Char Sui BBQ Chinese Pork

We have drawn to the end of another month and another year! I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and are not suffering too much today.  I am looking forward to the coming year and I have set myself some goals, both personal and blog related.

This year my philosophy will be to “enjoy more of what I love!” This includes making more time for the people I love, both friends and family, and the things I love to do, being food, travel, wine and photography.

For the moment though, being that 2010 is now a memory it is time to showcase another recipe that I feel is my best.  This month the lovely Nancy, from Spicie Foodies has suggested that we should choose our overall best recipe for 2010.

The recipe which I feel is my best for the year is the delicious Char Siu, or Chinese BBQ Pork.  It is a recipe which I found on Rasa Malaysia site and it is an authentic Chinese Pork which is just magic. I chose this dish because it is the one thing I have made this year that I could not live without making again. The flavour is glorious! I was particularly happy with the dish because it was all new flavours and techniques and it came off tasting great. I really hope you will try the dish for yourself.

Now that I have given you a quick peek at my favourite recipe for the year please head over to Spicie Foodie and have a look at all the other participant’s best recipes for 2010. This is a great way of discovering some fantastic new recipes from all over the world!

I am curious to know what my readers think of New Years Resolutions?? For me the first day of a new year is exciting because I have the opportunity to nominate where I want to be by the years end. So I use the “New Years Resolution” tradition to reflect and evaluate on my lifes desires, set goals and then map a path to acieve the outcomes.

I wish all my readers a happy and prosperous year, and I hope all your hearts desires are realised to the fullest.