Pantry full view

In the blogging world there is a great sense of community.  Everyone is very giving, we share stories, recipes, cooking tips and great food finds with each other and the online world.  We comment on each others sites, and the beautiful images which are produced, and most of all we support individual’s achievements, and provide a big pat on the back when a fellow blogger excels.

By and large however we work as individuals, researching and writing stories, looking for new business which is interesting and worthy of promotion, testing recipes, working with advertisers and watching our website statistics etc.

Feedback from readers and climbing hit rates is how I know as a blogger, that readers like the direction of the site, my stories and my recipes.  It is all a little “hit and miss”. (Although I do know that my readers like chocolate, the Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes featured at the start of the week were a huge hit and more than doubled my usual daily hit rate.)

Spice Wall of pantry

Lydia from “The Perfect Pantry” has just recently, formally adopted my website. What does this mean?  It means that she has made a commitment to go that step further.  She will be actively assisting me with the more technical side of owning a website. Day to day aspects such as the cohesiveness of the site, advertising, hit rates etc. Lydia will visit my blog and offer her wisdom and thoughts on what can be improved.  She will help direct traffic from her site via links and mentions, so her readers become aware of my site also.

I will have someone to bounce ideas off and to question. What do I need to do?  Take on her advice, and try an implement as many of her suggestions as possible.  Let the world know what a great mentor I have in Lydia, and how wonderful the “Adopt-A-Blog” program is.

Baked Goods in Pantry

So in honour of my adoption I thought I would have a little peek inside my pantry and share it with readers.

I had the opportunity to design my own kitchen and pantry when we built this house ten years ago.  I spent a long time in the planning stage evaluating the space I would need and the functionality of each room.

The things I like the most about my pantry is obviously the size and the shelving. There is room for everything, and everything has its place.  When the pantry is tidy you can see exactly what you have, obviously I did a tidy up for the pictures.

Back wsall pantry

I love that the appliances are stored with power on the back shelf, and are used in situ.  There is no pulling out or putting away of the machines. I chose the automatic “gadgets” to leave in the pantry, the ones you don’t need to watch, ie rice cooker, bread maker and slow cooker.  They are “set and forget” appliances and aren’t needed in the kitchen, so it reduce mess and clutter in there.

My only gripe is that I could have used a few more power points, but that is very minor. All in all it is one of the best features of the house in terms of functionality. What would you most like to change about your pantry?