Wolf Blass Wine for Mother’s Day

Wolf Blass Wine for Mother’s Day

Wolf Blass Sparkling Wine, mothers day competition

Does your mum deserve a sparkling Mother’s Day?

When my sister and I were small my mother used to always remind us that we should save our pennies for her nursing home!  She made it clear that she expected to be sent to a facility which served champagne with breakfast every morning!

Now that I have my own family I have to agree. I think all mum’s earn the right to be spoilt morning, noon and night!

Wolf blass sparking Wines yellow label

With Mother’s Day coming up next Sunday Wolf Blass is celebrating the release of their 2010 Yellow Label Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling Brut. It is the first time a sparkling wine has been released under their prestigious, award winning yellow label.

We all know mum’s love a drop of bubbly, so what better way to spoil her on her special day than with this classic Australian sparkling wine.

The lovely people at Wolf Blass have created a gorgeous Mother’s Day giveaway hamper.  The prize is valued at approx. $90 and includes two bottles of the brand new 2010 Wolf Blass Yellow Label Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling Brut along with a selection of South Australia’s finest gourmet food products including chocolate covered coffee beans and hand-made biscotti.

Wolf Blass Mothers Day Competition

If you would like to win this indulgent hamper for your mother, courtesy of the wonderful people at Wolf Blass you need to let me know why your mother deserves spoiling this Mother’s Day. Leave your answer in the comments section below.

The competition ends at midnight on the 11th May, 2012.  Winners will be announced on the Gourmet Getaways Facebook page on Saturday 12th May. The competition is open to anyone within Australia who “likes” Gourmet Getaways.

So tell me why this decadent Wolf Blass Hamper should go to your mother.

The 2010 Wolf Blass Yellow Label Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling Brut is available from leading liquor retailers nationally – RRP $17.99

For more information on the complete Wolf Blass range visit the webiste.

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  1. Julie, I can already hear the sounds of many mums agreeing with you wholeheartedly! 😀

  2. My mum is my inspiration: she is a very positive person, she sees an opportunity in every challenge. She reminds me that we should always look on the bright side and make the best of life. She would love this hamper.

  3. My mother is spending her mothers day driving 450km so she can look after her Grandaughter whilst I am in hospital next week. So not only is she an amazing mum she is a fantastic Grandma as well.

  4. Mum has been a sounding-board and huge help all my life. Now she looks after my youngest daughter one day a week and often changes her plans to babysit. She never buys nice things for herself and deserves a lovely treat like this hamper.

  5. Mum would be tickled pink but as she doesn’t drink much alcohol we’d all have a great day! Nothing like sharing the happiness:)

  6. Claire Ohannessian :

    With the Wolf Blass Sparkling Brut and SA’s finest food to boot,
    Mum would be spoilt as she deserves whilst sipping from a champagne flute!

  7. my mum deserves this shes myhead chef ,taxidriver,washerwomen ,cleaner,most of all my friend and the best mum in the world.

  8. sonya nicole :

    My mum’s had to have chemo this past year and she needs something special to make her feel better!

  9. Mum always puts everyone else’s needs before her own, she willingly helps anyone in need and never asks for anything in returrn. She deserves o be spoilt on Mother’s Day!

  10. Because I don’t see mum much as she lives in the country, when I catch up with her for mother’s day this hamper would make her day sparkle!

  11. Mum loves a drop of chardonnay
    A glass of pleasure at the end of the day
    A perfect gift for this mother of mine
    WHo works tirelessly for us time after time!

  12. Wolf Blass wines and South Australia’s finest gourmet foods will make my elderly Mums, day special. She always appreciates quality.

  13. My Mum held my hand, watched over me, picked me up when I was down, has loved me unconditionally and is just a beautiful person that makes the most awesome scones and deserves health wealth and happiness and if that’s not available a Gourmet Getaway, stunning, tasty hamper thanks to Wolf Blass would be perfect.

  14. Mum deserves some sparkle in her life 😉

  15. Roberto Colombi :

    Like the Wolf Blass, my mam (after raising 10 kids and working 3 jobs to put us through university) is in a ‘Glass’ of her own!

  16. Michelle Vamvas :

    My mum deserves to be made a fuss over this year. She is a remarkable woman with extraordinary courage. She has had to deal with my brother passing away when he was aged only 12, and support my father who suffered a nervous breakdown and severe depression and had to be hospitalised as a result. Through her grief, she continued to raise my two sisters and me, and help get dad well enough again for him to come home. We hear the word ‘hero’ used quite often, and sometimes it is not deserving, but my mum really is my hero for finding the strength to rise above the tragedy and making a good life for us. She has held me by the hand and dance me through the days of my life, even when life wasn’t a party, and for that, I will alway s be grateful. I don’t often tell her that I love her, but hopefully this will show her just how appreciative I am of her. Thankyou for the opportunity and Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!!

  17. My hero is my mother
    Like her there is no other
    Mum has heart of Gold
    Always warm – never Cold
    She Cares and understands
    Lends an ear or holds my hand!

  18. I’ve had tears in my eyes reading all the wonderful comments about everyone’s mum. Mum’s really are the fabric of a family, holding everyone together and giving love and support. Every bodies response has been so heartfelt it will be difficult to choose a mum to send the prize to 🙁

    The competition is open until Friday, when Kristy, the Wolf Blass PR rep will have the difficult task of giving away this beautiful hamper.

  19. Sparkling as a Wolf Blass in a glass,
    Mum is a mother of first class,
    She walks that extra mile,
    Just to see her children smile,
    Provides that perfect balance every day,
    Mum deserves some Wolf Blass happiness come her way.

  20. I dont get to see my mum often as we are a defence family and live far away… I don’t get to share special moments with her, take her places or celebrate how i would love to. She is amazing and deserves to be spolit.

  21. My wife, not only is she perfect
    but she is the PERFECT MUM to my four kids
    for once needs a Perfect treat

  22. Jane Alanthwaite :

    My Mum did without luxury all her life – in short it’s time to say thanks with Wolf Blass for all the sacrifices she made and the happiness she brought!!

  23. No fuss, not needed, just love, family and friends. My mum is an inspiration to us all.

  24. Mum deserves to be pampered with a Wold Blass hamper because she gives so much of herself and never asks for anything in return

  25. The only way to enjoy a celebration is with wolf blass and winning this for mum is showing how much I love her.

  26. This will be my first Mother’s Day without my Mum, and I miss her terribly. But, I am a mum too and if I am lucky enough to win this wonderful competition, I can spoil myself and drink a toast in memory of her.

  27. My Mums away this mothers day shes on a trip of a life time when she returns I love to celebrate with some style have a glass of wolf blass and enjoy hearing her experiences

  28. Thanks for chats and advice,
    Being there when I was less than nice
    You deserve a treat, Mum
    For enduring my teen tantrums ad nauseum!

  29. My mum is an amazing woman who gives so much to others. She should receive this prize because I know she’ll give it to me!

  30. My mum is a lush – but I still love her and she deserves top drawer for Mothers Day!

  31. this would be great to sit and realx with my Mum and share her favourite bubbly

  32. My mother believes every day is a reason to celebrate and be happy so Wolf Blass would be perfect.

  33. Michelle O'Dwyer :

    My mother sees beauty in everybody and everything. Even though she is very unwell she makes the most of every situation, loves family and lots of laughter. She is a wonderful mother and friend.

  34. My Mother In-law deserves this one, she owns and runs a wombat and roo wildlife refuge caring for well over 100 animals she never get the chance to relax and enjoy the finer things in life to often. Id love to give her the opportunity to let her hair down and put her feet up just for a while.

  35. she kept me fed and clothed,
    educated and inspired,
    helped me become a woman,
    supported me through life.

  36. Mums carry us for nine months and then keep on carrying us,so on mothers day it’s their turn to be spoilt and worshipped.

  37. Now which mum could knock back a bottle or two of bubbles! I love chamgpagne and so does my mother. She deserves a few bottles of sparkling because she’s raised five children and with a debilitating illness xx

  38. Like a combination of Wolf Blass wines, mum has an extraordinary depth of style and character and exceptional qualities that bring out the sparkle in those around her!
    Mum has matured nicely to emphasise her generous, warm and approachable manner and matches well with grandchildren, family and friends.

  39. Love my sparkling and will be enjoying a glass with my mother in law with my kids.

  40. A mother that deserves a treat and deserves to feel special. After the year from hell, she deserves time out.

  41. First of all a huge thanks to my Mum! I’m not usually one for sob stories but I feel that Mum really needs a boost this year. She has had such a hard life and is only now starting to enjoy it before her time is up. As a young bride she was ripped from her town family life and moved to the country where over the next 20 years she produced 3 boys (but sadly no little girl of her own) and lost both of her parent shortly after. Helping on the farm and driving into town to a 9-5 job 5 days a week for more than 3 decades, so us troublesome boys could have the best education they could afford, drove her onto the ground. She lost her husband (our Dad) to cancer 4 years ago.

    Now, her boys own the farm and she has moved into town close to her friends. They are great friends and get together a couple of times a week (no boys allowed..) to enjoy a few drinks and cackle about those ridiculous men in their lives while planning another holiday.

    Good on ya Mum, and thanks. Heaps.

  42. My Mum would love this decadent Wolf Blass hamper because she deserves some time out from her busy life. I’d surprise her by dressing up as a waitress and serving her high tea outside with fresh scones and the lovely Wolf Blass!

  43. 2010 Wolf Blass Yellow Label Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling Brut will match my mum’s bubbly personality and make her Mother’s Day a sparkling affair.

  44. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney :

    My Mum always went without so that my siblings and I wouldn’t. Now its her turn to be spoilt!

  45. my mum is always there for me no matter what

  46. My mum deserves being spoilt for this one reason – She loves me, and that isn’t very easy sometimes. A loving mother is a treasure!

  47. After years working loyally for the same company my mother in law just lost her job. She could do with some extra TLC this Sunday!

  48. With my mum, I’m number one
    Now it’s time to give her some fun
    She would wear a marvellous grin
    If she had a Wolf Blass win
    And in return for the bubbles
    I reckon I’ll be in for some motherly cuddles!

  49. My Mum passed away 2 years ago and I miss her everyday, but I would love to win this for my Mother-in law who raised 8 kids out on a farm with no licence to drive to town, and a lot of the time no money for food and clothes. She has lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren and loves them all unconditionally. I am so lucky to have a wonderful Mother-in-law who has a heart of gold.

  50. She has had a tough year with business closure, unemployment and ill health but she’s managed to keep going and not give up

  51. my mum she’s best,
    And she needs to sit down for a rest.
    Always putting others before her,
    I really do adore her.

  52. My poor old mum is battling to care for my step dad who has advanced Parkinsons. My real dad who has had a stroke still expects her to be there for him, my bro is going bankrupt and she lives two states away from her only gransdon. Her life has little joy- JUst wish for one thing nice to happen to her. We all love our mums, good luck to you all!

  53. It shouldn’t. It should go to me as whilst trying to make sure my mum, step-mum, MIL, Step-MIL, 3 x Grandmas are spoilt on Mother’s Day, I always seem to get forgotten!

  54. Yellow strawberries and cream is just perfect for mum as a reward for putting up with two kids who were a pain in the bum.

  55. marie pohnetalova :

    She’s had it tough, working hard
    deserving much more than just a card
    So let’s raise a glass and toast her true
    The best person in the world – Mum, that’s you!

  56. Mum definitely deserves the hamper, because she is an amazing woman that has brought up 3 kids through tough times. She is the best mum a son could ask for.

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