Wotifia – The Wotif Utopian Experience

Wotifia – The Wotif Utopian Experience

Wotifia – The Wotif Utopian Experience

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A world of travel opportunities at my fingertips. -that is the Wotif.com experience.

Their new Wotifia campaign is about feeding your passions, living more of your life and following your travel dreams. ‘Wotifia’ is all about a fantasy world where anything is possible.

What is my travel utopia?

Anyone who knows me, or has been a reader for a while would understand that warmth is vitally important to me. I am a creature that needs the heat to survive. The two months of winter we have in Coffs Harbour are far too long for me.

So my version of Wotifia will always centre around food, sun, family fun and a little adventure in a tropical paradise.

Balinese Coconut Pancakes

Balinese Coconut Pancakes

I was finding the weather a little dreary a few months ago.  I did a little searching on the Wotif site. At that point my travel vision was tropical, cocktail laden and full of delicious spicy food. I was looking for somewhere to do a little light yoga and a lot of relaxing by the pool.

Before I knew it I was Wotifing my way into a Balinese holiday which I simply had to book! It was my Wotifia experience and too perfect a holiday to ignore! The hotels, with their infinity pools, swim up bar and child minding facilities were calling my name. It was a mantra I’m sure was completely audible.

Cocktails at KuDeTa

Cocktails at KuDeTa

In a few more clicks I had found a great flight to complete the Wotif package. When did airfares to Bali become that cheap?

Without leaving the Wotif site I had secured my own bikini clad version of wotifia. In just a few clicks of the mouse , I had made my Wotifia travel vision a reality.

One month later the cold weather was a distant memory. The family touched down in Denpasar and we happily peeled off the winter clothes.  After a good slathering of sunscreen we were poolside and looking for a beach umbrella.

Cheap Balinese Holiday at Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort

Balinese Resort

Of course I stayed completely hydrated with pretty cocktails.  My 2-3 serves of fruit were easily achieved by ordering strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas and any other fruit based drink that took my fancy.

Watermelon & Mint Martini - KuDeTa

Watermelon & Mint Martini – KuDeTa

We had chosen a centrally located hotel in Seminyak.  It had all the facilities to keep the children entertained and was walking distance to boutique shopping and the local markets.

Coffee & Sisterfields Semiyak

Coffee & Sisterfields Seminyak

Early each morning I would wander around the streets looking for a new café to enjoy my morning coffee.  On the way back to the hotel the street carts would be open for business. The smell of jasmine rice and incense wafted through the breeze. It’s the alluring aroma of Bali in the morning that I still miss.

tempe satay sticks, balinese cooking school, bali-4

Satay sticks – Balinese Street Food

If the old man was sitting on the curb cooking satay chicken skewers over the coals I would buy a few for the children.  It’s not a usual breakfast food, but that’s what is good about a holiday; escaping from the everyday and immersing yourself in another culture.  For me rice will never taste as good as when it is served wrapped in a banana leaf.

Anais also discovered that although monkeys are cute their teeth are very sharp. Sightseeing in the monkey forest had been part of our itinerary of places to visit for the children. We managed to have a nice stroll around the forest and walked to the waterfall before one of the monkeys got a little cranky about a perceived banana shortage.

Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali-4

Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

Those moments clicking around the Wotif site, and daydreaming about the holiday possibilities allowed me a little winter sun and the children had experiences that they will always remember. Wotif.com is where holiday desires are turned from fantasy into bookings and you can begin living your Wotifia experience. What may start off as a daydream, can materialise into your dream travel experience with just a few quick clicks.

Pan Pacific Bali Review

Pan Pacific Bali

There is a GIVEAWAY to get you started living the Wotifia dream. The Wotifia holiday gates are opening and a world of travel could be at your fingertips!

Would you like a passport to explore your travel utopia?

Win a Golden Passport to Wotifia !!! With Wotif.com.au. Worth over $50 grand this passport could be used to take you, your family or your mates to unlimited travel destinations where anything is possible and you can let your imagination run wild.

Like me you could go somewhere it’s always sunny, never-ending cocktails, thousands of miles of coastline worldwide – it’s the world without borders. Our Golden Passport competition is geared to inspire fans with what they imagine Wotifia to be, no matter how weird or wonderful.

Imagine where your Passport to Wotifia could take you!

The world is becoming a little smaller and Wotifia is a reality.

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  1. I’ve been using Wotif for years. It provides a great service and very good deals. I love the look of the Balinese resort xx

  2. What a perfect timing! We were checking out places to holiday this spring, on the Internet last evening. I will definitely check out the Wotif website. Your Balinese holiday sounds super fun!

  3. Oh yes, it is a small world indeed, with just a click, a tap, a touch 🙂

    Another fun giveaway from GG!

  4. What an exquisite holiday you planned! It sounds so easy too. 🙂 I’ve never heard of Wotif, but I will look them up right now. 🙂

  5. OMG that looks amazing!! Love that you were so concerned about keeping your fruit intake up while on holiday 🙂
    You and I have very similar ideas of what makes a great holiday!
    I love Wotif – we always use it to book accommodation. It’s so easy! 🙂

  6. Hehe I love that cocktails count as fruit serves! Why not? 😀

  7. Reading this post makes me feel like I’m in paradise already! 😀 Summer come sooner in Sydney, PLEASE!!!

  8. What number amazing prize! My holiday day dreams are always in Europe 🙂

  9. It sounds like you have found the perfect solution to give a life without winter 🙂

  10. Like the way you travel Julie, something for the whole family.

  11. What a great place to escape the winter weather! I love your travel utopia!

  12. With sunshine and good food also as my holiday criteria, I’m wondering if we’re twins!

  13. I could definitlely do with escaping my reality for a while Julie! Warmth, sun, cocktails and spicy food are all on my Wotifia priority list 🙂

  14. Julie, you make me dream, it’s absolutly fantastic this place ! Love the watermelon drink ! I think the balinese resorts are incredible !

  15. What a wonderful giveaway my friend, this seems like a brilliant getaway 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. You travel so well and everywhere! I wish I was your kid! 😀 Balinese resort looks fantastic. I want to stay there forever, forgetting everything… maybe that’s not realistic, but at least I want to spend some time there! 🙂

  17. Consequently delectable! That seems to be amazing.

  18. I must admit I don’t generally book through online agencies like Wotif BUT I do find them great for checking out the range of options. Just clicked through for a look as I hadn’t been to Wotif for years and the interface is really good. Much better than some others I was looking at recently looking for accom in Port Douglas… which I still haven’t organised now I remember – eek. Anyway, your utopia sounds 100% spot on to me…. sudden urge to run off to Bali.

  19. I love everything about this post! Wotif; Bali; the Tropics; and of course travelling. I like to use Wotif and have found some amazing last minute deals over the years. You nailed the unmistakable scent of Bali beautifully…it is the first thing that hits me when I hop off the plane. I shall spend today dreaming – and planning. Thank you. Cheers Monique

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