Thai Chicken Curry

Week 42


Well the topic name didn’t really inspire me this week. I keep picturing a whole bird, and whilst for presentation probably would have looked nicer than what I chose to make, I am just as happy to get my whole birds off the rotisserie at Woolworths.

What I have wanted to try again is a Phukthong Gang Dang which is my favourite Thai Curry. It is Chicken & Pumpkin in a Red Curry with Coconut Cream. I have repeatedly tried to make the dish but never had absolute success.  Since being taught how to make a Rendang Curry by chef, Lisa Ryan at “Cooking with Company” I am ready to try the dish again.

I am using a slow cooker because I am lazy, and I wanted to make a huge quantity with minimal work. I also like the idea of giving the curry enough time for the flavours to develop.


2 T/s oil

1kg chicken thigh fillets

1 kg pumpkin

8 eschallots (finely diced)

1 red capsicum (sliced in strips)

6 x 1cm pieces galangal (peeled)

5 kaffir lime leaves (slightly torn)

1 stalk lemon grass

1/2 bunch chopped coriander


8 cloves garlic

6 lrg mild red chili (de seeded)

8cm pce ginger peeled

8cm pce turmeric peeled

1 t/s salt

Thai Curry


In a mortar and pestle pound the paste ingredients until smooth.

Cut each chicken fillet in two and dice the pumpkin into 1 inch squares.

Thai Curry paste

In a large pan, fry the paste in oil until cooked.  Add the chicken and cook briefly ensuring it is covered in the spice paste.

Thai Chicken Curry-2

Add 1 can of coconut milk to the chicken curry and stir to remove all the paste from the bottom of the pan.

Give the lemon grass a quick bruising in the mortar and chop into four pieces.

Thai Curry paste-2

Add the pumpkin, eschallots, capsicum, galangal lemon grass and lime leaves to the slow cooker.

Pour the chicken and curry paste mix into the slow cooker and add the second can of coconut milk.

Cook the dish in the slow cooker on low for four hours, or until the pumpkin is soft. The dish will serve approximately 10 people with rice.

Thai Chicken Curry-3

What was the verdict on the dish… I am in love! I could happily eat this curry every day of the week.  Thank you so much Lisa and Lyn from “Cooking With Company” for you wonderful class which included a Wagyu Rendang Curry it was a wonderful cooking lesson.  I have really got the hang of this style of cooking thanks to the techniques you have given me.