Yummly or Pinterest which is Best?
Yummly or Pinterest which is Best?

Yummly or Pinterest which is Best?

Before we decide whether Yummly or Pinterest is the best. Lets start at the very beginning. As bloggers we are very interested in the tools that drive traffic to our website. As foodies we are consumed by finding delicious recipes… to consume! hehe… funny 🙂

So just the other week something surprising/wonderful happened to me. Yummly overtook Pinterest as my leading social media referrer!! WOW! Howwzat! …as my cricket loving son would say!

Obviously I need to share my Yummly Strategy V’s Pinterest Strategy with you, but first the basics.

What is Yummly?

Yummly Logo

Yummly Logo

Yummly is a relatively new player on the social media scene. It was developed in 2010 and was named “best for 2014” by Apple iTunes.

Yummly is a recipe database website which collects and correlates recipes as they are added by users. Each user has a recipe box which can be divided into any number of recipe categories. When a user visits a website and wants to add the recipe they hit the “Yum” sharing button.

Yum to Save a Recipe

Yum to Save a Recipe

This action adds the recipe to the users personal recipe box.  Yummly also adds the recipe to the publishers page and to the Yummly database.

Here is where the magic begins, the recipe that was “Yummed” then forms part of the website database for all users. Yummly employs a powerful algorithm to the data, and provides personalized recommendation to individual’s based on recipes they may like.  Individuals can also search Yummly for recipes. Recommendations and search are able to be very specific. Yummly will notice which ingredients you favour or avoid and present recipes to suit your tastes. Individuals can further refine the search by excluding ingredients.

Shopping list can be extrapolated from the recipes and in some area delivery services can even be linked to the app.

It’s a pretty powerful app! Best of all, it’s all about food and recipes. It was developed to be the ultimate kitchen tool. Take a look at my Yummly Publishers Page. Perhaps even “YUM” something whilst your there xx.

Gourmet Getaways Yummly Desserts

Gourmet Getaways Yummly Desserts

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool. Users create an account and divide their interests into boards. When a user is on a website and they want to bookmark something for later they will “Pin” an image to their appropriate board for later user.

Pinterest account holders have “Followers” and can “Follow” people. An individuals Pinterest feed is made up of all the pins the people you follow, are pinning. Hence your Pinterest feed quality depends on the pins others are interested in pinning.

As at todays date I have just over 10,000 pinterest followers. I spend a significant amount of my social media time creating beautiful pins for my recipes. I use Canva to make them extra pretty, and then I add them to board booster.

Board booster then schedules my pins to be “released” at intervals so I don’t “flood” my followers feeds. I only use the free Boardbooster account, but it also allows me to pick a board that I “loop” my best pins from.  This ensures my pins get seen by more of my followers. I release a pin during the Australian day, and board booster rereleases it of a night for my US audience.

I choose my pins carefully so that my pinterest boards feature only amazing content.  Do you follow me on Pinterest? Please go ahead and follow, I would love to share my favourite recipes with you.

Gourmet Getaways Pinterest Page

Gourmet Getaways Pinterest Page

Because my pinterest feed comes from what the people I follower pin, I get a huge range of topics in my pinterest feed. Sometimes this is good because I may see something interesting.  But if I’m looking for recipe inspiration and I need to sort through a bunch of Nike Shoe advertisers, Fashion Pins, God Quotes, Inspirational Quotes its not so good.

One thing I really don’t like about Pinterest is the practise of buying followers and repins as a way of appearing popular. It won’t bring blog traffic, but it is a tool that is used as a bragging right. I know this happens on other social media platforms but it really irks me and it can’t happen on Yummly, because there are no followers!

Yummly or Pinterest - What's Best for Food Bloggers

Yummly or Pinterest – What’s Best for Food Bloggers

Yummly or Pinterest which is Best?

So lets talk strategy.

Pinterest Strategy

  • I added a Pinterest sharing button to my site
  • I have a Pinterest follow button in my social media tools
  • I have 10,000 pinterest followers.
  • I contribute pins to extremely popular group boards
  • I “like” nice pins from other bloggers
  • I pin beautiful content from other bloggers sites
  • I am a member of various FB Pinterest Groups that have a Pin for Pin arrangement
  • I create beautiful pins from my own content
  • I use BoardBooster to maximise my pinning schedule

Whew! That kind of a lot of work.

I have been actively employing this strategy for nearly 2 years. For all this effort I get 5% of my traffic from Pinterest.

Yummly Strategy

  • I added a Yummly sharing button to my recipes
  • I joined a Facebook Yumming Group that Yum each others recipe (I’ve only added to the Yum Board about 5 times.)

Hmm, I can’t think of anything else I do… I’m now getting 8% of my traffic from Yummly!

Yummly or Pinterest – My Statistics

Gourmet Getaways Google Analytics

Google – 59% – I love you Google, thank you for the traffic

Direct – 17% –  Thank you beautiful readers for being so loyal, I love you too xx

Yummly – 8% – Umm, I don’t know how this has happened but Yippee!

Pinterest – 5% – After 2 years of working my butt off I’ve finally managed to get to this all time high!

Bing – 2% – Again wow, unusual but welcome.

Other – 8% – For me this is other websites, Foodgawker, FB, Twitter, Tastespotting, Instagram etc

Yummly or Pinterest which is Best Conclusion

Yummly or Pinterest which is Best

Yummly or Pinterest which is Best

I know there’s a lot of blogger who receive significant amounts of traffic from Pinterest. They may even scoff at my personal statistics. Obviously Pinterest works in driving traffic to your websites. However for the amount of repins I get on my recipes, I don’t see amazing traffic. This being said, I will continue to pin my recipes.

I do think that Yummly is the future of recipe sharing. Yummly is specific only to food and is attracting food lovers and people who want to cook delicious food. Yummly has capture the food niche. Yummly then directs higher quality “leads” to websites. It’s a tool specifically designed to hook foodies and direct the traffic to food blogs.

I think the traffic difference between Yummly and Pinterest comes because Pinterest followers are interested in a wide range of topics. We tend to hit “pin” on a range of images but may never visit the website. When a user accesses Yummly they are looking for something to cook immediately, so they do follow through to the website.

Getting Started with Yummly of your Blog


  1. Sign up for an account at Yummly
  2. Add a YUM button to your Shareaholic or post area. Or use the Yummly recipe plugin. This makes it easy for to YUM recipes.
  3. Start YUMMING things that you think like or on your blog and others.
  4. Fill out the form to get your blog listed as an official publisher. {Makes you eligible to be featured ie MORE traffic}
  5. Go here to get your profile personalized and a picture added.  Makes you all official and fancy!

Final Conclusion Yummly or Pinterest

Both of these platforms are a vital way to direct traffic to your website. I wouldn’t ignore either as they both send a significant amount of followers.

What are your thoughts Yummly or Pinterest? Have you tried Yummly? Is your Yummly traffic taking off too! I would love to know if you have a Yummly or Pinterest Strategy I have missed.

***Oh and before you go, don’t forget to visit Gourmet Getaways Yummly page and YUM your favorite recipes! ***

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  1. Though I signed up an account in yummly, I am not really active there YET..I did like pinterest before, now they categorize into different countries and I suddenly have some strange pins on the main page…Thanks, Julie, for sharing and I gotta play with yummly a little bit more.

  2. Pinterest is too much like hard work for me, and a time stealer. Thanks for this insightful post which I am going to share with a friend who is very into Pinterest. Now I am going to check out Yummly 🙂

  3. So interesting Julie! I never really look into that stuff. And buying followers? Geez who has the money?

  4. Ha this is very interesting Julie. I have had a yummly account for a little while but have really just started to use it. Very interesting stats too. I have been on Pinterest for a long time but have been very up and down with it which is reflected in my poor following!

  5. Interesting, however my experience is the complete opposite. Pinterest is my second highest traffic source, and provides almost 25% of all traffic. Despite working at Yummly for months now, participating in sharing groups etc it comes way down the list as a referral. Wonder what I’m doing wrong.

    • Hi Tania, Thank you for your comment.
      I was hoping to get a mix of responses. What is your Pinterest strategy? How many followers on Pinterest do you have. Perhaps it’s me that hasn’t mastered Pinterest 🙂 25% of traffic from Pinterest is amazing, I would love that! The only time that has happened to me was when a pin went viral. Then Pinterest sent me 3 x the traffic that google had been sending. It lastest about 1 week. That was a fabulous week.

      • Hi Julie,

        I have just over 1.7K followers, and it is slowly growing. I wish I could work out how to get more 🙂 I use Tailwind to schedule all the pins from my blog. I was using the free trial, but found it so effective I now use the paid plan. I just load it up and let it run. However, I also actively pin other peoples stuff to my boards every day. I have noticed that when I don’t do this then my re-pins go way down. May be something to do with Pinterest’s algorithm. This doesn’t take long. I usually spend 5 -10 minutes pinning other peoples things whilst watching TV at the end of the day.

        I have yet to try Boardbooster, although I have heard good things, and also heard of people having success using both Tailwind & Boardbooster together.

        Whilst I haven’t had a pin go viral, most of my Pinterest traffic comes from just four recipes. You can never tell what is going to attract people. I have also put a lot of time into creating long pins, and have noticed that my repins and traffic has increased since starting this programme.

        For me, Pinterest remains my second highest source of traffic, wedged right there between organic & direct. So I consider it worth my while to keep working at it. Yet Yummly gets wedged right down in the ‘all others combined’ category. I will keep plugging at Yummly, in the hope that it does start to work for me, but for the time being Pinterest is where I will focus my efforts.

        • Oh, and I forgot to say, I originally found this post on Pinterest 😉 😀

        • I took a look at you delicious lentil and roast beef salad, I wanted to Yum it but I couldn’t find a Yum button on your site. I’m wondering if that is why you aren’t receiving much traffic from Yummly. Maybe you could get even more traffic to your site by having both Pinterest and Yummly on your site. Just a thought, I love helping other bloggers get all the traffic their sites deserve, your food images are amazing by the way. That image would be accepted to all the food directory sites.

          • I do have the Yum button. It’s right at the front of the share ribbon at the end of the post. I have read all sorts of views as to whether you have the share ribbon at the top or bottom of the post, and the majority seem to lean towards the bottom. But you may have a point. Maybe I need to rethink that strategy.

            Thanks for your lovely comments on my images. They are a work in progress but I feel each one is a little better than the last 🙂 I am quite haphazard about my submissions to food directory sites. My aim for this year is to be better. Finger’s crossed.

          • Your site is gorgeous! I had a bit of a look through your Instagram too, very yummy food photographed beautifully.

  6. One of my goals this year is to get to grips with Pinterest but after reading this, I think I’ll sign up for Yummly first. It looks a whole lot easier! This is such a brilliant comparison of the two “engines” – thanks for sharing all your nuggets of wisdom!

    • Hi Sammie,
      I’m pleased you found the story useful although I am sure each blogger will have a different experience from all the social media platforms. I think it’s a matter of finding what platform works for your blog. Yummly is doing amazing things for me and when I read about their aim for “WORLD DOMINATION OF FOOD” I decided I better come to terms with the platform. As it turns out everything is automatic 🙂

  7. Interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Great post, Julie! I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back again and again. My traffic is much the same as yours and I love yummly! I get very little traffic from FB where many others get a TON of it. Flipboard is a new one that seems to be taking off – should be interesting.
    Thank you for all these helpful tips. As much as I detest spending time on social media, it’s a necessary evil of the business so we may as well spend it in the best ways, lol. Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. Thanks for the guidance Julie. I didn’t know much about Yummly. Really helps to hear how this can fit with better blogging.

  10. Very interesting post Julie! I didn’t know Yummly and I’m in Pinterest but I recognize that I forgot totally. I’m very lazy for put pictures in there. Love Instagram even if I know is the “wrost” for traffic. Maybe I’m gonna try Yummly ! Thanks for the advice and congratulations for your high traffic!

  11. OMG Pinterest is annoying the heck outta me! I feel like there is so much work that is involved with such a little outcome for the blog, but I keep going because of the “I don’t want to miss out” mentality lol! I’m loving Yummly because it’s so easy and it was a part of my stats before I even knew it was a thing ha


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