Strawberry Picking – Port Macquarie
Strawberry Picking – Port Macquarie

Strawberry Picking – Port Macquarie

Fresh is best, so We have decided to stop in at Ricardos Tomatoes just outside of Port Macquarie to go strawberry picking. (hehe, yes you did read correctly) Although by the name you would be forgiven for thinking Ricardos are only tomatoes specialist, they actually do a roaring trade in “pick your own strawberries” and local gourmet condiments and produce.

Ricardos Tomatoes strawberry picking

I have brought the “little ones” along for the experience.  They have picked strawberries from our garden, but ours tend to be a bit on the miniature side. At Ricardos the strawberries vines are grown in large hydroponics shelters on a trellis of piping so there is no bending over, and absolutely no dirt involved.

pick your own strawberries

At Ricardos you can choose to walk around and see how the strawberries and tomatoes are being grown, or you can arm yourself with a bucket and go shopping, straight from the vines.  We were equipped with a bucket and a pair of scissors each, and staff pointed us in the direction of a large shaded enclosure containing rows and rows of plump sweet strawberries.

The signs on the outside of the enclosure requests that people resist the temptation to eat as they pick, but it is so tempting, I was guilty of “trying” one first. After all I had to be sure it was as delicious as it looked. They were huge strawberries, flavoursome and juicy, and every bit as good as they looked. There was an absolute abundance of ripe fruit and the kids had our bucket full in no time.

Anais strawberry picking

Once you have picked the strawberries they are weighed in the produce centre. This is a chance to browse additional fresh produce from the farm, or sample some of the condiments available on the tasting table.

I am always excited by interesting condiment ranges so the first jam I sampled was the Tomato and Passion fruit. It sounds like and unusual mix but that one went straight into my shopping basket, it was delicious, the passion fruit freshened up the tomato.

Ricardos Tomato and passionfruit jam

Ricardos also has an award winning strawberry jam which I also tried, once again I understand why it has won the accolades, it wasn’t as sweet as most strawberry jams so the flavour of the whole strawberries was so much more prevalent.

Ricardo strawberry jam

If you would like to sample the strawberry jam on scones Cafe Red is also located in the produce centre and offers a Devonshire tea, and various other dishes which showcase the lovely food from the farm.

ricardos three citrus marmalade

There is so much more to the Ricardoes’ experience than we expected. As with so many of the Port Macquarie businesses, Ricardoes is doing a fantastic job of showcase the region as a gourmet food producer. The shelves are stocked with the best of local products from the surrounding Hastings Valley, and the business promotes the “Journey of Flavour”

But what visitors will notice first is an abundance of beautiful products including preserved olives and olive oils, jams, conserves, and locally-grown macadamia nuts, honey and eggs.

The café is open 7 days per week from 9.00am -3.00pm

Would you like to also pick your own blueberries for just $10 per kilo? Take a look at this story too.

Ricardoes Tomatoes and  Strawberry Picking Farm

221 Blackmans Point Road
Port Macquarie, NSW
Phone: 02 6585 0663 (/address>Website:

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  1. Tomato and passion fruit? Oh yes I can imagine that would be all sorts of good!

    I love that you’re getting the kids involved in this. I have really fond memories of going down to the huge strawberry patch at my grandparents’ farm and eating until I was bursting with strawberry joy. I miss those days.

  2. I love that place – I brought some seeds back last time I went there – and I have some of their tomatoes growing at the moment (keep your fingers crossed that the bugs don’t get them!!!)

    Great place to visit – meet you there in January!!!!

  3. I’ve been trying to exercise and drink more tea everyday. With and these flowering teas, it’s been a breeze!

    Up til now, Jasmine Flower is my favorite!

  4. Can you please let me know how your hydroponic strawberry tunnel with the PVC piping is constructed. A set of complete plans will be appreciated

  5. Oh this looks like so much FUN for the kids, can’t wait to visit Riccardo’s

  6. Max Williams :

    What a great place to visit. Beautiful strawberries, jams spreads etc. I was however taken back the it has been three years since my last visit and the staff are still miserable, it seems as if they are not happy working there. The food was nice but the staff and their attitude left a bad taste in my punnet. Smiles are cheap and nice manners go a long way.


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