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Have you ever been on a short getaway, you arrive somewhere hungry and looking for a place to eat. If you don’t know an area it is hard to know which restaurant would be the best choice.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have turned into a bit of an “App Queen”. An App that I particularly love at the moment is Urbanspoon’s App. You simple click on the icon and it will locate your where abouts and let you know what restaurants are in the area.

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You can narrow your search by food style or by budget, once you have a shortlist you can see how popular each restaurant is amongst patrons and read reviews.  Most restaurant listings will include a menu and images of the food.  It is almost a try before you buy scenario.

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I know all you Sydney & Brisbane readers know about and use Urbanspoon but the purpose of this post is more for the regional NSW areas. Urbanspoon have recently opened the directory to include areas outside the capital cities. I have noticed that these areas haven’t really been particularly quick on the uptake. Consequently there are only a handful of good restaurants listed in most towns.  Also the diner feedback for each restaurant is a little limited.

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If you own a restaurant, and you’re proud of what you do, why not shout it out to the world via Urbanspoon and promote yourself.  If your favourite restaurant is listed on Urbanspoon why not give them a pat on the back. Vote for them!  Upload yummy images, or write a quick review.  By giving some feedback via Urbanspoon everybody can have a great dining experience everytime.  Providing feedback is as easy as opening the app and voting “I Like it” next to the restaurant listing.

I have to admit I haven’t been a major contributor in the passed but check out my profile on Urbanspoon.  Stop in and say hi, I would love it if you could “friend” me, I’m a little lonely 😉

In short Urbanspoon rocks, I promise you will love this app as much as I do. So join up and start contributing feedback about restaurants you love. If you are already a member of Urbanspoon, leave a message at the bottom of this story and I will friend you 🙂

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