Over the course of a month I get the opportunity to sample quite a lot of wine, some of which I have the chance to tell my lovely readers about, other times, the wine is incidental to the experience and I don’t have the chance to highlight a great wine find.

To remedy this situation I thought I would start a monthly interactive spot with readers. It is an opportunity for me to share with you, the wines I have really been enjoying over the last month. I am not one for floral descriptive “tasting notes,” but I do have an idea of what constitutes an easy drinking wine to share with friends. With this in mind I will give a very short list of wines that I think are worth trying.


I hope you will choose to try one of my suggestions the next time you a wondering what wine to bring to dinner, or feel like a change from your regular pick.

So, please join me in a glass wine.  Choose a bottle from my list, and try something a little different.  Think of it as your own little wine tasting at home. Hopefully you will try some new wines, and add to your own favourites list.

The interactive part of this spot is the reader feedback, I want to know if you chose from my list of wines.  What the occasion was, how you found my suggestions and if you would buy that wine again.

Over the year we will end up with a comprehensive list of favourite wines.  In time you will always be able to find a favourite on a restaurant wine list.

Sparkling White

 The season for Champagne is on the way so with that in mind I have chosen three that I been enjoying of late. Some will be a little more difficult than others to get hold of but keep them in mind anyway;


NV Cassegrain Stone Circle Sparkling Cuvee


This is a lovely local sparkling white from Cassegrain, in Port Maquarie. I have enjoyed this on many occasions.  On the North Coast it is quite regularly found on restaurant menus. To order this wine you will need to shop online directly with Cassegrain Wines, follow the link

The bottle price is $14.95 with a minimum purchase of 4 bottles which can be a mixed range.


Henri Grandin Classique Brut N.V


Grandin is an imported French Champagne which is very easy to drink and is a great price, particularly for an imported wine. The average price is between $14.50 – $18.00 per bottle.  It is readily available at bottleshops and online at Woolworths home delivery.


White Wine

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a crisp light white wine, with that in mind I have chosen these as easy to drink wines.  I have tried to select a white which is not too oaky, sweet or dry.

Robert Oatley Vineyards

Wild Oats – Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009 (Margaret River, WA)

NV sparkling Cassegrain

This is a bright and vesty wine which is lovely and crisp. The bottle price is $17.95 but if you are buying a mixed 6 the price is reduced to $14.95.

For stockist



Edition Noir 3 Tiers – Verdelho, Voigner, Chardonnay 2009

3 teirs

This is a medium bodied white white wine, very smooth and easy to drink.  It is $25.00 per bottle and available online through Cassegrain wines.


Red Wine

 Our recent wine tasting in Mudgee and on the North Coast Wine trail has uncovered some lovely red wines.  I have narrowed the list down to the ones I have enjoyed the most which, believe me was not easy.


Pinot Noir 2009


 I have started the reds with something a little lighter for those hot summer days.  The pinot is ideal for day drinking or hot summer night BBQs. It is $25 per bottle and available as a mixed 4.


Robert Oatley Vineyards

Cabernet Merlot 2008

This is a fullbodied red yet it is still quite mellow and elegant. It is $19.95 when part of a mixed 6 and $24.95 on its own.  For stockist


Sherwood Estate Wines

2005 Chambourcin Merlot

The inclusion of Merlot in this wine gives it a mellowness and lovely depth of flavour.

The bottle price is $16.15 and the vineyard ships directly from the cellar door.  Min mixed 6.



Burrundulla Merlot 2006


Beautiful medium to full bodied red wine which is lovely and mellow. $25 per bottle


Bunnamagoo Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2007 $23.95

Cabernet Merlot 2007 $21.95

Bunnamagoo-2 Bunnamagoo-3

Both of these wines are smooth and full bodied.  I will be ordering more of these for myself in the near future.  Orders are available online through the website

Well that is my selection for this month. I know some of these wines are a little harder to find but they are certainly worth knowing about. Perhaps try ordering a mixed 4 or 6 directly from the vineyard, or maybe you can find a Christmas present or two amongst my suggestions.

Rest assured I will continue to taste through out the month of December and report back to you on my favourite wines for that month.

In the meantime your homework is to sample one or two of my picks and report back to me.