Cookie Monster Cupcakes, the sweetest things

The Sweetest Thing…

…is watching a child’s eyes widen and light up when they walk into “The Sweetest Things” cake shop. There were too many delicious choices, and I had instantly excited children.

Sheep cupcake

We had been going for a stroll around the Terrigal shops when we happened upon this apparition of sugar. It was immediately obvious that a quick look in the window was not going to satisfy either the children or myself. Hubby had given instructions that the children were allowed one item only… I kinda guessed the same went for me.


There were so many different cute items to choose from.  The little ones were toing and froing between choices. There was giggling and jumping with excitement.

Little A  finally chose a pink cupcake because that is her favourite colour. The flavour combination of her cupcake was Turkish delight and musk, it was absolutely delicious and finished in no time.

The Sweetest Things The sweetest things-2

Mr L couldn’t go past the cookie monster with his chocolate chip mouth and his beady fondant eyes. Cookie Monster had first caught my attention from outside the shop so we had to buy him.

Pirate cookie Teapot cookie

There was momentary silence while the children devoured their treats.  I used the time wisely and photographed more of the cute baked goods.  I loved the little iced sugar cookies packaged and ready for gift giving. There were teapots of all colours, happy pirates, sad pirates and angry pirates, and the cutest cookie of all, a little buzzing bee in a gorgeous old fashioned cake tin.

Bee Cookies

Being the Christmas holidays the shop was still full of festive cakes such a rum balls and white chocolate snowmen.

Gingerbread house Gingerbread houses

There were gingerbread houses of varying sizes gorgeously decorated with lollies.

Christmas shortbread

I loved the bright red mistletoe on the Christmas cupcakes and the iced shortbread Christmas Trees.

Christmas Cupcakes

The chocolate cupcakes also got my attention, they were so nicely decorated.  I couldn’t imagine trying to eat one by myself but it would be such a gorgeous little gift.

Giant Cupcake

The Sweetest Things also makes wedding and special event cakes to order.

Wedding cakes

The shop is located at Shop 4, Crowne Plaza, Terrigal, Phone 02 4385 2253.

Cupcake Cupcake-2