Surf Club Restaurant – Coffs Harbour

Surf Club Restaurant – Coffs Harbour

I am sitting on the deck at the Surf Club Restaurant Coffs Harbour, watching the ocean, with not a care in the world.  I have to wonder if life get any better than this? I doubt that it does!

Surf Club Restaurant View

Surf Club Restaurant View

The sky is blue, the temperature feels like summer is on the way, and I am enjoying a glass of Pikorua Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, while hubby samples a James Squire 150 lashes.

Surf Club Restaurant Deck

Surf Club Restaurant Deck

It’s such a relaxed way to spend a Friday lunch and I mentioned to Mr GG that we should make this a regular occurrence, a way of welcoming in the weekend. It seems that a lot of other people have a similar idea, the deck area and the inside seating is quite full and we are lucky to get a table.

Drinks on the Deck -Surf Club Restaurant

Drinks on the Deck -Surf Club Restaurant

A long and lazy lunch is the order of the day so we begin with a Seafood Tasting Platter for one.  Our plan is to share it amongst the three of us whilst we peruse the menu and specials board to see what takes our fancy.

Seafood Tasting Platter

Seafood Tasting Platter

The platter is very generous, with so many delicious morsels to be tried. I am quick to lay a claim on the Japanese style tempura oyster.  A lightly battered oyster in the most crisp, crunch coating, served on a bed of shredded rocket with pickled ginger, mirim, and a soy aioli. We were off to a delicious start.

Japanese Style Tempura Oyster

Japanese Style Tempura Oyster

Mr GG enjoyed the panko crumbed prawns, and scooped large amounts of the soy aioli on to these lush sweet prawns, but I had my eye on something a little more special. The sesame crusted seafood skewer was calling my name.

The skewer was thread alternately with sword fish and prawns and was coated in a thick crispy crust of toasted black and white sesame seeds. I had hubby pour a generous quantity of the sweet syrupy chilli sauce over the skewer and took a bite of the first piece of swordfish.  The flavour was amazing, moist fish with a lovely nutty coating finished with the sweet sauce.  I knew I had to share the remainder, but I greedily ate the crusted prawn first.

I like to think I am a good wife, but when it comes to good food I sometime have trouble sharing!

Sesame crusted swordfish and prawn skewers

Sesame crusted swordfish and prawn skewers

The Vietnamese rice paper roll was divided three ways easily so no one missed out on this treat.  I love this style of food, so fresh and delicious. I had mine with a serve of the brown rice because I love the healthy nutty flavour brown rice gives a dish.  Mr GG added some crunch to his with the fried vermicelli.

With our appetites whet we were ready to order, but first there was time for another glass of wine.

Doyles Seafood Chowder @ The Surf Club Coffs Harbour

Doyles Seafood Chowder @ The Surf Club Restaurant Coffs Harbour

Since our trip to New Zealand hubby has been obsessed with seafood chowder. That obsession had drawn to a reluctant close as it has been difficult to feed his addiction. When Mr GG spotted Matt’s own seafood chowder on the menu there was no hesitation, it was ordered immediately.  We later discovered this dish is so popular with the regulars it simply cannot be removed from the menu! The one and only time it was removed regulars would call to order a pot of chowder for dinner parties just to satisfy the craving!

Hubby was absolutely smitten with the chowder.  I sampled a teaspoon, unfortunately that was as  much as he was happy to share! The chowders was so rich and creamy with lovely buttery flavours and generous quantities of sweet, succulent seafood. After a little questioning we discovered that the dish had been “acquired” from Doyles Restaurant in Sydney. Shh, that might be a secret, but I won’t tell them if you don’t.

Jewfish w Roasted Sumac Pumpkin and Danish Feta Salad

Jewfish w Roasted Sumac Pumpkin and Danish Feta Salad

I chose my dish from the specials board, grilled Yamba Jewfish with sweet sumac roasted pumpkin and a salad of snow peas, creamy Danish feta, semi dried tomato, and rocket, topped with kumara crisps. My meal was delicious, the skin on the fish was lovely and crisp, while the flesh was so moist and delicate.

Poached Chicken and Cashew Sandwich

Poached Chicken and Cashew Sandwich

Nicole had chosen a lighter option from the specials board, a Poached Chicken Sandwich.  The sandwiched arrived served on a wooden board and was piled high with moist, white flesh, cucumber ribbons, crushed cashew and watercress.  The sandwich was dressed with a mild curry mayonnaise and serve of crisp, fat, seasoned chips.

The recent refurbishments to this absolute beachfront location, and the fresh, inspired menu make the surf club the perfect location to enjoy a lazy meal, or a quick bite to eat. Mr GG and I have relaxed on the lounge for the occasional Sunday Sess, while we watched the waves, listened to a band and enjoyed the gourmet pizza’s.

Wedding Venue

Surf Club Wedding Venue

It’s such an ideal location, and I am told that the venue is popular for weddings and conferences.

Looking around at the full tables and happy faces it is easy to see that customers have given the new, improved surf club their nod of approval.

Orange Almond Torte w Chocolate Ganache

Orange Almond Torte w Chocolate Ganache

Regular readers will know that I don’t often indulge in dessert.  A dish has to be pretty special to get my attention, and I promise you this torte was special! A warmed moist Orange & Almond Torte with rich Chocolate Ganache all melty and oozing over the cake.  The crumb was so soft, but had a denseness from the almond meal and a huge hit of orange, I was in Jaffa heaven, the flavours were exquisite. The torte was served with alternate dots of mango and raspberry coulis and fresh strawberry and cream!  Somehow I had no trouble making room for dessert. Oh, and it was gluten free!

Reluctantly it was time to leave… but then it’s Friday afternoon, we might as well start the weekend early… perhaps another glass of wine whilst being mesmerized by the waves.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Are you able to sneak away for a long lunch occasionally on a Friday?

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Surf Club Restaurant

Surf Club Rd

Park Beach Coffs Harbour

Ph: 02 6652 9870

Gourmet Getaways would like to thank the Surf Club Restaurant for the invitation to dine as guests.  As always the opinions expressed in this story are a true and accurate account of my experience and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. Just glorious, Julie! I’m not sure there is anything better on a clear sunny day than to be eating by the water! The food all looks fantastic, although I’d be fighting your hubby for that chowder! 🙂

  2. LOL! Celia, you would have buckleys of even getting a teaspoon taste of the chowder, I had to plead for my mouthful!!! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. What an awesome day today, I think a surf, another seafood chowder and a couple of beers might be on the cards today!!

  4. Everything looks fabulous and what a gorgeous day to be able to dine here. Seems like life is quite bliss 😛

  5. I wholeheartedly agree that you should start the weekend early as often as you are able! What a spectacular spot to diner…from the gorgeous view to the lovely dishes, it all looks awesome!

  6. Great photos!

  7. I am sitting here reading this and feeling quite envious. It is 6 degrees C and I have not even had breakfast. What a stunning place 🙂

  8. I love a good Friday lunch! Because of course that stretches out all afternoon or at least you’re relaxed for it and suddenly it’s almost like a 4.5 day working week! 😛

  9. You have the best life, Julie! Great food, travels and best of all, beautiful family. Love reading about what you get up to through your blog. And yes, I remember that you did mention that it does take a lot to grab your attention when it comes to desserts! I think you explained something about serving macarons on its own is not enough, you need to have a slice of cake or something else on the side to make it worth it hahaha… Love the way you think!

  10. What a fantastic place to eat! My hubs and I were looking at a similar place on the North Coast this weekend and your pictures make me think of it. 🙂 Gorgeous. 🙂

  11. The Surf Club Restaurant certainly knows the rule about customers eating with their eyes first. From main meals of seafood to chicken to the spectacular orange torte, everything is so artistically arranged. Interesting choice of menu items too. I’ve never heard of oyster tempura but would love to give it a try =)

  12. Sesame crusted swordfish and prawn skewers – i must have that.

  13. That’s funny that you both are good at sharing, but not if it’s good food, hahaha
    My sister-in-law LOVES Seafood Chowder.

    Your descriptions here, and the pictures are great!

  14. This really does look like a dream location. With Australia set against the coast and rivers and generally scenic views, it is a shame there aren’t more places like this to head to!

  15. Mmm, so delicious, what a heavenly place to eat 😀


  16. I do so love a good jaffa! Yum!

  17. Woah, bliss right there! Warm weather and a whole lotta seafood. Love panko crumbs. Seeing the chowder has got me missing the seafood chowder in san fran…amazing

  18. That food looks fantastic.. and what a gorgeous view to enjoy while you eat it. Great place to spend a meal… thanks for sharing!

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