cocktail.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-7

Each of the class participants was given a glass of cosmopolitan to sample. It was quite delicious, although it’s not my favourite cocktail, I was finished in only a mouthful or two.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-8

An assistant was then chosen from the class to help prepare a Poinsettia.  This cocktail is made with a vodka and cranberry base and then topped up with sparkling wine. The flavour was like a glass of sparkling pink champagne, again not my favourite flavour but a very entertaining demonstration.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-9

My interest was piqued when the waiters placed martini glasses drizzled in chocolate syrup in front of each guest. The cocktail we were learning to make was called the milky way, although looking at the recipe it isn’t made with milk, just liqueurs and spirits.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-10

It was absolutely delicious, again it disappeared in two mouthfuls and I was left wanting more!

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-11

The final exercise of the class was to break into groups and design and name our cocktail. We then had 45 seconds to create the drink for tasting and judging.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-12

Although this sounds like a recipe for disaster, armed with what we had been taught about the necessary quantities of juice, spirit and liquor we all managed to be quite successful.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-13

Here are the results of our concoctions:

Group 1(Mr GG’s Team)

Double Dragon

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-14

Group 2

Jonathon Shuffle

Group 3

Pacific Pine Lime

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-15

Group 4

Nana Nap

Group 5

Meer Cat Magic

Group 6


Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-16

After the judging we had the opportunity to try the other teams creations.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-17

As an interesting note I learned that it is bad luck to garnish a martini glass with two olives.  It must be an odd number, preferably three. Pictured above are some of the garnishes we had to chose from.

We left our Martini making class in high spirits only to be reminded that it was time for the sad task of packing our bags. The end of our holiday is fast becoming a reality.

Once the bags were packed we left them at our front door, ready for Tutu to collect and put into the hold for our departure tomorrow.

We had a little bit of time left for relaxing, so Mr GG and I retired to the Oasis Bar and took up our lounge chairs on the deck.  I managed to finish the book I had been reading and watched a final sunset prior to collecting the kids.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-18

Earlier in the day I had made one final request of the teenagers.  The request was that we all eat our final meal on board the ship together.  I booked a table for six in the Palm Court Restaurant for 8.00pm.

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-19

Palm Court Restaurant Review to follow

Pacific Dawn, week fantastique-20