Australia Day Food Ideas

Do you have plans for Australia Day?

Bakers Delight Australia Day, Cheesymite scroll, vegemite australia day foods-3

Bakers Delight Australia Day, Cheesymite scroll

For me Australia Day always means a day at the beach with friends.  This year we will be going to a local beach called Gallows where we can drive the vehicles onto the sand and put out the awnings for a bit of sun protection.

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

We usually stay at the beach all day, swimming, eating and of course enjoying a cold beverage or two.

Each year I try to make something a little different. I have some great food ideas for this coming for this Aussie Day but today I wanted to share some of the thing I have made in the past for Australia Day.

What will you be doing for Australia Day?

Do you enjoy a BBQ with friends?

Do you take the opportunity to eat the native foods?

I hope I have inspired you to try some bush foods.

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