Macaroon, Macaron, Your Best Recipe

Well, we are once again at the end of another.  Which means it is time for me to nominate a dish which I feel is my best for the month and submit it to Spicie Foodies “Your Best Recipe” page.

The recipe I have chosen for this month is the Black Forest Macaroon.

I chose this dish because it is looks divine! I usually struggle to “pretty things” up but this time everything went according to plan and I was really pleased with the result.

I was also very happy with the flavours of the dessert, as I managed to recreate the taste of the Black Forest Cake in my macaron.

Macaron, Black Forest Macaron, Macaroon

Now its time to have a wander over to Spicie Foodies site as she showcases the month of January’s,” Your Best Recipe”. Bon Appetite!