Top 5 Australian Vineyards by Private Jet

Top 5 Australian Vineyards by Private Jet

A guide to Australia’s top 5 wine regions to travel to by private jet

Throughout the year, Australia produces over one billion litres of wine. With that said, the month of May welcomes the return of the wonderful annual celebration of Aussie Wine Month, hosted Down Under. The four week long festivity celebrates the quality discoveries and diversity of fine local wines across Australia.

Famously renowned for its hearty reds, tasty whites and variety of rich flavours, the Australian wine scene has, in more recent years, become one of the country’s most tempting attractions. So, as well as the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef, make time for the home-grown grapes that are stealing the show and enticing visitors to join in with the celebrations.

As a result of the country’s upsurge to international wine superstardom, an abundance of luxury properties throughout Australia have begun populating the vineyards and wine regions. With this range of grand locations in which to stay, wine devotees can swirl, sip and savour in the utmost comfort. To start their trip, wine-loving enthusiasts are choosing to reach these unforgettable experiences through the appeal of travelling by private jet. The best way to go about finding a professional charter service that will only enhance your experience is by finding a reputable company, such as Chapman Freeborn where you will be assured a quality, A-list service that will get you there in style.

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When visiting the abundant wine regions, one of the highlights is the offering of an unforgettable variety of the finest foods, as well as the wines. The cream of the crop when it comes to wineries serve nothing below perfection, with outstanding culinary standards, the freshest of produce, and top quality ingredients to be appreciated by all lovers of the finer things in life. Below is a guide to the top 5 Australian vineyards.


The Sunshine State was once branded too hot to be able to grow quality produce. As it is located within close proximity of the tropics, many believed it was unable to provide the grapes for outstanding wines. However, Queensland is in fact able to deliver high standards of grape, grown in picturesque areas, which are a delight to visit. Sip some of the most stunning flavours here, in the form of Chardonnay, Shiraz and Viognier throughout the year.

Top 5 Australian Vineyards - 2

Top 5 Australian Vineyards – QLD


Despite it being the second smallest state Down Under, Victoria is home to the most number of individual wineries in the country. Back in the 1880’s it was the largest wine producing state in Australia, and now in 2015, due to the diversity of its regional climate, Victoria allows for production of the highest variety of wine types imaginable. This ranges from the flavours of Pinot Noir, to the highest quality sparkling wines and savoury tastes of Shiraz.

Top 5 Australian Vineyards - 3

Top 5 Australian Vineyards – VIC

New South Wales

This wine region close to Sydney marks the original development of vines in Australia; New South Wales has the longest history of grape growing out of all the wine regions. The late James Busby, better known as the “father” of the Australian wine industry, demonstrated his collection of 362 vineyards originally planted across the Botanical Gardens, which has now increased and moved in geographic location, making their way to other large wine regions of Australia such as Victoria and in the south of the country.

Top 5 Australian Vineyards - NSW

Top 5 Australian Vineyards – NSW

South Australia

Responsible for nearly half of the yearly wine production of the country, South Australia is arguably the most important wine region, as well as being home to some of the oldest vineyards in Australia. Although it is the driest of the country’s states, the nearby river Murray supplies the region with its water so that the vineyard is able to produce only the best quality wines for its visitors.

Top 5 Australian Vineyards - SA

Top 5 Australian Vineyards – SA


The last of the top 5 Australian vineyards, but by no means least, is Tasmania. This pristine state located off the southern coast is famous for producing premium, hand-made Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. If you are a fan of the finest sparkling wines, then this region is perfect for you. Many of the best sparkling wines are prepared and sourced in Tasmania, providing delicate flavours that only the experts will appreciate.

Top 5 Australian Vineyards - TAS

Top 5 Australian Vineyards – TAS

Wouldn’t it be great, dear readers, to visit these wine regions with panache? 🙂

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