Please support GourmetGetaways Team in the Febfast 2011

As my regular readers would know, this website is dedicated to finding luscious food, great getaways, & the perfect wine… only trouble is I sometimes wonder if I enjoy sampling that perfect drop of wine a little too much on occasion.

For this reason I have decided I would take the challenge and give up the booze for the month of February.  I would be doing my health the world of good and helping to raise funds for a range of Alcohol related charities such as Mission Australia, The Australian Drug Foundation and Bushmob NT.

I am sure this is going to give my family much amusement, and I know I will experience more than a little taunting from friends.  I have enlisted my regular drinking buddy, and partner in crime to join me in my alcohol abstinence. Rachel Mounter aka iWife will also be participating in the fast.


Her famous first comment when I told her about the FebFast was “but we just bought all that wine from the vineyard!” “true, true I said, but this is just one month, and it will all still be there at the end of the month” (see why she is such a good friend.) Once I promised that this will not be a lifestyle change for me, and I will back to normal after February she was in “boots and all” “after all” she reasoned, “it wouldn’t be the same drinking without me”.  Aww shucks J.


So Rach is the second member of team Gourmet Getaways.  Feel free to join us or offer inspirational thoughts along the way.  Here is our FebFast webpage, or just leave comments on the bottom of this story.


So it is going to be an interesting and difficult month.  I have my brothers wedding in Fiji on the 9th of February so I intend to “buy a day off” for the celebration and another day off for Valentines Day, but other than those two dates I am on the wagon.


As Jackie pointed out when she read my facebook announcement “lucky Feb only has 28 days! For that I am truly thankful, but hopefully by the end of the month my liveer kidneys and general health will have benefited, not to mention the beneficiary charities.


So please people, even if you can just spare a couple of dollar, please kick off my donations.  At the moment it is looking pretty sad $0 raised.


I will update readers periodically so that everyone can know my pain and how I am managing the fast. So read along, encourage, perhaps fast with me and please donate!