Woolworths Online Shopping Giveaway $150
Woolworths Online Shopping Giveaway $150

Woolworths Online Shopping Giveaway $150

I have a confession to make, I don’t like doing the grocery shopping. I like it even less when the kids come to “help” me. This is probably one of my biggest reasons for taking advantage of the Woolworths Online delivery service.  I was a very “early adopter” of grocery shopping online. I don’t think Woolworths Online had even finished fuelling the first truck before my order was placed. I had been waiting for the “NOW DELIVERING TO YOUR AREA” go ahead to appear on my computer screen.

Grocery Shopping Online Cart

Grocery Shopping Online Cart

At the end of this article one lucky Gourmet Getaways reader will have the opportunity to win $150 worth of Woolworths Online Shopping delivered to their door.

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So why do I love buying my groceries online? I’m pleased you asked, I have made a list of all my reasons.  Take a look and see if you can relate to any of them.

Why I grocery shop online

Supermarket Shopping

Supermarket Shopping

  1. Shopping in person is a HUGE time wasting activity. Grocery shopping takes a big chunk out of your day. Once you walk through the doors of any supermarket, some how, (no matter how quick you thought you would be,) you will notice that hours have been sucked out of your day. I don’t want to waste any of my time on grocery shopping.
  2. Grocery shopping in person is tedious and labour intensive. You need to handle the same items over and over again before they make it into your household cupboards. Ordering groceries through Woolworths Online means you’re not the person who has to handle the groceries multiple times Eg:
    1. load groceries into the trolley
    2. load groceries onto the check out counter.
    3. load groceries back into the trolley.
    4. load groceries into the car
    5. load groceries out of the car into the house.
    6. Put away groceries. My lovely delivery man even takes the bags into the kitchen for me! Now I just need to find someone to pack them away and it’s a complete handsfree shopping for me.
  3. Have you seen my house. The garage is on the ground floor and the kitchen is three floors up. There is no way I’m hauling heavy bags of groceries up those stairs. Let alone when I’ve just completed a big shopping trip and there is more than one load to get from the garage.
  4. I buy flour, sugar and rice in bulk, usually in bags 5 kg and 10kg. They’re way too heavy for me to lift! I also usually make sure I’ve purchased all the canned foods, bottled items, soft drink and heavy products when I do my online shop.  There’s no way I can  carry those bags up the stairs either.
  5. I save money shopping online because I don’t spot random products I think I might need. I just open my master list from my online profile,  subtract any items I don’t need this week, add any extra products I do need and hit the checkout button.
  6. Another great benefit of shopping online is I have noticed the fresh fruit and vegetables are even better quality in my online shopping. They seem to last in the fridge longer and always appear completely blemish free and perfect. I ‘ve put that down to the fact that the produce doesn’t get handled at all by consumers.
  7. I don’t buy duplicate items accidentally when I shop online. Whilst I am completing my Woolworths Online Order I am able to check the cupboard if I’m unsure how much of a product is left.

    Produce $ Sign - Saving money on food online

    Produce $ Sign – Saving money on groceries online

  8. I rarely pay a delivery fee because the more you spend with Woolworths online, the cheaper the delivery cost.  This is kind of a cruel irony, my delivery guy hauls bag after bag of heavy bulky items up my stairs. I would have paid a fortune to have someone do that horrible job, but it cost me nothing.
  9. Don’t forget those expensive little people that put extra items in your trolley or moan that they’re hungry, or thirsty. (…I’m referring to your children) Online Grocery shopping is ideal when the kids are on school holidays .  If I do a grocery shop in person with my children I am guaranteed to spend SO MUCH MORE money! It would be cheaper to get the milk, bread, eggs and cereal home delivered every second day and pay a $10 delivery fee than to take my children with me.
  10. Something else I enjoy doing with my Woolworths Online account is to send my grown up boys a surprise delivery. The boys recently left home so I like to surprise them by ordering a bag of groceries and having it home delivered to their house.  I just go through all the treat items I know they would like and add a few staples and enter their address in Brisbane instead of my own.
Woolworths Online Grocery Shopping

Woolworths Online Grocery Shopping

So there we have it, all the reasons why I tend to do most of my shopping through Woolworths Online. After reading my list I wonder what your thoughts are?  Have you shopped for your groceries online before?

Today I am very pleased to announce that Gourmet Getaways will be partnering with Woolworths Online to bring you coupon discounts each week to use when you shop online. The coupons will be included in each of my weekly recipe stories and on the sidebar. So if you’re inspired to cook one of my dishes you can go straight to  the Wooloworths online site and add the necessary ingredients to your shopping cart. Then, use the coupon code provided to save $$.  This weeks coupon code is WK5DELIV 

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Woolworths Online

Woolworths Online

*Terms of coupon offer can be found at the end of the story.

Now for the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck readers!
Next time you’re driving around in circles looking for a park outside the supermarket, think about giving Woolworths Online a try.

Woolworths Online Coupon Code Details
Coupon Code: WK5DELIV

Start Date: 27/07/2015
End Date: 01/08/2015Offer: Free Weekend Delivery when you shop online with Woolworths. To redeem go to woolworths.com.au and enter coupon code WKND0607 at checkout when you spend $100 or more**Things to note about your FREE Weekend Delivery offer:
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  1. i’ve been doing 80% of all my grocery shopping online for the past few years because i live in Sydney and i don’t have a car so it saves me carrying large and heavy items in the public transports and by foot, all the way home (the closest shop is 2 km from my house). I prefer shopping at Woolworths online because their website is user friendly (in comparison to Coles).Shopping online is also a great way to save money as you can sort products by ‘price per kilo’.

    • I agree with everything you said Cyndie, it just doesn’t make economical sense to shop in person most of the time. It’s so much quicker and easier online. Especially when you have a master list of products you usually need.

  2. Definitely the time it saves!

  3. I love Woolworths online!
    I am always impressed with the quality of the fresh food delivered and they are always so reliable!! 🙂
    I love love love it 🙂

  4. Lisa Northam :

    I love online shopping pretty much as much as I hate shopping in shops. And it also saves heaps of time which can be spent with family 🙂

  5. One of the benefits I find is keeping the grocery budget in check. Being able to sort by unit price to get the best value per kilo helps stretch our budget a little further. I can easily review my cart before submitting the order to ensure I’m spending our money as wisely as possible on fresh foods.

  6. Physically walking into the supermarket is therapeutic to me…however, with the demands of work and quality time, online shopping is something I would really love to do on a regular basis. Bhing and I were happy to walk into Woolworths when you took us to the Central Coast. I wish it would come here in Manila, too, with online grocery options :).

    Good luck to all, OMG, $150 worth of grocery!!!

  7. This looks great! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. For me, the advantage of WW online shopping is the fact that I stick to the ‘list’. I’ve learnt I have to make a list – otherwise I forget all the important things I’d otherwise spot in the supermarket.

    Of course, wandering around the supermarket and spotting random specials or interesting things is part of the fun! 😀

  9. And I completely agree, supermarkets are time sucking portals. You go in for milk and it takes you an hour!!

    Shopping with kids = headache and an overriding need for wine very early in the day.
    “Put that down”
    “No we can’t have a jumbo bag of marshmallows”
    “Don’t poke a hole in the bread”
    “No we can’t buy pasta shaped like trains”
    “Hold the trolley”
    “Where’s your brother!!!!!!” (panic!!!)

    I managed to not shop at all for the first week of the holidays. It was getting a bit dire when we ran out of fruit, but the following morning we ran out of milk. Disaster….Black Coffee YUCK
    So I had to take the boys shopping, I didn’t have a list and just went in blind, I spent as much for 3 days groceries as I usually do for the full week!!!
    $150 of online shopping would be amazing. That is a full week of groceries 😀

  10. I go shopping with a grocery list but temptation always gets the better of me and I always buy way too much. Shopping online would stop that asap, thanks for the great comp! 🙂

  11. Such a good point about not buying duplicates as you can check your cupboards quickly while you are at home. I do like buying my produce myself though but can see why this would really work for staples and heavy things.

  12. Gee I wish I could get a Woolworths delivery today! It’s too cold to go out shopping!! And sooooo busy in town!! Xx

  13. Having bulky and heavy items delivered to my door certainly beats bringing them home on the tram.

  14. I love being able to choose my own produce, but, I totally get why people do online shopping. When my nephew was single he bought all his groceries online, and they even packed them away for him 🙂

  15. The advantage that I like is that I see a running total of how much I’m going to spend before I reach the checkout.

  16. melanie whittle :

    I love how you can shop straight from the catalogue get all the specials save money and get it delivered right to my door.

  17. For me, the best thing about it is that I can place my order any time of the day or night right from the comfort of home (possibly in my ps!)
    If I won, I’d use it to order $150 of groceries for my beautiful parents. They’ve been through so much these past few months. My dad underwent major open heart surgery, and my grandmother (dad’s mum) passed away this week. As dad is still recovering, he isn’t allowed to drive, and mum can’t lift heavy items due to hernia, so I’d order shopping for them.

  18. It’s amazing how years ago everything was delivered to your door – the newspaper, bread, milk, the butcher delivered and so did the grocer. Then the supermarkets came on the scene and all those small businesses disappeared and you had to go to the shops and bring everything home yourself. It seems now we’ve come a full circle. I do love the convenience of on-line shopping xx

  19. I LOVE food shopping Julie, but there are times based on health and because simply it is so much easier having the shopping done by Woolies in picking out the fresh veg etc. I have found that by ordering online , especially for big parties, it saves soooooooooooooooooooooo much stress and time! I love that the delivery can be at a time that’s convenient for me!
    In this FREEZING cold weather, online is not only practical, but it makes sense as time is a luxury…at least it is for me and I can the time I would have go shopping to better maximize the things I REALLY need to do!

  20. Sometimes I find it easier to shop online because then I don’t have the kids to drag around with me or nag for everything in sight! I find when I shop online I don’t spend as much because I’m not tempted by all the “bad” foods at the registers, etc…

  21. Mandy Graham :

    It saves me time.

  22. Cecilia Warrick :

    It’s an absolute lifesaver for me in the past when I have been sick and unable to shop for food to feed my family.

    • I never thought of using it when I’m sick, you could just buy convenience foods to pop in the oven instead of ordering take away.

  23. In shopping online I can ensure I stick to my budget, stop myself from buying the impulse buys, add to it when I know something is missing even before I put my order in so I know I won’t forget it and I don’t have to take the kids!!! It’s a lifesaver for me.

  24. christine morris :

    I have been shopping on online for a couple of months now,i tried to lug everything home myself, way too heavy, plus my back and hands hurt, sometimes i cannot afford it so i have to cope on my own. This would be a blessing for me.

  25. With two young kids getting to the shops is a mission, online shopping is a lot less stressful!

  26. For the longest time I didnt have a car so grocery shopping became a nightmare.
    Woolworths Online became a blessing and even when I got a car it was still a blessing for those occasions when one of my kids was sick and I had no one to leave them with or for those times my car decides to act up.

  27. Kimberly Camille Tiu :


  28. its so quick and easy and you don’t get tempted to buy extras

  29. Quick and easy, saving time and convenient all at click of a button. I can check and see what I need in my cupboards and fridge and as I do my order, which can’t be done if I was at the store.

  30. Ben Crocker :

    It’s an absolute lifesaver & timesaver for me, I love to convenience and practicality and you often find more bargain savings when everything is laid out so easily in front of you.

  31. Not having to carry heavy groceries!

  32. Robyn Palmer :

    This is something this dinosaur (me) needs to start learning. I hear everyone saying how easy & right there for one to do whenever suits you.

  33. Its THE best thing to shop any time of the day or night from your own home and not have to put on a bra. Lol. Am I right ladies? 😉

  34. Lea Anita Black :

    The number one benefit is that you don’t get tempted to buy more than you need!

  35. Not having to worry about parking!


    For me the #1 benefit of shopping at Woolworths Online is saving. It is a 40 minute drive to my shopping centre. To drive there, find a parking spot, scan the aisles, unload my groceries at the checkout, reload the bags into the trolley, struggle with the trolley through the carpark, pack the bags into my car, put the trolley into the nearest trolley bay, drive 40 minutes home, unload the bags from the car and into the house. All that usually takes me about 3 hours, costs me for wear and tear on the car, petrol, stress and frustration. None of that happens with Woolworths Online. I save time, I save money and I save my sanity.

  37. Having a sufferer of Agoraphobia in the household online shopping breaks that barrier of having to go out. We can have all that we need delivered to the door without the anxiety of facing people and public places. My two gripes are I feel I miss ‘markdowns’ which having a tight budget I rely on heavily, and certain items or brands are not always available to buy. I guess I see online shopping as a catch 22 situation, you win some, you lose some.

    • I’m pleased you are able to use online shopping Amanda, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be in your household without that service.

  38. How glorious would this be at Christmas time, a way to avoid the hectic rush, to sit at home with the air conditioner on and get the menu done!

  39. Melissa okimoto :

    Right now, it would be no public tantrums by both me or my young daughter.

  40. No more battling for car spots and getting dents in my car, it’s amazing how little people care about my hard earned stuff!

  41. The convenience would be my #1 reason why I’d use Woolworths Online Shopping. Being able to sit on my lounge and order my shopping would be awesome.

  42. i haven’t got a licence yet & to get the shopping done I have to wait for my husband to be available to take me so this would be so much easier for me

  43. I love using Woolworths home delivery in summer, when it’s in the high 30’s or 40+C , there is no way I’m leaving home to get groceries!
    It also saves me extra time as I don’t drive so getting a bus adds another hour to the shopping and then there’s the 2-3 hours getting ready, as I am one of ‘those’ who won’t leave home without makeup and properly dressed. (No trackies for me!)

  44. The fact they now price match instore, its the added time it gives back into the day, not having to walk to and from the supermarket, will stop my hulk arms getting bigger. (2 km round trip)

  45. tracy wedding :

    with woolworths online I can avoid buying any impulse items

  46. Laura Powers :

    I can sit with recipe books and get all the ingreidents I need easily in the comfort of my home makes meal planning so much easier

  47. Adele Smith :

    I like organization so Woolworths Online is right up my aisle as I easily load up my cart with my grocery list in my hand and the family on the couch. Simplicity is the key for me.

  48. Avoiding crowds, saving time and money on items you don’t really need.

  49. lynne lillington :

    I have been hesitant to shop online, I worry about getting portions small enough for two and the freshness, but I am willing to try to be converted.

  50. The best thing about shopping online is that you can do it in your pjs, in front of the heater, with a glass of wine!


  52. S Armstrong :

    I can shop in my lunch break, without the kids and it gives me time to decide on what to purchase and I don’t have to find a car park

  53. Karen Mashford :

    It’s great for people who live with disabilities (like myself), can order what I want in my pjs whilst having my morning cuppa, and not have to struggle to push a trolley and pack the car.

  54. “Save Yourself Time … Do It Online”

  55. No more backbreaking effort to lug shopping to the car

  56. For me the greatest benefit for me would be knowing I can check my cupboards WHILE making my list instead of accidentally getting duplicates in town because I forget what I’ve already got. 🙂

  57. terry wedding :

    i love that i dont have to carry all those bags in anymore

  58. Delivery – because I don’t own a car

  59. Susan Banyard :

    I don’t impulse buy, I only order what I actually need so it saves me money.

  60. It saves time and I don’t have to run after my toddler in the supermarket itself.

  61. Stephanie Veljanovska :

    For me I have two toddlers that can be difficult to shop with and I end up flustered and forgetting what to get so shopping with woolworths online saves my sanity.

  62. Love woolies

  63. Nicola Pengilly :

    It is perfect for parents with small kids – takes all the hassle out when you can order on-line after they have gone to sleep!

  64. With 3 kids under 3 shopping on-line with Woolworths is the best; I am able to do my meal plan and place my order all at night while the kids are asleep and it’s delivered at a convenient time for me. WINNING!

  65. I think that products are more readily available online than in store. It’s great for people who live a bit out of the way, or have small children or are unable to attend in store due to certain factors, yet they still want an opportunity to shop themselves.

  66. I love to shop online, time is just so precious, online shopping is easy, quick and reliable.

  67. I often don’t have much time or feel like shopping after work, but more importantly going shopping with 2 three year old boys who are at the “everything is mine stage” makes things neary impossible and stressful. Never thought about online shopping until I read this article, so in my lunch break I singed up today with Woolworths and placed an order, What I noticed was the prices are the same online as they are in store and all the specials are available also.
    Fantastic idea looks like I’ll be doing many more shops online in the future

  68. Troy Simpson :

    As a real-life agoraphobic, I prefer online shopping to escape the crowds!

  69. I really ought to get my act together and work out the website – there’s only so much I can fit in the undercarriage of the pram, and I’m sick of walking to the shops every few days when someone could drive my groceries to my door for me.

    • Great idea Alison, it certainly make life easier. I justify the delivery expense by looking at the savings total on the side of the cart. It’s also cheaper than getting a cab because you can’t manage the shopping and the bub.

  70. Catherine Pitt :

    Would be excellent when it’s school holidays as people go crazy during them.

  71. Nasrin Azizi :

    The freshness and quality of the food!!

  72. krystal howell :

    A Benefit would be you could stress less with getting the day organised around the kids because you could do it when they have there naps, at school or in bed making life easier for not only yourself but the family too

  73. The best way to get groceries when on holiday. Pre-order online for delivery and its delivered to my unit, so more time on the beach, less time in the supermarket!

  74. The number one benefit of shopping with Woolworths online is being able to enjoy more you time instaed of having the hassle of going out and getting your own groceries. 🙂

  75. I can shop from the catalogue and take advantage of all the specials without having to traipse up and down every aisle.

  76. Kirsty Barnes :

    Saves Time and keeps the budget in check with no impulse buys!

  77. Total advantage not having to take the kids to the shops and i can stick to my budget shopping online 🙂

  78. Crystal Donohue :

    The ability to make sure that everything is purchased and not an item is left off from the shopping list! It’s easy to forget what you need and purchase unnecessary items when actually at Woolworths. This would be amazing to buy all of the essentials for our meals.

  79. Avoiding Christmas parking chaos and crowds would be my number 1.

  80. Jessica Ashbrooke :

    Not having a drivers licence it just makes it more convenient

  81. Catherine Cannon :

    Saving time and money are the biggest benefits for me.

  82. Izzy Campbell :

    I find it so much easier to make good decisions – both financially and health-wise! I can plan everything out beforehand and not get distracted by the things that catch my eye in the supermarket. Plus, I don’t have to worry about carrying anything home on the train!

  83. Hayley Parker :

    Avoiding the tedious exercise of children in car and out of car then trying to shop with brain not functioning listening to unhappy children.


    Well, really, who doesn’t love to shop in their pj’s ? 🙂

  85. It’s very convenient especially when you have little kids.

  86. Online shopping, a winner for me,
    Buying bikkies, whilst drinking a tea!
    Convenient, easy, no stress involved,
    Making life easier and ‘what’s for dinner’ solved!

  87. Lucy Robins :

    Grocery shopping…never a joy, but it has to be done. Sometimes I cheat and do it online!

  88. Apart from having to buy unnecessary extras for the kids when they come shopping in store, It would have to be finding the specific ingredients and products I need, which is so much easier online than in store.

  89. kirbie caldwell :

    It makes life alot easier for me as my husband is a fly in fly out worker and we have 4 young children. Its very hard to do the weekly shop with them on my own.

  90. Heather Hopley :

    I stick to my shopping list and don’t get tempted to buy spur of the moment purchases. So much better for my budget!

  91. Katrina Phillips :

    I’m curious!
    Curious about Online Grocery shopping!
    A lot of my friends are using this service but I’m yet to try (stuck in a rut of wasting time at the supermarket)
    This might be the catalyst I need to try something new!

  92. Not having to awkwardly bump into your neighbour or old ‘friend’ from high school! Woolies Online wins every time!

  93. Rebecca Taylor :

    Its so easy and I’m never tempted to buy extra things, it saves me time and money.

  94. As a mum of a newborn and a toddler, the number one benefit of shopping with Woolworths Online is that I can shop whilst I am breastfeeding or patting a child to sleep from my phone, then it’s delivered to my door. This means I don’t have to wrangle the 3 year old and the baby to get them out the door!

  95. I’ve saved my bank account and my waistline! No more buying junk food at the end of my shop because “I’ve earned it” or “it’s on sale”.

  96. Christine williams :

    I am able to know exactly how much I’m spending, and delete a few luxury items if necessary.
    Plus the added bonus of timing the delivery for when the family are home but I’m not. By the time I get home, it’s all put away.

  97. Julia Mason :

    Not having to push around that trolley from hell,
    Just relaxing at home, and listening for that bell!

  98. Having just had a baby,it’s impossible to leave the house. Online shopping is so convenient!

  99. I don’t have access to a car most of the time (husband needs it for work), so not having to make the long journey to the shops in the dreary Melbourne weather is always much appreciated! 😛 It also gives me more time to spend on the people that matter, and getting things done around the house 🙂

  100. Linda Courtney :

    Time is the best thing about shopping with Woolworths Online. It’s so much faster and so easy to use.

  101. I love how you don’t need to get out of your PJs to shop!

  102. I love not having to carry all the heavy groceries from my car to my house – we don’t have a driveway so it’s a long schlep.

  103. Tali Claire :

    I just love not having to bother driving to the supermarket.

  104. Love your reasons. Especially surprising your boys!

  105. I can shop in my PJs!

  106. Thanks for the discount codes and information about Woolworths online shopping 🙂

  107. Emma Puszkar :

    Ahh Woolworths online soooo much easier to avoid the chocky aisle when you have young children!

  108. Stacey Elliott :

    I love that you can budget and take things out of your cart if you go over budget!

  109. A stress free shopping experience!

  110. Becky Palmer :

    It means I can go shopping and never have to get out of my pyjamas or put a bra on!

  111. The best thing about shopping online is the freedom of shopping at 4am in your pajamas.

  112. Andrew Anthony Nokes :

    Woolies online…so convenient! Delivered right to my kitchen! I live in a high rise building and love not having to struggle with my shopping from the carpark up to the apartment!

  113. You can shop any time of the day no crowds

  114. Sharon Markwell :

    No waiting in lines and then having the person behind me be taken to a newly opened aisle while I stand there neglected.

  115. I had no idea Woolworths was still in business and I used to go there with my mom when I was a kid and I loved it I would love to win this one. The online would make is so easy to order and deliver.

  116. Julia Parker :

    Online shopping means I can do it at my leisure, with cuppa in hand…no going out into crowds or bad weather. perfect!!

  117. No queues or parking fights.

  118. Melissa Davis :

    No forgetting items! If I’m unsure, I just double check the cupboards.. Problem solved. SO brilliant!

  119. Not having to drag two children around a supermarket is absolutely the best thing about online shopping.

  120. Leanne white :

    #1 benefit is I can do it in my pjs!

  121. Convenience plus

  122. It means that Mum and I won’t look like idiots in the shop looking for certain things and going down every isle looking for them, plus going pass the item like 3 times and still can’t find it.

  123. Deb Cameron :

    I like not having to drive a 40 minute round trip and trying to find a parking spot, just to buy our groceries

  124. Perfect time saver for working Mum of 2! Life gets crazy busy!

  125. The convenience of being able to walk over to the fridge and pantry and see what I need – no more grocery shopping lists left at home and forgotten!!

  126. Nicole Salinas :

    As a mother of three with a husband who works long hours, shopping online for me is easy and convenient. Also with the benefit of meal planning I know exactly what I need and can save money by avoiding impulse shopping.

  127. Kylie Travis :

    I don’t drive so the utter convenience of shopping at home and having it delivered to my door. I can also take my time, easily access specials and do it at night while my toddler is sleeping without a fuss 🙂

  128. I completely agree with all your points! I can DEFINITELY relate to not purchasing multiple items! I have a cupboard full of noodles because Im always thinking “Theyre only a $1 for 5.. I think we’re out” Get home and theres 4 other 5 packs sitting there!

    May I also ad my own 2 points:

    1. My items are packed extremely well and if Im in a hurry.. I can throw entire bags in the fridge because all the cold items are together. If Im physically shopping at the store, the items are packed how I put them on the belt.. and Im a shocker for not grouping items together, so its a mess when I get home.

    2. Usually while shopping online I think of a recipe I want to make, so I can just go check what ingredients I need in my folder. Whereas if Im out, I cant google it because Ive made a lot of them up myself. Meals are much better planned.

  129. I love being able to do my shopping anywhere there’s an internet connection 😀 It’s so handy!

  130. Not buying extra things you don’t need, especially if you shop when hungry!

  131. Sheree Pallis :

    I seriously love to online shop,
    ‘Add to Cart’ makes my heart stop
    Same day delivery delivered to door,
    All from Woolworths favourite store!

  132. Being able to stick to a budget because I’m not adding on impulse buys

  133. I can laze around in my pjs, with my kids by my side and get one of life’s necessities done. Anything beats going to the grocery store, especially when the moment we walk in craziness ensnares my normally controlled kids! My sanity thanks online shopping more than i do!

  134. LOVE shopping online because I don’t make impulse buys…. well, not as many…Well, actually probably more but I justify it because I save on petrol costs by not going to the store …. 🙂

  135. Natalie Stoute :

    I’ve never shopped online as I do like to browse the aisles and see what’s new! The problem is, a quick trip to the supermarket for essentials often ends up in an expensive, time-wasting exercise. I see the main benefit of online shopping is being a time-saver. As a busy mum of three, this is definitely something I should consider! Perhaps I’ll shop online and treat myself to an occasional in-store shop so I don’t miss out seeing the new products!

  136. Nothing is left off the list, unlike when I make a mad dash through shopping aisles, trying to avoid sections which can cause chaos/conflict with my two ‘helpers’!

  137. Wendy Christidis :

    It’s the convenience that I like about online shopping – everything is delivered straight to your door so no fighting over parking spaces, long queues at checkouts, crowds or hassles!

  138. Kate Dvornik :

    The convenience…shop from your couch, fresh produce and delivered…what’s not to love!

  139. Tania De Azevedo :

    With a toddler and a newborn (after a C-section), shopping online is a must!!
    I don’t know where I would be without Woolworths online – delivered to my door making my life so much easier!

  140. Tracy Boulter :

    I save heaps ordering online as it reduces my impulse buying and it is convenient and stress-free.

  141. sarahjane noble :

    Being a student and not being able to drive, online shopping ensures I don’t go over budget and I don’t need to make multiple trips on the bus to do a decent shop.

  142. It makes shopping convenient.

  143. Soleima Dib :

    I can barely fit a whole chicken in the basket of my daughters pram let alone the veggies to accompany the roast. Woolworths Online makes shopping easier for everyone.

  144. catrina murray :

    Online only specials that I can take advantage of!

  145. Tess Howard :

    For anyone who has grocery shopped with children…whether you ‘owned’ those children yourself, very nicely borrowed them for awhile, or just came within the vicinity of children you’ve never met….there can be no doubt what the benefit to shopping for groceries online is. No asking for those double stuffed, chocolate dipped Oreos, or that bright pink drink bottle. No telling them not to touch, not to smell, not to yell or not to hide within the shelving. Basically, shopping online, in my pyjamas, while kids are in bed…glass of wine in hand. THANK YOU WOOLWORTHS!!

  146. With not being able to drive and being a single mother of two boys, doing online orders is a life saver.
    Not having to battle with the crowded shopping centres. My boys are either “to tired” and sulky or full of energy and want to rip every item off the shelves. There is no in between.
    Doing my orders online means I can take my time and have it ready to go when I want to order, I can even do it while at the park and the kids are playing happily.
    I love it, makes life so much simpler.

  147. nicole morris :

    biggest benefit is buying what you actually need instead of impulse buying. i do it all the time and always spending more than i should be

  148. My daughter is a ‘grabber’ (of groceries, and pretty much everything else!) which makes shopping with her a bit stressful. Would love to avoid that!

  149. Amy Petersen :

    The No. 1 benefit I have found from online grocery shopping is that i’m more likely to stick to my shopping list and not wander off to the lollie aisle!

  150. Having the ability to re-order faster based on what I have purchased previously

  151. The best bonus to ordering with woolworths online is the simple convience of not leaving the house

  152. kelly griffiths :

    No overspending on those tempting sales of yummy snacks

  153. I’m usually in a hurry and impulse buy, this stops toddler distraction and over buying.

  154. With 4 little children grocery shopping was a nightmare. Now I shop online each week and it’s taken all the stress away and I even save money. No more impulse buying

  155. The No.1 benefit of shopping online is being able to shop at Woolworths from work, home or anywhere else…online shopping is just really convenient!

  156. Stacey Shailer :

    The biggest benefit it definitely not having to drag a 3 year old, 2 year old and 8 month old around the shops all by myself!

  157. Courtney Dettman :

    It gives me time to think – and check out my pantry and fridge stocks while i’m shopping!

  158. Missing an online week and having to brave the aisles with two babies this week has made me realise the wonderful thing that is grocery shopping online. We had tantrums, extra treats, a spillage and a nappy leak on this trip….need I say more!!

  159. To save time, to shop in comfort and to check the pantry to see what you forgot! Fast, easy and much more efficient!

  160. you only buy what you need and not as may impulse purchases

  161. Belinda Smetioukh :

    Woolworths online shopping mean no testing my willpower at the checkout with all the half price choccies!

  162. Even though there Is a delivery charge, I always save money. No impulse buying and I can re-evaluate my cart at the end.

  163. Saving your hands, wrists and shoulders from the heavy loads that could result in a injury sounds the best. I never realised I handled the products so many times.

  164. I never have to worry about the weather when I shop online. I don’t have to worry about getting wet or if something will melt or go off in the heat!

  165. I think it’s a technical wonder of the modern world, merely a dream 20 years ago and now everything we need is at our fingertips! More time with loved ones and spoilt for choice ! Love it !

  166. The most relaxing way to shop while putting my feet up with a cup of coffee!

  167. I work odd hours so shopping online means I can shop on my time, even if it’s 3 am in the morning! Convenience at its best and no straying to buy unnecessary stuff

  168. Laura Scriven :

    Being able to save lists,
    Would make shopping bliss!
    The mundane things done for me,
    Imagine the time I would have free!

  169. Rosemarie De Bari :

    Not having to drag my three unruly daughters to the shops would really work for me!!!

  170. Love the fact its delivered to my door

  171. Melinda Bolitho :

    No naughty treats,
    Sneaking into my trolley,
    Simply because I see them on the shelves when I pass by the lollies!
    A list is made online, and that list is kept!
    Except……… 😉

  172. As Smanatha blogged, above, being able re-eavulate ‘cart’; knowing we live in a safe, prosperous 1st-world country, where I can buy with credit!!!

  173. Being able to do a quick Google search to compare products, research an ingredient or check a recipe as I go… and seeing the information clearly on the screen instead of squinting to read product fine-print in the chaos of the supermarket aisle!

  174. I don’t have to stand in line waiting my turn and they are delivered to my door,
    all I have to do is put my groceries away

  175. I love that I can include my kids in the shopping all conveniently from home and I can make sure I order everything we need as I always forget my shopping list when going to the store.

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