Advertising – Sponsorship

Gourmet Getaways is available for various forms of advertising sponsorship and promotion.

Gourmet Getaways is a lifestyle website dedicated primarily to the love of great food, wine and travel. Our mission is to enjoy more of what we love, and to share that joy with readers!

Below you will find a range of “self service” sponsorship, competition and product review options. If one of these sponsorship options suits you please feel free to submit your details.

Your advertisement could be seen on Gourmet Getaways in less than 10 minutes.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

If one of the above services doesn’t quite suit your needs, or you would just like to speak to someone personally about your brand, please contact our lovely Marketing co-ordinator, Alesah Villalon.

Gourmet Getaways is happy to work with individual Corporate Sponsors, Media, Tourism Departments, PR Companies and Advertising Agencies.

We are also available for travel famils, photographic assignments, recipe development, and freelance writing assignments.

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