Things To Do in Cebu

Things To Do in Cebu

Things To Do in Cebu

Hello and kumusta (how are you), dear GG readers?! It’s summer time in the Philippines – the best time to hit the countless beaches surrounding the country. Being a province bordered by 167 islands and islets (source: Wikipedia), there are so many things to do in Cebu. If you followed my stories in our glorious trip last month, you’ve seen some of the must-stay-in and must-eat-at spots.

Somewhere in time

Cebu plays a major venue for history.

It is dubbed as the capital of the Catholic faith. According to Wikipedia, Philippine historical documents state that the statue of the Santo Niño (Holy Child) was given to the wife of the Rajah of Cebu by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Things To Do in Cebu - Basilica Sto Nino Cebu

Things To Do in Cebu – Basilica Sto Nino Cebu

The Magellan’s Cross is an important symbol of the Spanish and Portugese conquest of Cebu. It was planted by the explorers on their arrival in the province on March 15, 1521. Repair works were in progress when we visited, so I was not able to take a memento shot for you. Anyway, here’s a shot of the statues mounted outside the basilica and the basilica interior.

Things To Do In Cebu - Statue Basilica

Things To Do In Cebu – Statue Basilica

Things To Do in Cebu - Inside the Basilica

Things To Do in Cebu – Inside the Basilica

Vacay all the way

Plantation Bay Boardwalk

Plantation Bay Boardwalk

From backpacker’s inns to luxury 5-star hotels and resorts, Cebu is a host to an eclectic style of accommodation. Though regular readers would recall that my stay at Plantation Bay was a true vacay all the way…I was swept away (no, I’m not challenging Eminem with the rhyming, LOL)!

Things To Do in Cebu - Alien Abduction Bar

Things To Do in Cebu – Alien Abduction Bar

There are so many options available. I have provided the Tourism office number below that you can contact for your trip planning. You can also view all my other restaurant reviews at Plantation Bay that came with the numerous exciting activities that the resort offers.

Best pig ever

It is no longer a secret that the best lechon is in Cebu. I don’t think any other place could make superlative claims. As Anthony Bourdain declared, Cebu lechon is the “best pig ever!” Here’s TIME Magazine’s publication for your reading pleasure :).

This was Plantation Bay’s modern take of the Cebu lechon – monikered “Black Lechon”.

Filipino Fiesta - Black Lechon Chopped

Filipino Fiesta – Black Lechon Chopped

Filipino Fiesta - Black Lechon Pit 2

Filipino Fiesta – Black Lechon Pit 2

We had visited other lechon outlets in Cebu City. The nuances in taste are not that varying. There are outlets even at the airport that sell nicely packed lechon for takeaway. There are also lechon stands and restaurants in Metro Manila. But businesses and individuals often times order the pig from Cebu in advance for a party or special occasion. That’s how delicious and popular lechon from Cebu is.

Dine in style

From streetfood to various cuisines, casual to fine dining – Cebu has it. I would suggest trying streetfood dining at Larsian at least once. Skewers from nose to tail (or less) are ready for grilling. First you choose the kiosk that will serve you. Then you choose all the food that you want cooked. Then sit down for a chit-chat as you wait for the freshly cooked food served at your table.

Things To Do in Cebu - Larsian Barbecue

Things To Do in Cebu – Larsian Barbecue

Puso or hanging rice

Puso or hanging rice

Here in Cebu, don’t be surprised at the sight of giant prawns as it is pretty common. I love seafood especially prawns, and while in Cebu these mammoths are omnipresent :).

Giant prawn at Larsian Streetfood

Giant prawn at Larsian Streetfood

Fiji Restaurant - Prawns Tempura

Fiji Restaurant – Prawns Tempura

My reviews of a casual restaurant serving fastfood, a bar of Italian pastas and Spanish tapas, or a fusion of Asian cuisine could be your accurate compass for the crave. So please click on each one of them in case you need a guide.

Bring home Cebu

Apart from lechon, local delectable pastries and tasty dried seafood are amongst Cebu’s pride. Your tour won’t be complete without heading to Taboan Public Market where you could get the most bang for your buck. Take it from the stingy me ;).

Things To Buy in Cebu - Dried Seafood

Things To Buy in Cebu – Dried Seafood

I grew up with these sweet, lovely pastries brought home by relatives and friends who traveled from Cebu. Now, I’ve learned to hoard!

Things To Buy in Cebu - Pastries

Things To Buy in Cebu – Pastries

I can’t go home without a cute shirt and ukulele for my nephew and something for my chief, Julie, which I will keep from her till I get to Australia next month :).

Things To Buy in Cebu -Shirt and Ukulele

Things To Buy in Cebu -Shirt and Ukulele

There are fixed and bespoke tours that travellers of all ages can find in the province. But if you try the above list you are guaranteed to have a piece of Cebu gem with you.

So dear readers, do I hear you say..See you, Cebu!?


Cebu City Tourism Commission
2nd Floor, Rizal Memorial Library & Museum Bldg., Osmeña Boulevard
Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines
P: (+63 32) 412-4355

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