I have a confession to make, I don’t like doing the grocery shopping. I like it even less when the kids come to “help” me. This is probably one of my biggest reasons for taking advantage of the Woolworths Online delivery service.  I was a very “early adopter” of grocery shopping online. I don’t think Woolworths Online had even finished fuelling the first truck before my order was placed. I had been waiting for the “NOW DELIVERING TO YOUR AREA” go ahead to appear on my computer screen.

Grocery Shopping Online Cart

Grocery Shopping Online Cart

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So why do I love buying my groceries online? I’m pleased you asked, I have made a list of all my reasons.  Take a look and see if you can relate to any of them.

Why I grocery shop online

Supermarket Shopping

Supermarket Shopping

  1. Shopping in person is a HUGE time wasting activity. Grocery shopping takes a big chunk out of your day. Once you walk through the doors of any supermarket, some how, (no matter how quick you thought you would be,) you will notice that hours have been sucked out of your day. I don’t want to waste any of my time on grocery shopping.
  2. Grocery shopping in person is tedious and labour intensive. You need to handle the same items over and over again before they make it into your household cupboards. Ordering groceries through Woolworths Online means you’re not the person who has to handle the groceries multiple times Eg:
    1. load groceries into the trolley
    2. load groceries onto the check out counter.
    3. load groceries back into the trolley.
    4. load groceries into the car
    5. load groceries out of the car into the house.
    6. Put away groceries. My lovely delivery man even takes the bags into the kitchen for me! Now I just need to find someone to pack them away and it’s a complete handsfree shopping for me.
  3. Have you seen my house. The garage is on the ground floor and the kitchen is three floors up. There is no way I’m hauling heavy bags of groceries up those stairs. Let alone when I’ve just completed a big shopping trip and there is more than one load to get from the garage.
  4. I buy flour, sugar and rice in bulk, usually in bags 5 kg and 10kg. They’re way too heavy for me to lift! I also usually make sure I’ve purchased all the canned foods, bottled items, soft drink and heavy products when I do my online shop.  There’s no way I can  carry those bags up the stairs either.
  5. I save money shopping online because I don’t spot random products I think I might need. I just open my master list from my online profile,  subtract any items I don’t need this week, add any extra products I do need and hit the checkout button.
  6. Another great benefit of shopping online is I have noticed the fresh fruit and vegetables are even better quality in my online shopping. They seem to last in the fridge longer and always appear completely blemish free and perfect. I ‘ve put that down to the fact that the produce doesn’t get handled at all by consumers.
  7. I don’t buy duplicate items accidentally when I shop online. Whilst I am completing my Woolworths Online Order I am able to check the cupboard if I’m unsure how much of a product is left.

    Produce $ Sign - Saving money on food online

    Produce $ Sign – Saving money on groceries online

  8. I rarely pay a delivery fee because the more you spend with Woolworths online, the cheaper the delivery cost.  This is kind of a cruel irony, my delivery guy hauls bag after bag of heavy bulky items up my stairs. I would have paid a fortune to have someone do that horrible job, but it cost me nothing.
  9. Don’t forget those expensive little people that put extra items in your trolley or moan that they’re hungry, or thirsty. (…I’m referring to your children) Online Grocery shopping is ideal when the kids are on school holidays .  If I do a grocery shop in person with my children I am guaranteed to spend SO MUCH MORE money! It would be cheaper to get the milk, bread, eggs and cereal home delivered every second day and pay a $10 delivery fee than to take my children with me.
  10. Something else I enjoy doing with my Woolworths Online account is to send my grown up boys a surprise delivery. The boys recently left home so I like to surprise them by ordering a bag of groceries and having it home delivered to their house.  I just go through all the treat items I know they would like and add a few staples and enter their address in Brisbane instead of my own.
Woolworths Online Grocery Shopping

Woolworths Online Grocery Shopping

So there we have it, all the reasons why I tend to do most of my shopping through Woolworths Online. After reading my list I wonder what your thoughts are?  Have you shopped for your groceries online before?

Today I am very pleased to announce that Gourmet Getaways will be partnering with Woolworths Online to bring you coupon discounts each week to use when you shop online. The coupons will be included in each of my weekly recipe stories and on the sidebar. So if you’re inspired to cook one of my dishes you can go straight to  the Wooloworths online site and add the necessary ingredients to your shopping cart. Then, use the coupon code provided to save $$.  This weeks coupon code is WK5DELIV 

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Woolworths Online

Woolworths Online

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