Tamar Valley Wine Tasting Tasmania
Tamar Valley Wine Tasting Tasmania

Tamar Valley Wine Tasting Tasmania

Did you know the Tamar Valley wine region is the the oldest wine-producing region in Australia? With more that thirty cellar doors spread over 170 km, the Tamar Valley produces 40% of Tasmanian wines.

Tamar Valley Wineries

Tamar Valley Wineries

We have been enjoying these elegant, cool climate wines so much we are dedicating our final day in Tasmania to some serious Tamar Valley wine tasting.

The list I have produced below is my “5 Top Tamar Valley Wineries”.

Velo Wines

Velo Wines - Tamar Valley Vineyard

Velo Wines – Tamar Valley Vineyard

Velo Wines has a funky, modern cellar door, which accompanies it’s very busy restaurant. Restaurant tables have a gorgeous view which looks out over the vines. You could be mistaken for thinking Velo is a new vineyard.  Everything about the property is young and fresh.  Not so, in fact the vines were planted here in 1966 and the vineyard is a well established boutique producer.

Velo Vineyard Tasting

Velo Vineyard Tasting

We were guided through the tasting range by an extremely knowledgeable sommelier. He was enthusiast and ready to share his vast knowledge of the vineyard and the wines with us. We were told the Vélo fruit is handpicked, hand plunged and is gently basket pressed.  This is reflected in the character of the wines.

Velo Brew Bar - Tamar Valley Tasmania

Velo Brew Bar – Tamar Valley Tasmania

We thoroughly enjoyed all the wines from this producer. I would recommend spending some time, and enjoying a bite to eat while your here.

 Jansz Tasmania Wines

Jansz is another historic Tamar Valley wine producer.  The Vineyard is the only Tasmanian winery dedicated to producing sparkling wines only.

Jansz Tamar Valley Winery

Jansz Tamar Valley Winery

The wine room is located adjacent to the vineyard, and overlooks a picturesque lake.  Jansz offer visitors an opportunity to sample the sparkling wine range and find out why Tasmanian sparkling is among the best in the world.

Jansz Sparkling Wine

Jansz Sparkling Wine

Goaty Hill Wines

Goaty Hill Vineyard Tasmania

Goaty Hill Vineyard Tasmania

I have been particularly enjoying the Goaty Hill Wines so this vineyard had to be in my “Top 5 Tamar Valley Wineries. My love affair with Goaty Hill started on board Spirit of Tasmania when I sampled the Pinot Noir at Leatherwood Restaurant.

Goaty Hill Tamar Valley Vineyards

Goaty Hill Tamar Valley Vineyards

The Pinot Noir was light and fruity with spicy red fruit flavours. I was looking forward to trying the full range of wines on offer at Goaty Hill so hubby and I made ourselves comfortable at the long tasting table.

Goaty Hill Wine Tasting - Tamar Valley Wines

Goaty Hill Wine Tasting – Tamar Valley Wines

Chatting to Marcus as we sampled the wine I learned that Goaty Hill commenced in 1998 and was initially established to supply grapes to other vineyards. By 2006 the two families started bottling for their own label and Goaty Hill Wines were born. I found it interesting that Goaty Hill still supplies fruit for Jansz wines, another favourite of my Tamar Valley Wineries.

Goaty Hill Wines Tamar Valley Vineyards

Goaty Hill Wines Tamar Valley Vineyards

It was so peaceful on the deck overlooking the vines.

Platters of local produce were available, and it would have been so tempting to snack on cheese and antipasto whilst enjoying the stunning view.

Kreglinger or Pipers Brook Vineyard

Kreglinger or Pipers Brook Vineyard is home to three well known wine labels.

Pipers Brook Tamar Valley Vineyard

Pipers Brook Tamar Valley Vineyard

  1. Kreglinger – This range of sparkling wines consists of a Vintage Brut, Brut de Blancs and Vintage Brut Rosé. The sparkling wines are made from estate grown fruit and are a premium product.
  2. Pipers Brook- The label was established in 1974 and was a pioneer of Tasmanian wines. As with all their wines the label is produced using 100% estate grown fruit.  Site selection for the fruit has been meticulous as is the approach to viticulture and winemaking. Wines in this range are produced to be distinctive to the vineyard and region of origin.
  3. 9th Island- The range acquired it’s name from the neighbouring island just off the Tasmanian coast. The island is visible from the vineyard.  9th island is often cloaked in mist and is the epitome  of a cool climate landscape. The 9th Island wines are crafted to preserve the crisp, fragrant, fresh fruit flavours of the fruit, and are designed for early consumption.
9th Island Pinot Noir - Tasmania

9th Island Pinot Noir – Tasmania

Moores Hill

Moore Hill View - Tamar Valley Wines

Moores Hill View – Tamar Valley Wines

Moores Hill is a smaller Tamar Valley Winery.  The fruit is grown over 5 hectares and hand picked on a progressive basis.

Hubby and I settled in to sample some of the wines and found a great many of them to our liking. The joy for me in visiting cellar doors is discovering a label that I haven’t sampled before, and finding a new favorite.  There were many favorites to be found at this boutique vineyard.

Moore Hill Tamar Valley Vineyards

Moores Hill Tamar Valley Vineyards

As we left the Tamar Valley we noticed the car had developed a bit of a rattle.  It wasn’t anything too concerning, just the jiggle of a large quantity of wine bottles moving around in the back of the car.

Tamar Valley Vineyards - The Decanter

Tamar Valley Vineyards – The Decanter

The wines wasn’t alone. It was accompanied by all the makings of a gourmet picnic. We were returning home with a variety of cheeses, berry preserves, fragrant berry and lavender soaps, chocolates, salmon products, some lovely sour dough and so, so much more.  At this point I had to comment to Mr GG that I was relieved it could all stay in the car and be driven straight on to Spirit of Tasmania.

I am very thankfully there isn’t a weight limit on vehicles returning from Tasmania!! … lol, or people for that matter!  As much as the car boot is packed to overflowing with delicious Tasmanian produce, my tummy is also.

A gourmet adventure complete with food and wine tasting trails.

Tamar Valley Wine Tasting Trail

Velo Wines

755 West Tamar Highway
Legana TAS 7277
Ph: 03 6330 3677

Jansz Tasmanian Wines

1216B Pipers Brook Road

Pipers Brook, TAS 7254
Ph:  03 6382 7088

Goaty Hill Wines

 530 Auburn Road,
Kayena, Tasmania 7270 
Ph: 1300 819 997

Pipers Brook Vineyard

1216 Pipers Brook Road
Pipers Brook Tasmania 7254
Ph: 03 6382 7527

Moores Hill Wines

3343 West Tamar Highway
Sidmouth, Tasmania 7270
Ph: 03 63947649
Gourmet Getaways would like to thank Spirit of Tasmania for sponsoring this Tasmanian adventure.


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  1. Alesah Villalon :

    Looks like someone found herself a cellar soul mate! I like those tall, lean wine bottles shot you took at Goaty Hill. Loads of wines, cheeses, berries for take home – I’m envious! Lol 🙂

  2. Gosh Julie, sounds like you’ve been a busy little bee. Looks like a lovely tour – I would love to do this. I went wine touring when in New Zealand and it was my favourite part of the whole trip. Glad you brought some things back with you.

    Krissie x – http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

  3. I would have to stop at each one! They all sounds amazing 🙂

  4. ohh thanks for sharing this. I have been wanting to visit Tasmania for the longest time ever and especially to check out their seafood and wine!

  5. Dear Julie,

    Tamar valley was one of our favourite places when we visited Tassie, so many great wines and beautiful surroundings. I like Pipers Brook’s gewurztraminer, very floral with spicy notes and great with spicy Thai food.

  6. Tasmania sounds like a wonderful place, from what I can see the countryside is gorgeous. Lovely wineries!

  7. Wow you really made the most of your time in Tasmania didn’t you! 😀 The Tasmanian wine industry is really growing it seems 🙂

  8. Tasmania is such a gorgeous place to visit and the vineyards are a great attraction. Hope to visit in the near future. It’s always great to read all about the different places in Australia here as I have barely seen anything. I’ve been here for a little over a year only. Keep these posts coming Julie…I find them so informative!

  9. I’ve always wanted to travel on the Spirit of Tasmania. I’ve also always wanted to go to Tasmania – can’t believe I haven’t got there yet – what a disgrace! I’ve heard of a lot of these wines and one we keep buying is 9th Island. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and sounds like you came away with a lot of great produce xx

  10. My husband will love this wine tour ! And me as well! We love the good wine and my husband love to go to the “Château” and talk with them, it’s a world so interesting! The Australian wine is so good, we love it 😉

  11. It looks like you had such a wonderful visit. Wine tasting is one of my husband’s most favorite things to do, and I am 100% certain he would have loved a seat at that long tasting table too.

  12. What a beautiful tour, good wine, beautiful scenery and love the descriptions 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Lovely, lovely, I feel as if I’ve been lazing int he sun sipping alongside you. I do love Janz sparkling but don’t know the others. Will look out for them, especially the Velo, love the designs there.


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