Pot Belly Pies – Woodburn

Pot Belly Pies – Woodburn

Traveling between Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast has always been pretty hit and miss when it comes to food choices whilst in transit. This 400km or 4 hour stretch of the Pacific Highway has never yielded very much in the way of gourmet fare.

There is a Macca’s on the highway at Grafton, about 90kms on from Coffs, further along we come  to Woodburn where previously there was  nothing except an aging, greasy takeaway with pre-cooked food under heat lamps. Next up we had the fast food chains at Ballina but they have recently been bypassed by the new highway.  After four hours on the road and very little in the way of food, we arrive at the Gold Coast.

Pot Belly Pie Shop

Pot Belly Pies

Thankfully this has all changed with the opening of Pot Belly Pies on the Highway at Woodburn.  It may be a small unassuming shop but they produce a mighty pie! The original store was opened in Yamba in 2008.  The owners were thrilled at the demand for their pies and have since opened and franchised 7 stores.

When I asked why they felt they had been so well received by the public I was told it was because their pies were made with lots of good honest ingredients. They pride themselves in producing the best quality pie possible.

Pot Belly Signage LR

The pies are all produced in Evans Head (previously Yamba)  and transported fresh to the stores daily to be baked off as required. Pot Belly Pies are now available in Yamba, Maclean, Byron, Woodburn, Grafton, Glen Innes & Gunnadah.

Mushroom Pepper Steak Pie

Mushroom Pepper Steak Pie

Whilst I was talking to the owner Mr GG spotted a Steak & Mushroom Pie in Pepper sauce which was just being removed from the oven.  Straight away we noticed a difference between the Pot Belly Pie and a regular pie, the pie was fat! It was twice the height and had  twice the filling as an average pie, perhaps this is where the name “Pot Belly Pie” comes from!

We continued to look through the menu, there were the usual flavours plus some amazing sounding gourmet selections. After making our choices we  took our pies across the road to the park near the river.

Inside the Mushroom Pepper Steak Pie

Inside the Mushroom Pepper Steak Pie

Mr Gg’s Pepper Pie was piping hot! Lifting the lid we found large chunks of diced steak, visible pieces of mushroom and the delicious aroma of black pepper. The meat had obviously been slow cooked as the steak just melted in the mouth.  The sauce was rich and the pepper added notable heat to this flavoursome pie.  I also loved the crisp shortcrust base. the pie had come right from the oven so it had a delicious homemade crunch.

Pot Belly Pies Surf & Turf

Surf & Turf Pie

I chose the Surf and Turf. This pie had a light creamy gravy with three large king prawns amongst chunks of diced steak. the steak was the same melt in the mouth consistency as Mr GG’s pie and the prawn was perfectly cooked with the flavour shining through the light sauce.

Inside the Surf & Turf Pie

Inside the Surf & Turf Pie

Little Lock was feeling adventurous and liked the idea of the Mango & Sweet Chilli Chicken Pie. I must admit, I had been considering this flavour and was pleased that I would have the opportunity to try some of his.

Mango & Chilli Chicken Pie

Mango & Chilli Chicken Pie

When I took a peek under the light, soft, flaky pastry I saw slices of mango in a light creamy gravy which had clearly been doused liberally with sweet chilli sauce. My first bite was pure heaven. The chicken and mango was in a creamy coconut, Thai style curry and the flavour was amazing. This was my pick of the pies we tried.

Inside Mango Chilli Chicken Pie

Inside Mango Chilli Chicken Pie

Never one to hold back when he is on a good thing Mr Gg also sampled the Lamb and Rosemary Pie. This was another favourite of mine as the lamb was in a rich dark gravy which tasted exactly like the gravy you would make from your own lamb roast. The rosemary and mint was subtle but delicious, and the lamb again was the perfect consistency for this lush pie!

Rosemary & Mint Lamb Pie

Rosemary & Mint Lamb Pie

Each pie was like eating a home style casserole wrapped in a delicious pastry.

Inside Rosemary & Mint Lamb Pie

Inside Rosemary & Mint Lamb Pie

The only item purchased that I wasn’t able to try was the sausage roll. Miss A was guarding it well, and there wasn’t a crumb left over.  I can say that the pastry was the same golden pastry which was on the pies and the roll itself was large and smelled divine.

Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll

No longer are we at the mercy of the large fast food chains for a meal on the go between Coffs and the Goldie. we can support our local pie  entrepreneurs and enjoy a quality fast option with Pot Belly Pies.

Pot Belly Pies

111 River Street

Woodburn NSW

Mob: 0459 574 611


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  1. I really adore the look of the pastry. It looks buttery, it looks flakey. Mmmm.

  2. They look great! And it’s the perfect food for if you’re on the road too 🙂

  3. My parents live in Yamba so I’ve tried these pies before – delish!

    • They are pretty special!!I love that a bunch of locals are doing so well opening these stores and stocking them with good, honest tasty product made locally.

  4. LOVE pies! look at all the meat inside the pies, its beyond generous!

  5. Oh my goodness, they all sound delicious. It would be a hard choice and if I was in the area I’d bring friends so that I could taste a bite of each like you did.

  6. The pastry on those pies looks so flaky! Yum! I travel through Woodburn regularly, although I have to admit we’ve never stopped in at Pot Belly Pies. We normally stop for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Byron Bay which makes absolutely divine japanese curries.

  7. Oh, my goodness, Julie. I never thought I’d say a pie photo is gorgeous. But they are! You’ve captured all the best qualities of savory pies : the steaming heat, the shrimp, the piled high crust…My stomach is grumbling and my eyes are reeling!

    Trust you are already planning another trip to the Gold Coast =)

  8. Ooh I love the Mango Chicken Chilli and the Rosemary and Lamb!!!!Such delicious flavors and so comforting :)Love Sausage Rolls too!!!!

  9. They look delicious and how much better than frozen (a zillion times better!). Cool find! And I love when hubby picks a flavor I wanted to try so I can get something else but still try it, lol. 🙂

  10. Pretty sure I saw this place, but we didn’t stop. … maybe on my next trip!

  11. So lovely and chunky! Way better than maccas any day, yum.

  12. Best pie shop discovery on my drive from Brisbane to Newcastle. I only wish there was a store much closer!

  13. Purchased three pies from Woodburn store. Chicken Carbonara was great, two steak and kidney were ok but very peppery. Couldn’t really justify the price tag, wouldn’t go there again, sorry. This is the reason these shops and the like disappear, just cause your on the Pacific highway doesn’t mean you can just jack up the price of everything because sooner or later people see it for what it is….a rip

  14. Found pot belly pies while travelling from Gympie to Victoria, best pies ever.

  15. I had a chicken carbonara pie when travelling back to sydney.
    I loved the pie so much nothing else compares is there any other place I can get one here in sydney or do you send out.

  16. Do you know what happened to Pot Belly Pies Yamba?

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