The Porcelain Hotel – Chinatown, Singapore
The Porcelain Hotel – Chinatown, Singapore

The Porcelain Hotel – Chinatown, Singapore

The children have enjoyed a three day stay at Sentosa Island Resort were they made the most of the passes into some of the attractions Sentosa has to offer.

Chinatown Singapore

Downtown Chinatown Singapore

For the next part of our trip I have chosen some budget accommodation in Singapore’s’ Chinatown.  Whenever we holiday I like to mix things up a little.  I am not happy to always go the five star route, as I feel this can result in a sanitised generic holiday experience. So whilst I love my room service and buffet breakfast we have also stayed in an Ashram in Bali, a backpackers in Paris, and a boat on the Thames in London.

Bougainvillea line the streets.

Gorgeous Bougainvillea line the streets.

Tonight we are booked into The Porcelain Hotel right in the heart of Chinatown. I had been looking for a backpackers but with five family members to accommodate things got a little tricky. At a cost of only $220 for the two rooms, the hotel was only $60 more than accommodating the family in a mixed hostel dormitory.

We said goodbye to Sentosa Island resort and took a cab into Chinatown.  I love how cheap the cabs are here. It is a reasonable journey and the cost was only $17. A similar journey in Sydney would have easily been $50+.

Porcelain Signage

Porcelain Signage, Chinatown Singapore

There is always a nervous moment or two for me when we arrived at accommodation I have booked online. That fear that it will be dodgy or dirty or both! I need not have worried.  The hotel was located in a beautifully restored building located in a quiet one way street right, next to the MRT for easy transport.

Porcelain Hotel Bed

The window was an illusion, just a light behind the curtain.

Budget but beautiful, is how I would describe the hotel.  Everything was brand new crisp, clean and white.  While it was minimalist and stylish there were gorgeous designer touches such as the beautiful porcelain basin in the bathroom and the stylish mirror.

Porcelain Hotel Bathroom

Porcelain Hotel Bathroom

I immediately liked the style of this hotel so much more than our previous.

The room itself was tiny but perfect. The width was just enough for a double bed with space at the foot of the bed for shoes.  The bathroom was a three in one deal with a hand held shower that you could literally use sitting on the toilet! …Not that I tried this!

Porcelain Hotel Miniature fridge

Porcelain Hotel Miniature fridge

We had a cute little miniature fridge. There was everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. Perfect

Oh and we finally had free internet! Yeh!

Jacobs Creek @ The Porcelain Hotel Singapore

Jacobs Creek @ The Porcelain Hotel Singapore

Mr GG and I shared the remainder of our Jabobs Creek Merlot and toasted to the next pat of our holiday.

Exploring Chinatown Singapore

Exploring Chinatown Singapore

As much as I felt the need to catch up on my internet usage, say hi to readers and update FB,  it was time to explore Chinatown and find some food for the kids!

Chinatown BBQ Pork

Chinatown BBQ Pork

The first shop that took Mr GG’s fancy was a BBQ Pork shop.  Every cut of pork was available smothered in a sweet paste and grilled to give a delicious smoky flavour. After consuming a large quantity of samples hubby decided on a mix of the sweet and the chilli meats. He purchased enough to give the average person a coronary condition.

Children posing in front of some Chinese Gardens

Children posing in front of some Chinese Gardens

Man cannot live on grilled meats alone so after getting the children to pose one last time we decided to find somewhere for dinner.

Next up, Chinese Night Market Singapore.

The Porcelain Hotel

48 Mosque Street


Tel (65) 6645 3131

Porcelain Hotel Sign

Porcelain Hotel Sign



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  1. It really sounds like you’re having a fantastic holiday. Enjoy it to the fullest Julie!

  2. I was so sorry to miss you! Unbelievable that you were away the exact time we came to visit. Thanks so much for all your helpful advice. We are home now (sadly!) How quickly a week goes by. We had the best weather – just beautiful. Sounds like you’re having a terrific trip too. The China Town experience sounds interesting. I agree with you – kids shouldn’t only be exposed to a 5-star experience.

  3. Sorry everyone, I had a technical problem with the Chinatown Night Market story. I have shared our Chinatown Porcelain Hotel experience first while I sort out the other article. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  4. That bathroom does look lovely! I’m glad you’re continuing to enjoy your holiday – I’ve never been to Singapore other than the airport, so I’m enjoying your posts.

  5. Nothing wrong with taking the boats on the Thames. Would love to do that more than a 5 star hotel and room service. lol. Gorgeous hotel in the last pictures. Love decor that consists of layering with white.

  6. What a great group of pictures and accompanying write-up. I so get that small touch of anxiety when I book a hotel online too. So glad yours turned out great, it looks spotless!

  7. That hotel looks perfectly lovely- clean and light! You really only need a bed and a bathroom so this is great. It is a bit scary booking online, I’ve had bad experiences in Sydney so it would be even more unsettling in Singapore. Glad it all worked out for you all 🙂

  8. Hats off to you, Julie. Love how you embrace adventure. If my budget would allow for a five night stay at a five star hotel, I’d never leave!

    Chinatown does seem a must in Singapore.

    P.s. I always say it but you do have the cutest munchkins =)

  9. Hi GG, that hotel looks very inviting – so cool and white. If you had a “trick” window of a light behind a curtain, does that mean you had no window at all? That’s a bit of a bummer, but I’m sure it was a comfortable place to lay your weary heads!

    That bbq pork looks incredible… I want that so much right now! Wishing you and your family a good vacation – are you back yet, or when will you return?

    • Hi Charles
      There was no window at all in the room, it was a solid box! It never felt restrictive though because of the “faux” window. Yes we are home now 🙁

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