Top Drop – January 2012
Top Drop – January 2012

Top Drop – January 2012

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Longpoint Vineyard

Duet 2007

This wine takes its named from the perfect partnering of the Chambourcin and Cabernet grape.  The Cabernet lends the wine depth, complexity and a full flavour, the Chambourcin lightens the finish and allows the fresh crisp notes of that grape to shine through. Perfect for this hot humid weather, it is the wine to enjoy during the summer’s evening.


Goes with:        I would partner this wine with an antipasto platter or spicy food.

Cost:               $22.00

Available:         At the cellar door

6 Cooinda Place

Lake Cathie NSW 2445
Phone : 02 6585 4598

or online at

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  1. Very informative. 🙂 I have no idea about wines and in fact I never really used to drink alcohol because like many Asians, I’m quite allergic to the stuff. I’ve really come to enjoy alcohol in the past year or 2 so need to touch up on some knowledge. 😀

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