Tigerair – Affordable Air Travel

Tigerair – Affordable Air Travel

Tigerair, affordable travel for all!

The arrival of Tigerair to Australia in 2007 has certainly changed the air travel landscape. Gone are the days of ridiculously overpriced routes. The “new” airlines were finally here to keep the competition honest!

Do you remember the days when we had just a single airline servicing a route? I certainly do! The Coffs Harbour to Sydney route used to cost $450! Now that same trip costs on average $79.

I recently shared a Tigerair promotion with readers which offered discounted Tigerair flights throughout the country for an all time low of just $10!

Needless to say, I was all over that sale!

Consumers and tourism are the winners when both domestic and international air prices fall.


Tigerair – Image Courtesy of Photographer James Morgan

So what do you get for your TigerAir dollar? I recently flew from Sydney to Cairns with Tiger Air and I am sharing my experience with readers in this review.

From my experience low cost equal paying for what you need, and not what you don’t.

Tigerair has three routes to Cairns and the standard best oneway fares are listed below;

  1. Brisbane – Cairns – $79
  2. Melbourne – Cairns – $109
  3. Sydney – Cairns – $109
Sydney to Cairns

Sydney to Cairns

So the regular fare of $109 is a real bargain, but the fare gets even better with Tigerair discounts and promotions! By signing up to the Tigerair newsletter you will find this route and many others much cheaper!

So we have established that Tiger provides an airline seat for the best possible prices, but is it all no frills?

Absolutely not! Tigerair allows customers to “pimp their ride” by selecting additional optional extras.

We travel light, and the Tigerair carry on luggage allowance is generous so we didn’t need to purchase any additional luggage, even with my laptop, camera equipment and clothing.

Our Sydney to Cairns flight was booked for the early morning so I pre-ordered my inflight breakfast from the online options. Meals can be purchased on the plane but by pre-ordering I jumped the queue and received my meal as soon as we took off. Now that’s service!

Tiger Bites Menu

Tiger Bites Menu

I’m sure your wondering what the food is like on Tigerair.  The inflight menu goes under the name of Tiger Bites and all the options are very reasonably priced.

Jumbo All Day Turkish Bread

Jumbo All Day Turkish Bread

I selected the Jumbo All  Day Turkish Bread for husband which was JUMBO! It was served piping hot and had a crisp, crunchy exterior with soft, fresh bread inside. I’m sure the aroma of the bacon and smashed  fried egg caused an ordering frenzy on the plane. I have taken a shot of the inside because there was so much delicious filling. Melted over the bread was gooey, stringy cheese and a homestyle tomato relish. A deli style roll without any flavour compromise.

Gluten Free Toastie

Gluten Free Toastie

Tigerair aims to cater for as many dietary needs as possible. There are vegetarian options, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free Egg Free and Nut Free menu choices. Although I don’t have a gluten intolerance I decided to try the Gluten Free option. The GF Cheese Toastie was made using a dense bread which had a home baked, homemade taste. Although the toastie wasn’t called JUMBO it certainly was large. The crispy  toasted bread had a lovely buttery flavour and had been smothered in a fresh zesty pesto. Melted mozzarella and sundried tomatoes completed the delicious flavour profile.

The meals were not what I expected. The two choices above were only $9, and they were substantial in size. No ridiculous prices, and no miniature food serving sizes.

Tiger Bites Anzac Cookies LR

Tiger Bites Anzac Cookies

Another customer convenience is the web check in. Customers can check themselves in online up to 72 hours before the flight and make their own seat selection.

Not everything is about cost, so lets look at the fleet.  Tigerair has a young fleet of planes, most of which are under 5 years old. The airline operates 400 domestic flights per week which equates to more than 72,000 happy passengers.

Boarding the Tigerair Flight

Boarding the Tigerair Flight

I would like to return to my Coffs to Sydney ticket price story for a moment. As I said, ticket prices fell when the competition joined the route, however the second airline pulled out, and the route became hideously expensive again. Thankfully about a year later Tiger Air came to the rescue, and was joined by another low cost airline. Realistic pricing was restored to the route.

Every time I book a flight I say a big thank you to competition and market forces. I also make sure I support the airlines that provide competition. After all it is only the competition from airlines like TigerAir that keeps airlines honest.

One great tip I can give travellers about getting the best flight prices is to subscribe to the Tigerair newsletter!

Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport

Tigerair is currently running the following Cairns promotional fares.

Departing Cairns Price (inc tax) Travel Period
Brisbane*Sale from $69 28 Apr 15 – 24 Jun 15
Melbourne*Sale from $89 28 Apr 15 – 24 Jun 15
Sydney*Sale from $89 28 Apr 15 – 24 Jun 15

Check out more great bargains on the “deals” page on the  Tigerair site.

Tiger Air Feature Logo

Tiger Air Logo

Hubby and I are enjoying Tropical Far North Queensland and will be bringing readers a new feature series on the area thanks to our  FNQ Sponsors and Tigerair.  As always the opinions contained in this review are written without bias and in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. Oh wow, the inflight meals actually look good!

  2. Super agree! Now everyone is given the chance to fly with really cool rates. Yay for competition! Thanks to Tigerair!

  3. We need Tigerair in the states!!!

  4. We have two new budget airlines here which are flying unusual routes which will hopefully work out for them. Great review Julie 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great way to travel. Quite a few good food options too!

  6. I haven’t flown Tiger Air at all yet but must look out for it. We booked late to go to Cairns, the kids and I and the flights from Sydney on Qantas were about $500 return… ouch, ouch ouch!!!

  7. We need the same company in France ! Here is so expensive 🙂

  8. My husband and I always wanted to visit Australia. His has a niece living there. It is good to know that we can get domestic flights there for very affordable prices and still can pre-order a great meal.

  9. We need an airline outfit like that here in the states. Sounds wonderful, even the food!

  10. I am going to that side of the world come New Years!! I will keep TigerAir on my radar! 🙂

  11. I am impressed about the gluten free toastie! Virgin and Jet Star have scant gluten free options at all. Just a biscuit from memory! Qantas are much better but obviously you need to request in advance (and pay more)

  12. I remember when the only airlines (besides Qantas) were TAA and Ansett, both now defunct. Then Compass Airlines came along and they also ‘platzed.’ Yes, those prices do look attractive; as long as the airlines is safe, I might give them a go!

  13. I’m surprised by how comfortable a flight this seems like, and the inflight food looks delicious! 😀
    Especially the turkish bread which is quite gourmet!

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. Before budget travel, people in regional areas did get gouged with the cost of flights. I have never flown Tiger Air and so it’s good to know this is a great option xx

  15. Looks like a nice ariline to travel, usually travel inside USA means not that great option of food.

  16. This is a really good and comprehensive post, Julie. THanks for sharing. And yes, I am definitely one for being thankful we have Tiger here in Australia. Interstate flights can be so ridiculously expensive for some reason, so it’s great that we have a cheaper alternative. I do recognise and notice the efforts they are taking to improve themselves. Even the Tiger terminal at Melbourne airport is getting a new refurb!

  17. I’ve not heard of Tiger Air, but it sounds like a good value. And the food looks much better than a lot of the stuff that’s sold on US airlines! Good review — thanks.

  18. So bummed we do not have Tiger in the Berra any more. But they were great when we had them. 🙂

  19. I’ve never travelled Tiger before but I trust your judgement. I think I need to consider it.

  20. I’ve been studying and started a new job and had no time to read your blog! I’m so glad I’ve finally got some timeback! Love this story and I enjoyed flying Tiger, they are a great airline for the price conscious !


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