White chocolate rocky road

“Little A” thought all her dreams had come true when I told her we would be making a Christmas “Rocky Road”.  She wasn’t quite sure what Rocky Road was, but she soon decided it was going to be pretty good by the bags of lollies I was getting down from the top shelf of the pantry.

It was so much fun to make this treat with her, because she didn’t need a lot of help to get results that she was thrilled with. I made the cups from a little melted chocolate as a finishing touch.

Rocky road


2 x 220gm Dream white chocolate

1/3 cup coconut

85gm natural pistachio nuts

200gm raspberry lollies

250gm marshmallow cut in half

150gm milk chocolate


Line a metal tray with folded aluminum foil.

In a bowl combine coconut, nuts, lollies and marshmallows. In a glass bowl melt the white chocolate using short bursts of a microwave.

Rocky road-2

Pour the melted chocolate over the lolly mixture and combine well.

Making rocky road

Pour the rocky road into the prepared tin and push all the ingredients down firmly. Refrigerate until set. Cut into squares.

making rocky road-2

Melt milk chocolate in the microwave. Using silicone cup cake moulds, brush the mould with chocolate and refrigerate. Repeat brushing chocolate on the moulds and refrigerating until the mould is thick with chocolate.

Turn the chocolate out of mould and fill with the rocky road.

Rocky Road-3