Cadbury competition

My favourite job of all is to giveaway delicious product!  Today I get to announce the ten lucky winners of the Cadbury Mousse Chocolate Giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who participate in the competition and thank you to Cadbury’s for this tasty giveaway.

The first winner has to be Amanda Elizabeth who commented that her Cadburys is perfectly safe in her daughters bed because she won’t sleep by herself and sleeps with her.  I think she may need some extra energy to get through the day. ALL my children slept in my bed as kids! She also emailed me a picture of her real life bunny guarding her stash of Cadbury Easter Eggs!

Cadbury Bunny

The second winner is Lauren Hertige-Brown because her answer made me laugh so hard. I can just imagine me doing the same if I was busted raiding my stash of chocolate. Lauren is also a regular commenter on Facebook and I always like rewarding readers who let me know what is on their mind.

Which leads me on to 3rd through to 5th place,  all of these readers participated in the giveaway and also comment regularly on the blog.  Thanks for playing along with me, it is always great to hear your thoughts. It is nice to know I am not rambling to myself 🙂

chocolate mousse caramel mousse hazelnut mousse
Jacqui Carrett CHOCOLATE, went down a treat tonight with my baileys, I keep my little stash in the fridge, no else eats it…….. how simple was that answer

I am jealous that she doesn’t need to hide her chocolate and she is able to eat it in plain view of the family.  Here is another block just for you!

Rachel Mounter June 4, 2011

I hide mine in my mouth. 😛 or I eat it on the way home from the supermarket, before anyone else gets a look in.

Craig June 6, 2011

I do the cooking at home so where else to put my choccy but in the pots and pans draw! Not very imaginative, but safer than Fort Knox…

The final 5 winners were chosen because I loved their hiding spot and I may use a similar spot in the future;

Suzanne June 3, 2011

My family are chocolate stalkers
If they found they’d eat the whole block…….
My chocolate stash is well hidden
Inside my old chiming clock!

AmandaJune 3, 2011

I stash mine in my container of healthy home-made natural muesli…that’s waaaaayy too healthy for my fiance to venture in there!

Rhubarb WhineJune 3, 2011

If I am lucky enough to get the block hidden before anyone knows I have one, it goes in the wok – no one ever looks in the wok and I am the only one who uses it for cooking. But if someone sees the chocolate come into the house, I ‘hide’ it behind the cookie jar. Of course, everyone KNOWS that’s where I hide it, behind that cookie jar, so when they look for my stash and there’s none behind the cookie jar it means I don’t have any, right? Right? RIGHT?

I love my wok 🙂

Alison Lee I have a box that i keep my bills in and at the bottom……… is my Cadbury stash! 🙂 Hubby definitely won’t look there.. He likes to pretend that bills don’t exist and the kids are the same as him! 🙂 It’s my hidey place that I know will NEVER be disturbed!
Carlie O’Keefe  I used to hide my chcolate behind food in the fridge (a very obvious spot to the hungry little eyes hunting for snacks after school) that spot was not long-lived. I then had a stash in my undies/socks draw until my daughter found it while trying to get herself some ‘long socks’ for bedtime! I now put all yummies/chocolate the inside pocket in my handbag…this way the choc goes where I go. No kids venture into my bag as it appears boring…to the un-trained eye 😉 I put my bag in my bedroom cupboard when I get home and bring it out again at movie time adtre the munchkins are sleeping 🙂
Wow!! You must have little chocoholics in your family Carlie. After and answer like that you deserve a block of chocolate!
cadbury banner
If you are one of the winners please email me your address so that I can mail your block of chocolate.

Thanks for playing and keep up the feedback!