Taste – Celebrity Cruises

Taste – Celebrity Cruises
Last week I went to check out what was the year’s topnotch food event in Sydney. It featured the best Sydney restaurants. You guessed it – Taste of Sydney in Moore Park! And the highlight…I attended a Master Class by Celebrity Cruises. Can a day be more fun-filled than this?
Celebrity Cruises - Logo

Celebrity Cruises – Logo

Mindy Woods from MasterChef hosted the Greek Master Class.  We were served fabulous canapes and beverages. There was Lamb backstrap with tzatziki and garbanzo beans with lemon yoghurt. My favourite was the Prawn Saganaki with Greek feta ouzo and olive oil. It was accompanied by Mythos beer made by Carlsberg and Riscal Proximo Rioja. It was just great. Beautiful fresh prawns with a creamy, subtle flavoured feta. And the Spanish red? It was superb…very smooth.
Celebrity Cruises - Prawn Saganaki

Celebrity Cruises – Prawn Saganaki

Okay, now sit back and close your eyes…Imagine you’re on the deck of a luxury award winning cruise liner. You’re cruising into the Greek Islands. Perhaps sipping on some bubbles. Then kicking back on your deck chair day dreaming. “What am I gonna eat next?” I can definitely imagine myself doing this. Isn’t this paradise at sea?
Celebrity Solstice - Aerial at Sea Miami Shoreline

Celebrity Solstice – Aerial at Sea Miami Shoreline

Celebrity Cruises is all about the food and wine. And of course, total relaxation.  Celebrity Cruises do food incredibly well. They take the culinary experience to a whole new level. Wherever they are sailing the chefs source local produce and wine. Rationality and seasonality is crucial with food and wine on a cruise. Celebrity Cruises’ culinarians are from Michelin star restaurants, five diamond hotels, five star resorts and boutique hotels. They offer a range of dining experiences. Contemporary and casual to speciality dining – name it. From French Continental to Mediterranean inspired, bistro to cafe style, or exotic Asian to cutting edge contemporary. 
Celebrity Cruises - dining

Celebrity Cruises – dining

Celebrity’s philosophy?  Simple enough: It’s all about the guest experience. “Every dish should be memorable; therefore, the art of food should be experienced by all five senses,” says Master Chef Jacques Van Staden.
Celebrity Cruises-Tuscan-Grille-Trancio-di-Salmone

Celebrity Cruises-Tuscan-Grille-Trancio-di-Salmone

Deliciously distinctive dining – a foodie’s haven indeed. Celebrity Cruises has up to 12 mouthwatering places to eat on board. And guess what? Many of which is already included in the price of your cruise.  Savour the world’s hottest culinary trends, paired to one of the largest selections of wine afloat.  Thousands of wines to choose from.  
Celebrity Cruises - Wines at Taste of Sydney

Celebrity Cruises – Wines at Taste of Sydney

If you have hard time choosing what wine to drink there are certified wine sommeliers to give expert advice. Try something different every day. Prepare to satisfy your appetite for a gastronomic adventure. Sushi lollipops, popcorn fish and chips are a true delight.
Celebrity Cruises - Martini Bar

Celebrity Cruises – Martini Bar

Celebrity Cruises - Murano

Celebrity Cruises – Murano

Experience modern luxury with Celebrity Cruises. It’s all about the true culinary experience.  The service and quality of food is given utmost importance. The hardest decision to make is what to eat and what to drink.

Celebrity Cruises - Blu Boursin Cheese

Celebrity Cruises – Blu Boursin Cheese

Celebrity Cruises - Quattro apples with Apple Walnut cake, creme brulee, oven roasted apples

Celebrity Cruises – Quattro apples with Apple Walnut cake, creme brulee, oven roasted apples

Celebrity Solstice is Australia’s highest rated cruise ship. The good news is it will return for a fourth season in summer 2015/16! We’re talking 16 sailings to 31 destinations, in 9 countries.  Sailing locally between September 2015 and April 2016, Celebrity Solstice will offer a range of eight to 18 night itineraries. It departs from Auckland, Sydney and Perth.
Celebrity Cruises - Solstice

Celebrity Cruises – Solstice

A unique cruise also coming up is Special Anzac Centenary sailing. This is a 12-night turkey and Greece Cruise on Celebrity constellation, departing 22 April 2015.  The round trip sailing from Rome lets guests sail close to Anzac Cove on Anzac Day and calls at Canakkale (Kepez,) and Istanbul, Turkey. Off to Athens and Santorini in Greece and Naples, Italy.  Fares start from $2099 per person.
 I think I have to put this on my bucket list.  It sounds so tempting.  If you’re a foodie like me, then this is THE CRUISE for you.

Celebrity Cruises

Ph: 1800 754 500
Gourmet Getaways would like to thank Celebrity Cruises for their hospitality.  This review has been written in accordance with our disclosure policy.  The opinions stated in the article are a true and honest reflection of my experience.


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  1. I have never been on a cruise yet, my in laws absolute love them and seem to do anything they can to get away on their next one.

  2. I went cruising over Christmas / New Years, it really wasnt up to the normal standard I had become accustomed too. Might have to have a look at Celebrity, everything looks a lot more modern and funky. And the food…. Holy wow. Looks amaze.

    • I absolutely agree with you Anna, there is such a difference in the quality amongst the cruise lines and ships themselves. Each cruise is pitched at a different market.

  3. Right, I have to put a Celebrity cruise onto my bucket list now.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. The masterclass looks fabulous, especially the prawn dish

  5. Wow, this cruise look incredible! I would love to go on something like this!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. This looks like my kind of cruise, every where we travel food is always the top of our list.

  7. I am so jealous… I wish I was there traveling with all the comfortable and eating all these amazing dishes. Definitely, a experience for the five senses!

  8. Cruising is fun! Best thing is you unpack one. 😉 We’ve cruised a bunch, although never with Celebrity. Supposed to be quite a nice line. Really good profile of them — thanks.

  9. Wow! This is quite an experience! I did close my eyes and imagine and was sad to come back to reality. That apple dessert plate will be on my dreams tonight:-)

  10. That’s an impressive dining room. I do love cruising. The food looks really good. I haven’t been on the Celebrity ship. It’s enormous! xx

  11. What a lovely experience Karen ! Love the spanish red wine and the apple dessert’s !

  12. The food and the cruise looks so gorgeous – my parents would love it :3

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