Win A Stylish Hedgren Travel Bag
Win A Stylish Hedgren Travel Bag

Win A Stylish Hedgren Travel Bag

Just as things cool down in Australia, they’re hotting up in the USA and Mexico. I am off on another Gourmet Getaway at the moment. I will be writing a “Winter Sun” feature series on West Coast USA and Mexico. The holiday series will feature family friendly holiday ideas. With me I have the most gorgeous Hedgren travel bag.

The bag was supplied courtesy of the Belgium Designer Hedgren The good news is the range is available in Australia AND I have been asked to host a Hedgren Travel Bag Giveaway!

Hedgren has just launched the new season range of bags and they are all gorgeous!

Eye Wild Aster - Hedgren Bag

Eye Wild Aster – Hedgren Bag

The range includes bags for pilates, business travel, holidaying, inner city handbags, backpacks and more.  They’re all stylish and sophisticated.

Gali - Lined Print

Gali – Lined Print

Travellers like myself will love the new Formula One hard shell trolleys are sleek and stylish. These are available in a carry on size or larger case. The Formula One is available in a smooth silver with a minimalistic stripe detailing.

Formula 1 Hedgren Travel Bags

Formula 1 Hedgren Travel Bags

These are sure to be admired on the baggage carousel. The bags are made from polycarbonate (so literally bullet proof) and amongst the lightest and most durable.

Cindy Business Trolley

Cindy Business Trolley – Hedgren Travel Bag

Holidaying with me is the Cindy Business Trolley Bag from the Diamond Touch range. The bag is a quilted, soft, grey and has loads of zippered compartments and layers to keep valuables safe and separated. It’s the ideal, stylish weekend getaway bag. There’s room for my laptop and a few changes of clothes, makeup and shoes.  The Cindy business trolley is aimed at the professional travelling for business but there is also ample space for other necessities.

Adela Tote - Hedgren Bag Range

Adela Tote – Hedgren Bag Range

Also in the Diamond Touch range is the Bella laptop bag and Adela, a statement black tote with the same gorgeous quilting detail.

Cindy - Hedgren Travel Bag -Red

Cindy – Hedgren Travel Bag -Red

So as I put this bag through it’s paces I thought it would be nice to reward readers with the opportunity to win a Cindy Business Trolley Bag for themsleves.

Just follow the Rafflecopter directions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Hedgren for supplying this wonderful prize! Goodluck to readers xx


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  1. Melissa okimoto :

    I have a trip coming up to LA, Vancouver and then Germany. Very excited for the adventure. This would be an excellent bag for my work must haves.

  2. At present I have NO travel planned at all. So winning a beautiful new bag would be an excuse to go somewhere – even if it’s just a short weekend winery break.

  3. As a holiday – aholic we have two trips booked this year the first one it will come on the dawn princess cruise and then it will travel all the way to vietnam travelling around their glorious countryside.

    • Oh I have been on that ship too! Take a look at the stories I write by typing in the search bar at the top right of the page. You have to eat at Salt Grill and do the morning Yoga.

  4. I’ve never been overseas before. I would love to take it on my first overseas trip

  5. Such a stylish and sturdy bag! The winner will surely be traveling in style. Good luck to all joiners!!!

  6. I’ll be blessing the Cindy Business Trolley Bag with the luck of the Irish as I’ll be visiting the land of a thousand welcomes – Ireland.

  7. This would be perfect for taking our daughter on her first trip around Europe!

  8. Bhing Almeda :

    It would be great to have this adorable bag to any short distance or long distance travel! It gives off confidence!

  9. Wendy Christidis :

    Living in Perth, Im off for a girls shopping trip to Melbourne with my girlfriend in October! I can only imagine how many awesome purchase I will be able to fit in that Hedgren Travel Bag!

  10. I would love this stylish bag to take to Canada #please

  11. I would take this amazing bag to Hong Kong with me. I love the design and colour.

  12. The Cindy Business Trolley…it just sounds so efficient.. and it is in the colour of the season – GREY – tres chic!!!!! I am trying hard with each trip to pack less and less when travelling – narrowing it down to a true capsule wardrobe…this sweet bag would be perfect…
    I love the Hedgren Range, everything Belgium always looks fabulous and works so well (being 1/2 Belgium I know this well…). Throwing my hat in the ring for your gorgeous comp. and wishing you Bon Voyage for your trip. Looking forward to reading all about it on your trip. Have a ball – travel safe…Mx

  13. Cindy Travel Bag will be great for weekend getaways. Its storage compartments, makes this the one bag getaway. Perfect

  14. I’m travelling to Karachi this summer so would love something versatile and light. These bags are gorgeous.

  15. This would be perfect for our family holiday to Darwin.

  16. Lea Anita Black :

    I would take the travel bag with me on my very next trip, hopefully a trip shopping in the big smoke!

  17. It already has my name on it! I love the look. Perfect for my trip to the Food and Wine Conference where I can show it off!

  18. Heather Hopley :

    Recently retired, we are doing what I’ve dreamt off…. going to Wimbledon but I am yet to get myself organised ‘travel gear’ wise. This trolley bag would be my perfect travel partner. Fingers crossed!

  19. Sharon Johnson :

    In January I spent 3 weeks Island hoping on 4 islands of Hawaii. I’d love Cindy to join me in one of my next adventures. The girls at golf want to explore Hong Kong. A friend wishes to see a little of Tassie. Maybe Cindy will help me decide where to go next.

  20. I will be traveling to Sydney and would love travelling in style with the gorgeous Hedgren Travel Bag.

  21. Nicola James :

    First to NZ and then to the UK, with Cindy at my side I would be the smartest passenger in the departure lounge!

  22. Off to Sydney in a few months time and traveling with a quality Hedgren Travel Bag would certainly be a highlight of the trip

  23. I’d take a fancy bag like this to New York. I hope you take a photo of your bag from every city you visit. It will be fun. 🙂

  24. a weekend away up the coast with hubby

  25. Everywhere if I can. It’s gorgeous! 🙂

  26. I’ll be taking it interstate, when I go on a celebratory holiday for my 19th wedding anniversary!

  27. xzavia green :

    Fantastic for Fiji! i can fit the ipad in there nicely and bits and pieces for the plane. It’s so funky and useful, I could take it anywhere!

  28. To Byron Bay with me in September. Nothing like the beach and organic food and with a gorgeous Hedgren. 🙂

  29. Shopping spree in Melbourne for the weekend, might need two suitcases.

  30. Im heading to LA and then doing a road trip to Vegas. Then flying to NY and road tripping to the Pocono Mountains. So i will be taking my Hedgren Cindy Business Trolley everywhere. I shall be travelling in style.

  31. christine morris :

    I will be going to Brisbane for a few days in April, this would be perfect to pack my clothes into, I love all the travel bags advertised, Thanks for the chance 🙂

  32. Just a little something to make my friends jealous of this gorgeous bag when we have our regular girls weekend away lol

  33. Linda Courtney :

    This will be perfect when we go to Bali.

  34. Stephanie Veljanovski :

    Our first family holiday we have not been away since our honeymoon almost 6 years ago. so we are all going away in July..can not wait!

  35. Going to a wedding this year and the reception is a 7 day cruise to the Pacific Islands so I would take it with me.

  36. Catrina Murray :

    To sunny Queensland on our romantic getaway to Airlie Beach and The Whitsundays!

  37. This would be great for a girls weekend away to Bali!

  38. I live in Queensland and travel to Darwin and Hobart to visit my family. I’d take the gorgeous Hedgren travel bag with me on these trips and anywhere else I may go.

  39. Belinda (Bee) Ban :

    Cindy would be accompanying me to Paris in a few months time…she will be right at home in this city of style 🙂

  40. Kathryn Cava :

    Love this! It is just perfect for my Business trips to and from Sydney 🙂

  41. We will be taking this Baby all the way to the big Apple- NYC later this year!! Stylish and practical with a splash of bustling adventure, just the piece to complete our trip!

  42. Robyn Palmer :

    Wow this is beautiful. One thing off my bucket list. At home I would love to visit Byron Bay to see why everyone brags about it & then anywhere thats not to long in the plane as I get anxiety attacks in closed in spaces. Maybe like Fiji, New Zealand or pushing it but Thailand is a shoppers delight I’ve been told.

  43. Patrice Miller :

    Sooo cute and would come in handy with baby haha

  44. I am hoping to write a few chapters of my autobiography when I go on a month cruise, this bag would be my perfect companion

  45. Karla Oleinikoff :

    Off on a holiday up north mid year, and I’d love to take Cindy with me! She’d be perfect for the iPad and all my other bits and pieces.

  46. Pamela Singleton :

    The Cindy Business Bag trolly would be perfect for my travels to see my grand babies.

  47. Catherine Cannon :

    Weekends away with my partner.

  48. lynne lillington :

    On my next overseas trip, no fighting to find documents and tickets and i will get a upgrade thanks to Cindy Business Trolley Bag

  49. What a gorgeous range of bags, love the brightly coloured ones best. 🙂
    I am doing a bunch of international travel this year, traveling super light, reckon this little beauty would be perfect for that.

  50. Trish Leonard :

    This gorgeous bag would be perfect to take on our little trip to Melbourne to watch the footy.

  51. I love spontaneous weekends away up the coast. This bag would be fantastic.

  52. Got a few trips planned this year, China in April, US in June and Europe in October so it sure will get some use!

  53. Andreea Nicolescu :

    To Brisbane to pick up my degree, yay, as a mature age student with years away from study I am so glad that I have acheived this, would love the bag to take with me( my degree will come back in style)

  54. By the time I finish with Cindy, she is the one who will need the holiday! I travel for work and for leisure all throughout the year and I’d love Cindy to accompany me!

  55. I am taking it to Bacolod. We’re moving in a few weeks. 🙂

  56. Gosh, what wonderfully bright colours! As I’m sure you do, I go through bags quite a bit when travelling so finding a good quality bag is a must!

  57. A journey of a thousand miles…….

  58. We are going on a holiday to Sydney next month, super excited to see all the sights! The Cindy would be perfect for a quick trip anywhere in Australia, it’s the idea size for City Breaks (and business trips!)

  59. I will be taking Cindy with me for my overnight stays in beach resorts!

  60. I will bring Cindy with me to my overnight stay at the beach resort

  61. Tina Clausen :

    I love the bright colours and would love to take this luggage with me next time I visit my mum and sisters in Denmark.

  62. Cecilia Warrick :

    I am excited to discover this brand! I have a lot of travelling coming up and this would be just perfect!!

  63. This would be perfect for me, I am flying to South Africa at the end of April to visit my dearest Mother who is not very well at all. Thank you for the opportunity of entering !!

  64. tracy wedding :

    I will be using it when we head to NZ for my daughters wedding

  65. terry wedding :

    i i would use it when i whisk my wife away for a weekend away next month

  66. I will wheel my Hedgren Cindy Travel Bag to the Airport Carousel and let it go round and round, just to watch people admire it

  67. Kimberley Headford :

    Here, there and everywhere
    Across the ocean and land
    Next trip, Bali or Thailand

  68. Theresa Wilson :

    Now my sister (and bestie) has moved interstate, I have more reason to need and show off a stylist bag as I visit her regularly. My old luggage has an increasingly large hole in the bottom, thanks to a curious kitty.

  69. Janelle Smith :

    Id use it most days as I run my own small business and its perfect to take products and catalogues in everywhere I go.

  70. So many places it could accompany me, very versatile. To Melbourne/Geelong when visiting family & friends, on weekends away, and to the various markets & events I attend with my handbags.

  71. I would take Cindy Travel Bag to the Whitsundays in june

  72. I will be taking this Hedgren bag everywhere with me, whenever I travel this will be, My most treasured accessory.

  73. Not sure which will be first, but Sri Lanka and cruising the Panama Canal are on my list for this year, so I will take my new bag to both of them.

  74. I’ll be taking this as my carry on bag to Tasmania in January, knowing that I’ll need plenty of room for local gourmet foods to bring home.

  75. johanna Rees :

    Melbourne this winter, so I need a handy bag for all my lovely purchases that lovely Melbourne is famous for.

  76. Travelling to Melbourne to visit my daughter. This gorgeous travel trolley would become a great companion.

  77. Melbourne in August….hubby is attending a 3 day conference so I’ll have enough free time to justify taking my laptop with me (in style!).

  78. Emilie Udasco :

    If I’ll be the lucky winner of this giveaway, I will use this on our next out of the country trip or in our hotel staycation! 🙂

  79. Off on a cruise through the greek islands. Hedgren bag will definitely compliment me and my travels 🙂

  80. we are going to a wedding in a few months and this would be handy and stylish

  81. Lovely bags! Me and my family are moving abroad and we will need many suitcases for the trip! Thank you for the post! A dozen of Formula 1 Hedgren will do the job!

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