Weekend Salcedo Market Makati

Weekend Salcedo Market Makati

Weekend Salcedo Market Makati – Philippines

When in the Philippines and you decide to stay a few days in the metro, Makati City is an excellent choice. It is a business district in the Philippines that is home to major corporations and hotels in the country. It is also where several embassies thrive, such as Australian, German and Canadian. Getting around is straightforward and easy. The country has a massive public transportation system in place. In Makati, you could see buses, jeepneys and cabs everywhere. You could even safely walk your way around.

Cityscape Traffic

Cityscape Traffic

While there are numerous major supermarkets within the area, I sometimes prefer to take a stroll on weekends. The Salcedo Market Makati are held every Saturday.  They host local and imported produce, home-cooked gourmet meals, street Filipino food, and more!

Red Salted Egg & Salted Fish

Red Salted Egg & Salted Fish

Salcedo Market Makati has an al fresco dining area where you can relax and enjoy your meal. If you feel like taking a seat and relaxing there is a park with large shady trees and where children can play.

Salcedo Market Park

Salcedo Market Makati Park

The Philippines has English as its second language. That should eliminate any doubts of being lost in translation. Besides, this is one area where bumping into ex-pats and tourists is commonplace.

Tourists & Locals at Salcedo

Tourists & Locals at Salcedo

Here, food is the main event. You could find a wide variety from fresh seafood to pastries, fruits and veggies, and cooked meals.

French Pastries at Salcedo Markets Philippines

French Pastries at Salcedo Markets Makati Philippines

Cotton candy and Japanese pancakes are made while you wait.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Both of these treats are a hit with the kids.

Japanese Pancake

Japanese Pancake

There are also plants for the home like lovely orchids and decorative items.

Little Changes of Decor

Little Changes- Windowpane Oysters

If you’re lucky you’ll get to see some windowpane oyster decors. These charming shells painted in pink and green are locally known as capiz. It is named after a province in the country where this type of mollusk abound.

Jackfruit - Salcedo Market

Jackfruit – Salcedo Market

You will know when there is available jackfruit or “langka” in Filipino. The aromatic, sweet scent of the fruit never fails to entice me. It is commonly used as an ingredient in a favourite summer dessert, halo-halo and in ice cream.

Jackfruit Flesh

Jackfruit Flesh

Spotting the roasted pig or lechon, pork roast and pork ham is instant captivation.

Lechon et al

Lechon et al

Whether it’s the crispy crackling skin…

Roast Pork - Salcedon Markets

Roast Pork – Salcedon Markets

…or the melt in the mouth flesh, you are sure to find a variety of pork dishes to satisfy any cravings.

Sliced Ham - (Try not to lick the computer screen)

Sliced Ham – (Try not to lick the computer screen)

If only to keep your sanity from piggy hypnotism, you could resort to a beef souvlaki wrap instead.

Souvlaki Wrap

Souvlaki Wrap

So next time you’re in Makati, you might want to have one Saturday free to visit Salcedo Market.

Salcedo Market is located at Jaime C. Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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  1. Oh wow! I went here back in Jan loved the lechon at Lechon at El.

  2. Great, Raff!! Lechon is always a favourite and gets depleted fast!

  3. It looks like a great food market and I’m so glad to hear English is prevalent – my Filipino is not too good xx

  4. Dear Alesah,

    Those crab claws and pomfrets caught my eye immediately. Love these markets in Asian cities.

  5. I love bustling markets such as this one. The pictures of the jackfruits certainly bring back memories of home (India). Don’t think I’ve seen them here.

  6. This is truly a food haven, With the variety of delicious food here I will surely visit Salcedo Market one of these days. Nice one Alesah!

  7. I would like to visit once a market like this ! It looks like an spectacle, there are all this thinks that I never see like the jackfruit 😉

  8. What great markets! They look so colourful 🙂

  9. That jackfruit flesh looks very interesting, wondering what is taste like? what a fun market!!

  10. Tomorrow is the market day over here…but it’s a very small one with just a few of farmers there. I love that Souvlaki wrap!

  11. Roast pork? Yes, please. 😉 Sounds like such a fun place. Wonderful post — thanks.

  12. Looks like a terrific market! I wouldn’t have expected French and American treats in a Filipino market 🙂

  13. That rolled pork looks so good and like it has a nice crackling to it too!

  14. I’ll take all the lechon thanks!

  15. Delicious Street food! Pork crackle, desserts, so many choices… Looks like fun. Take Care, BAM

  16. Everything sounds delicious. I’m intrigued by that jackfruit and the japanese pancake too.

  17. I always enjoy visiting the markets in other countries to see what the locals have available to them.

  18. What a wonderful market to visit, my head would actually be spinning 😛
    So much to see and do!

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. Oh this looks delicious. What I wouldn’t give for some of that seafood, it’s so expensive here in London! I’m making tuna pasta for dinner as a sad cheap alternative hahaha

    Krissie x – http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

  20. Alesah! LOL! My favorite stall is the one run by a Moroccan lady. She makes mean meals and they all go perfectly with rice, which is always great. If I am not in the mood for rice, there’s an Italian guy who sells every pasta you can imagine.

  21. john delacurz :

    would anyone advise if mwron at madali ang parking sa area? thanks

    • Hi John, thanks for visiting. Yes, merong parking when I visited, noticed the cars parked under the shaded trees. I suggest for you to arrive early in the morning so you could get slots. It gets packed 🙂

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