Spectacular Sailing Subic Bay
Spectacular Sailing Subic Bay

Spectacular Sailing Subic Bay

Hi GG readers, I hope you are enjoying my Subic Bay Philippines series. I would love to share my amazing Sailing Subic Bay experience!

Subic Bay is located on the west coast of Luzon in Zambales, Philippines. It was formerly named U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay until the Philippines ordered a pullout in 1991. It is now commercially known as the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Sailing Subic Bay Philippines

Sailing Subic Bay Philippines

With deep, placid waters that is surrounded by islands and forested mountains, sailing in Subic Bay is a must-do. We had the privilege of navigating the Subic waters on a sunset yacht cruise courtesy of The Lighthouse Marina Resort

Walk to the Selma Star

Walk to the Selma Star

“Sailing in Subic Bay provides a feeling of nirvana because of the bay’s tranquil waters.” I was told by Zedrik Avecilla, marketing manager of The Lighthouse Marina Resort, and leading proponent of the sport in the Freeport.

Yachts at the Subic Yacht Club

Yachts at the Subic Yacht Club

He went on to say “These waters have captured the fancy of many foreign navigators throughout history.” I am sure this is true. Such a beautiful, serene setting. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be enjoying the sunset.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort offers a romantic dinner cruise aboard the Selma Star with a butler. If you have been contemplating on a surprise wedding proposal, this could be the perfect setup.

Sailing at Lighthouse Marina -Just chillin

Sailing at Lighthouse Marina -Just chillin

There was no wedding proposal on our trip but sailing in Subic Bay is not exclusive to romantics.  Some guests chose to take advantage of the sailing lessons.  A few lessons has allowed many eager guests to gain the sailing experience necessary to sail around the Philippines!

For us our sailing experience was a chance to soak up the beauty of the area and watch the setting sun.

“In effect, you are sailing, and being one with nature, plus you get a feeling of nostalgia for the bays nautical history” says Zedrik.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort

The Lighthouse Marina Resort

The Lighthouse Marina Resort offers cruises around Subic Bay and the nearby coves.  For a land lover like myself this has been a unique adventure. I would absolutely encourage anyone visiting the beautiful Philippines to see at least some of the country from the water. Even as a local I appreciated the beautiful perspective it gave me.

More experienced sailors would know that the Philippines is a sailing haven. Regular regattas are held in Subic Bay to enhance yachtsmanship for international competitions and foster camaraderie among the sailors. It recently became a playground for grand prix keelboats from various countries as they competed in the prestigious Commodore’s Cup Regatta which is part of the Asian Yachting Circuit.

Sailing Subic Bay

Sailing Subic Bay

After such a spectacular cruise, one could head straight to various restaurants found in the Freeport for a hearty lunch or dinner. I had already decided tonight’s dinner was to be at the Sands Resto Grill.

Sands Resto Grill Signage

Sands Resto Grill Signage

The menu had been teasing me with a mix of Modern Filipino cuisine and an equally enticing Mediterranean menu.

Beer and coke @ The Lighthouse

Beer and coke @ The Lighthouse

After an afternoon enjoying the salt spray and the colours of sunset we chose a quick beer at the 720 Bar.  The bar is located right at the base of the lighthouse at The Lighthouse Marina Resort.  It looked so magical lit up and poolside! Only time for a quick beer and cocktail before a shower and dinner.

The Lighthouse Marina Feature photo

The Lighthouse Marina Feature Image

I hope this has enticed you to try sailing in Subic Bay. Perhaps I may have even gotten you interested in sailing as a sport… or as a eureka (!) in putting together an unforgettable cruise with your beau or belle! (read: proposal).

When you are visiting the Philippines please take the opportunity in Subic Bay to enjoy a sailing experience.

The Lighthouse Marina Night View

The Lighthouse Marina Night View

To enjoy my sunset cruise bookings are made with The Lighthouse Marina Resort.  The hotel is located at:

Lighthouse Drive, Central Business District
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
Philippines 2222
Hotel Contact Numbers:
Manila Direct Line (Tel/Fax): (+63 2) 711.0019
Subic Line (Tel/Fax): (+63 47) 252.5000 or (+63 47) 252.7545

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  1. Wow!

  2. What a pretty place. I’d never heard of Subic Bay before you started writing about it xx

  3. Can’t get enough of the sailing! Sooo much fun! Everyone should try it 🙂

  4. Can’t get enough of the sailing! Sooo much fun! Everyone should try it 🙂

  5. I think you choose the tittle very well, it’s just spectacular ! The landscape looks like a dream and the yatch looks amazing 🙂

  6. Great to learn all about Subiac Bay, thanks Julie!

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  8. Looks like you had a magical time!

  9. Beautiful photos and thanks for your details. I wish I had had this before determining a destinations for my boys and hubby this summer. The Philippines is much closer to us but they have already booked tickets to the WhitSunday islands to sail about. I know they will have a blast too. Take care, BAM

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