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The Corner Restaurant

11 Clarence Street

Port Macquarie

Despite having already eaten 12 dishes from 12 different restaurants today, courtesy of the chefs competing in the “Mid North Coast Signature Dish Competition” by the time of our dinner reservation I was actually feeling quite hungry.

Lorraine Not Quite Nigella-2

Lorraine from NQN and I were dining at the Corner Restaurant in Port Macquarie, the head chef Todd Richardson had also just competed in the Signature Dish Competition , but was already back in the kitchen, and cooking for hungry patrons.  Thankfully I had time for a bit of a snooze after my huge lunch, and I was now fully rested and ready for dinner.

Sourdough The Corner

At the suggestion on the waiter we order the house made sourdough with salted Myrtleford butter, confit garlic and caramelised onion to start. I love caramelised onion on crusty bread so I was perhaps a little overzealous in my gathering up of this condiment, but in my defense, it was delicious and I did leave Lorraine a taste.

Grilled Reef fish

I ordered the grilled local reef fish with carrot risotto and anchovy sorel butter.  I love barely cooked, grilled reef fish and the thought of the anchovy butter was giving me heart palpitations.  The dish did not disappoint, the fish was deliciously moist and salty.  The carrot risotto had a lovely bite to it and I was very happy with my choice.

Orange Dusted Prawn

Lorraine decided on the orange dusted prawns and twice cooked ricotta soufflé with fresh peas and a sherry vinegar glaze. I had a mouthful of her prawns and happily declared my dish the winner.

Barramundi, The Corner

We had ordered  two mains, the first being barramundi with herb crusted smoked goats cheese, swiss chard and vincotto and the second dish a twice cooked veal served medium rare with chestnut puree, kale mashed potato tomato and olive salsa. We shared each of the dishes, with my favourite being the veal. The meat was deliciously juicy and a lovely and pink colour, and I was in the mood for a delicious mash.

Twice cooked Veal, the corner port

Despite my now groaning stomach, I really wanted to try the five layer chocolate cake with double cream.  I have realised I am a real cake lover and five indulgent layers sounded too good to be true.  The waiter did name all the different layers, but alas it was lost to me in my chocolate frenzy.  Suffice to say it is worth stopping in and trying for yourself!

five layer chocolate cake, The corner

Lorraine chose a Mascato poached pear with leatherwood honey ice-cream and thyme biscotti. Whist this was a far more sophisticated looking dish I was not tempted. I had eyes for my chocolate love only.

Moscato Poached Pear

Lorraine & I dined as guest of Destination NSW and Mid North Coast Tourism.  For bookings contact The Corner Restaurant on 02 6583 3300 or website.


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