Jebediah play at State of Origin 2

Well I am sure we are all very happy with the result of the State Of Origin played on Wednesday night!  Mr GG and I were able to slip away from the “little ones” for a mid week getaway involving lots of food and football.  We were joined at Star City by our good friends the iFamily… or more accurately we were joined by iWife and iDenial. iDenial is husband to iWife, he rejects all iTechnology, despite the rest of the family being early adaptors of iPod, iPhone and iPads. Their children (the DS boys) were also left with family so this was an adult only escape.

Hubby and I flew out of Coffs airport amid announcements of expected turbulence, almost gale force winds, and our concerns over where the volcanic ash may be for the return trip. Thankfully we had time for a few quick drinks at the airport “bar,” and by the time we were up in the air the bumps on take off were neither here nor there. Even the thought of being wringing wet through out the whole 80 mins of football couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm.

Coffs Harbour Airport

Our first football moment, was a sighting of Gordon Tallis in the street at Pyrmont. He is one BIG man in the flesh! All hyped up we met the iFamily in the Star City Sports Bar, and had a quick beverage while we decided on our lunch destination.

Star City Sports Bar

I love Ramen Kan on Hay Street opposite the Entertainments centre, when ever we are in the city we make a point of getting our fix of the Tan Tan Ramen (Spicy). So we set off to fill our tummies with the delicious noodle soup.

Ramen Kan Haymarket

Ramen Kan is located on the second floor and the entrance is very none descript. Access is via a very unreliable and small elevator which has been “out of order” on many of our visits.  On these occasions we joined the procession of diners trudging up the stairs.

Ramen Kan Menu

We found this little restaurant about six years ago after we had just returned from a trip to Japan. We had been craving a good Ramen at the time and were very pleased when we stumbled upon this place. The décor is cute and similar to many restaurants we visited in Japan. I couldn’t help noting to iWife that the pebbles which used to feature around the room were now gone.  Obviously I wasn’t the only clutz to almost fall into the feature! (Full Food Review to follow in a few days)


The weather was absolutely freezing by Coffs Harbour standards so after eating our fill of Ramen we made a stop at Paddy’s Markets.  My thoughts were to find something warm to wear with my “blues” jersey, I was thinking of a State of Origin scarf and beanie.  Unfortunately we had no luck on the Blues gear so I half considered a balaclava.

Go the Blues, Central Station

We joined the crowds at Central Station taking advantage of the free public transport to the game.

Blatcheys Blues Gear, state of origin

iPhone 3 photo 🙁

Arriving at Homebush we collected our Blatchey’s Blues gear which included a blue wig and a blue shirt.  We had decided to soak up the full atmosphere of Origin football and had purchased tickets for The Blatchey’s Blue section, the most vocal of Blue fans!  The atmosphere was amazing and looking onto the ground from our seats was via a sea of blue hair wigs. What a fantastic sight!

Blatcheys Blues, state of origin

iPhone 4 photo 🙂

 Jebediah played their new single “She’s Like a Comet” and then we were on! State against State.


As you can see by the tortured look on iDenials face, the Blue’s did give us a few stressful moments. iDenial wasn’t happy when the Maroons posted the first points via a penalty goal. The situation was made worse by a converted try not to long after, bringing the score to 8 nil.

iDenial looking serious at state of origin

iPhone 3 photo 🙁

There were cheers all round when Luke Lewis for the Blue’s scored our first try of the game. Our section roared!!

Try for the Blues state of origin

iPhone 3 photo 🙁

Half time the score was 8 – 6, and the Blues were making an awesome game of it! Jebediah started playing and we were bopping in our seats to “Leaving Home”.  So good that these guys are back again!

Back to the game and the Blues dominated! We were on fire and there were no more concerned faces in the Blues section. We got our Blue’s Origin victory!

Try sign Blues State of Origin

Full of victory cheer we made the walk from Central Station to Star City.  Naturally we stopped for the obligatory Chicken Kebab and then pizza, the kebab and the first pizza disappeared too quickly and all I managed was this remnants shot before we ordered a second pizza.

Post match PizzaPost match Pizza 2

iPhone 3 pic on the left iPhone 4 on the right… I need an upgrade 🙁

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to a corporate sponsor of the football, a kindly citizen, or the NRL itself. If you have room in your corporate box, come State of Origin 3, and you think you may be able to spare room for an extra four people, please, please please contact me on

Overall, what an awesome adventure, can’t wait to do it all over again for game 3!