Pesto Pea Soup

Week 34


The weather has been quite cool recently and at the local markets we found some fabulous Ciabatta Bread. Once we had done the rounds of the stalls I decided to come home and make something quick and warm to serve with the beautiful loaf of bread. What could be better than my “Pesto Pea Soup”.  Minimum effort, and maximum taste.


1kg Frozen Peas

1 litre Campbells Real Vege Stock (salt reduced)

2 potatoes

5 cloves garlic

Lg bunch Basil

600ml water

Ground Pepper to taste


Boil the diced potato in the vegetable stock and water until soft.  Chop the garlic and add to the broth.

Roughly chop the basil.

Add the frozen peas and basil to the broth and bring back to boil quickly. Once the soup has boiled it doesn’t need any further cooking as this will destroy the beautiful green colour.  Use a stick blender to liquidize the soup, add any salt or pepper to taste.  Add a swirl of cream to each bowl for serving and dinner is done!

Pesto Pea Soup-2