Retro Cafe – Hobart

Retro Cafe – Hobart

It was time to say goodbye to Bruny Island and Adventure Bay Retreat. Mr GG and I have been thoroughly enjoying our travels through Tasmania and decided to stop at Salamanca Wharf in Hobart for breakfast.

Hobart Historic Salamanca Wharf

Hobart Historic Salamanca Wharf

It was intended to be another breakfast on the run as we had a full day in the Tamar Valley planned. Despite our tight schedule we couldn’t resist a return to the waterfront. Salamanca wharf has a lovely vibe and gets so much glorious sunshine as there isn’t the overshadowing of tall buildings.  The historic buildings add charm and character to the streets.

Hobart's Waterfront

Hobart’s Waterfront

There are loads of cafes, pubs and wine bars lining the street but we settled on the Retro Café, mainly because it looked so cute.  Retro cafe is located on a busy corner and it’s façade lives up to the name.

Hobart's Retro Cafe

Hobart’s Retro Cafe

When we arrived there were already quite a few morning patrons reading the paper and enjoying the warm sunshine at the tables outside.  We  decided to follow suit and took the last available seat in the sun.

Retro Cafe Cappucino

Retro Cafe Cappucino


As readers would know my priority of a morning is getting a nice strong coffee.  The coffee , at Retro Café was rich and creamy, just the way I like. As always  Mr GG ordered a  banana smoothie.  He is a fruit smoothie connoisseur as he always orders one where ever we go.

Retro Cafe Banana Smoothis

Retro Cafe Banana Smoothis

When I asked him how it was he just said… “It’s nice.”  I tried he smoothie and it really wasn’t nice. It was milky and weak with no real flavour. This was particularly disappointing because we had waited for a lifetime for our order to be taken, and then an eternity for any evidence the order may materialize.

Retro Cafe Sourdough & Poached Eggs

Retro Cafe Sourdough & Poached Eggs

I ordered the sourdough stack w poached egg, spinach and roasted tomato with a basil pesto.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sourdough.  It was the crispest, crunchiest crusty bread with a delicious amount of salty butter and a zesty lemon pesto. The pesto made the dish a stand out and it didn’t matter so much that the poach egg was hard and overcooked.

Retro Cafe Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon Bagel

Retro Cafe Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon Bagel

Proving that too much smoked salmon is never really enough hubby chose the smoked salmon bagel with scrambled egg and melted cheese. Now tell me if I am being too picky… but, cold, sliced tasty cheese is not an appropriate taste, texture or flavour match for smoked salmon and egg? I am pleased this wasn’t my dish, but Mr GG seemed happy enough with it.

With out tummies full it was time to say goodbye to Hobart and head to the Tamar Valley near Launceston for some wine tasting.

The Salamanca area is a beautiful spot to enjoy a leisurely meal, and there are plenty of dining options.

So readers, how do you decide which café to choose in a street full of likely candidates? I chose the Retro Café because it seemed to exude the most personality. What would sway you?

Retro Cafe

31 Salamanca Place
Hobart TAS 7004

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  1. Well I guess you can’t win them all. Maybe more trendy than tasty. I hope the rest of your trip is a better culinary experience.

    • Yep! You got it in one Bam… The owners was also really rude and the staff totally disinterested! Pretty exterior though and good coffee 🙂

  2. I look for 3 things, crowds – a large crowd while meaning liked by the locals can sometimes turn me off with longer wait times and every moment is precious while travelling, the décor – would I like to sit and enjoy my time, the menu – the most important thing when dining out! I’m off to Hobart next month after living there for a year 12 years ago, so I am interested to see how the city has evolved. Thanks for this post! FF

  3. We had lunch at the Machine Laundry cafe in Hobart. It was fantastic and they had things in half sizes too which I really appreciated 🙂

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this Retro Café- I’ll scratch that one off my list. In selecting a new place to go to, I look first at the exterior of the building (i.e. does it look clean, comfortable and a bit eye-catching) then have a squiz at the menu (interesting dishes but not too expensive).

  5. Personality and cuteness are excellent criteria for choosing a cafe. After reading your post, Julie, I am now craving strong coffee, sour dough toast, salmon and scrambled eggs. I’ll take cheese, too -cold or melted =)


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