Relish Federal Hotel

77 Hyde Street


I had been wanting to try “Relish” at Bellingen for a while so when a friend suggested we head up that way for a leisurely lunch I was quick to say yes.  Relish is located in the Federal Hotel on Hyde Street.  Both the pub and restaurant under went a major renovation in 2005 and is now light, airy and modern.

When we arrived the restaurant was quite busy but we were fortunate to get a table outside on the deck.  Relish has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and with the restaurant and deck located to the rear of the pub it is quiet and suitable for children.

I perused the menu while Mr GG went to the bar to order a few drinks. I didn’t know what I felt like so I was pleased when he came back with a Cassegrain Verdelho.  It is always nice to see our local businesses supporting other locals.  We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the North Coast Wine Trail and now know exactly which wines are our favourites from each of the local vineyards.

Morrocan Chicken Salad

We returned our attentions to the menu.  There were quite a number of items which I found appealing but I decided on the Federal Hotel Salad which included spiced pear, goats cheese and Moroccan chicken.  In addition to the menu Relish also has a specials board which features their “credit crunch lunch” deals.  These are tasty wraps, and burgers for between $10 and $15.

Mr GG chose a Relish Burger with beer batter fries, and we got the two little kids Crumbed Whiting with fries to share.  The restaurant does have a children’s menu but we quite often will divide and adult’s meal for them, as there tends to be more salad and the price is usually compatible.

Fish and Chips

Rach couldnt go past the 300gm Steak Dianne with vegetables, and her hubby chose the Chicken Schnitzel with Vegetables and Jacket Potato. The final member of our party Judd, settled on the Salt & Pepper Squid.

It is certainly a relaxed way to spend the afternoon, lounging on the deck with friends drinking beer and wine.  The meals took a little longer than expected to come out but when you are in good company and have no where in particular you need to be it is not such a concern. Although poor Judds Salt & Pepper Squid came out so long before our meal that I am sure it would have been cold when he ate it.

Salt and Pepper Squid

The meals were quite large, the Chicken Schnitzel in particular was huge but Scott managed to make short work of it.

Chicken Schnitzel

The beer batter fries on the Burger and the children’s meal were amazing. They were crispy and absolutely delicious.  Hubby still gets a loving look on his face when I asked him to describe them.  They were his very favourite!

Relish Burger

Hubby found his burger dry but was able to get some sauce from the kitchen.  It was a shame the bun was buttered because the sauce and the children’s mayonnaise didn’t improve the dryness of the burger.

I thoroughly enjoyed my salad, the flavours were fantastic and I am always happy when I can find a fresh tasty salad on the menu. I had been trying to choose between the crispy skinned Salmon or the salad and I was very happy with my choice.

Steak Dianne

The Steak Dianne had been exactly what Rach wanted.  The vegetables were a stir fried style and were really tasty. The sauce was beautiful and rich and she thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Try as she did, she couldn’t make it through the dish but was completely satisfied just the same.

When we came to leave it was past 2.30pm but the there were still quite a number of people relaxing on the deck.  It is a great spot to kick back for a few hours.

Prices for the lunch menu range from $10 – about $26.

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